Libertarian Party of Rhode Island: Telephone Flash Mob to Stop Taxation of Medical Marijuana

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.27.35 AMFrom the Telephone Flash Mob organization page:

Members of the Rhode Island Medical Cannabis Community are supporting and promoting a massive call-in campaign to officials across the State of Rhode Island to firmly state that we will not tolerate the extreme, regressive taxation of a life-saving drug. In the spirit of civil disobedience and peaceful protest, we are asking Rhode Islanders to flood the switchboards of the Statehouse, House & Senate Leadership, as well as your local State Representatives and Senators.

On Monday, from 2- 4:00 pm, call House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s office at (401) 222-2466
On Tuesday, from 2- 4:00 pm, call RI House Finance Chairman Raymond Gallison’s office at (508) 677-4235
On Wednesday from 2-4:00 pm, Call Senate Finance Chairman Daniel DaPonte at (401) 276-5584
On Thursday & Friday from 2-4:00 pm., call members of the House Finance Committee. Their numbers are at the link above.

And from the GOLOCAL Prov News:

The Rhode Island Libertarian Party is just one of the groups opposed to the medical marijuana tax.

“A tax exclusively levied on the most vulnerable Rhode Islanders amongst us…advanced cancer patients, suffers of Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, as well as paralysis, amongst others, is perhaps the most disgusting exercise of raw governmental power that I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Pat Ford, Chairman of the RI Libertarian Party.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio Bob Bridges has lent his support in a call to action to assist.

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