One thought on “Libertarian Party Response to President Barack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address

  1. Pete Blome

    You know, Nick Sarwark gets better with each public presentation. Were do we find such people? How can we find more? Alas, in Florida we will have the “libertarian” candidate for U.S. Senate, Augustus Sol Invictus, on the ballot who advocate eugenics, seek only “attractive” (his words) campaign assistants, and pines for a civil war that he thinks he will lead. Alas, alas, we also have an appointed LPF Vice Chair, Vicki Kirkland, that enabled Invictus’ blithering by lobbying for the law in Florida (FS96.096) that took away the right of the Libertarian Party to decide who can run as a Libertarian. She further enabled him by supporting Invictus to become the Secretary of the LP of Orange County, where she is Chair. On top of all this, she is the rep for Florida to the LNC. Sarwark has to rely on people like Kirkland to enable his vision. It’s a pity, but she simply will not do that. Again, where do we find such people?

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