Bill Redpath endorses Gary Johnson

Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016:


March 17, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT
— Bill Redpath, a long-time Libertarian Party leader and nationally-respected advocate for fair third-party ballot access, has endorsed Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party nomination for President.

Redpath, who lives in Virginia, served as Chairman of the National Libertarian Party from 2006 to 2010, and continues to serve as an at-large Member of the Libertarian National Committee. He has also served as Chairman of the Virginia Libertarian Party and as Treasurer of the National Committee.

In the Libertarian Party and among fair ballot access advocates across the nation, Redpath is recognized as an effective defender of the rights of independent and third party candidates to appear on ballots in all 50 states.

Announcing his support of Gov. Johnson, Redpath said, “2016 presents the greatest opportunity nationally for the Libertarian Party in many years. For us to seize this opportunity, it is essential that our presidential candidate be credible, serious and a widely-recognized champion of small government and greater freedom. We are fortunate to have such a candidate in Governor Johnson. I am proud to support him, and look forward to working with him toward historic success in November.

“I am also grateful for the Governor Johnson’s work, often behind-the-scenes, to help ensure that Libertarian candidates are not unfairly denied ballot access. The fight against those who try to keep us off the ballot never ends, and Governor Johnson has been and continues to be a great supporter of our efforts.”

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    It should be noted that, in raising ballot access money, Mr. Redpath in his personal appeal to me last week, did not try to promote Gary Johnson or any other candidate. I suppose now that he is no longer neutral, he
    may have a more difficult time raising funds from those who don’t support the governor. On the other hand, I told Mr. Redpath I would be withholding any financial support until I saw whom the Convention nominated as there appeared to be too many candidates who would not attract much support from non-Party members if they were to become the LP’s candidate.

  2. George Whitfield

    Solid endorsement from a hard-working Libertarian. I hope Gary Johnson gets the nomination.

  3. NewFederalist

    ” I hope Gary Johnson gets the nomination.” – George Whitfield

    I really admire what you do for the LP and the libertarian movement in general. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for a second round of Gary Johnson. I lived in New Mexico for most of his two terms as governor and for a Republican he did a wonderful job. I am just concerned about his campaign finances and his inability to articulate libertarian positions. Frankly, I see no current candidate for the nomination who has any ability to run a real campaign I can get excited about. What a year to waste a great opportunity!

  4. George Whitfield

    New Federalist, I agree that Gary Johnson is not an ideal candidate but he does get recognition from the media because of his previous experience as Governor of New Mexico. Sometimes we have to just take advantage of am opportunity by doing the best we can with what we have.

  5. Joshua K.

    I have looked on the Federal Election Commission’s list of Form 2 filers which lists everyone who has filed a Statement of Candidacy for President in the 2016 campaign. I know that Darryl Perry has intentionally refused to file with the FEC, but I see all the other Libertarian candidates on the list … except for Gary Johnson.

    Johnson filed Form 2 during his 2012 campaign (and amended the form when he switched from Republican to Libertarian), but that shouldn’t carry over to the current campaign; the form specifically asks the candidate to designate their principal campaign committee for the campaign for a specific year, and naturally that Form 2 referred only to the 2012 campaign.

    So the question is, does anyone know whether and why Gary Johnson has (apparently) skipped filing a Form 2 (Statement of Candidacy) with the FEC for his current campaign?

  6. Andy Craig

    I have no idea why or how there’s not a Form 2 on Maybe it was done as an amendment of the 2012 form and that’s not on the website for some reason? The 2016 campaign cmte. is listed, and you can see it and its filings here:

    So, if there’s a campaign cmte. listed as ” P – PRINCIPAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE OF A CANDIDATE,” then there must have been a filing so designating it. If I understand correctly, that’d be done on a Form 2. Unless there’s some other way to do it, but I don’t think there is.

  7. Joshua K.

    @Andy Craig: Thanks. It seems possible to me that someone at the FEC could have neglected to get Johnson’s Form 2 uploaded to the web site even though it was filed.

  8. George Phillies

    Also of interest is Johnson’s FEC filing to jettison his 2012 campaign debts.

  9. Marc Montoni

    My biggest concern with a Gary Johnson rerun is that the 2012 campaign managed to completely fail to recruit more new donors.

    The Clark, Bergland, Paul, Marrou, and Browne campaigns all generated a nice bump” in LP donor numbers between roughly the six months before the election and the six months after it.

    Badnarik, Barr, and Johnson all did the opposite — the LP actually declined in the total number of donors.

    A few more of these kinds of campaigns and there will be no LP left to compete for votes at all.

    As of right now, I see no one who I think will leave the campaign trail having found more Libertarians than there were when he started.

  10. Andy

    “Marc Montoni
    March 18, 2016 at 12:57
    My biggest concern with a Gary Johnson rerun is that the 2012 campaign managed to completely fail to recruit more new donors.

    The Clark, Bergland, Paul, Marrou, and Browne campaigns all generated a nice bump in LP donor numbers between roughly the six months before the election and the six months after it.”

    Any idea what these campaigns did to generate those bumps in LP donor numbers that the other campaigns did not do?

    I know that Harry Browne frequently plugged the LP’s website and 800 number.

  11. Marc Allan Feldman

    Nobody speaks for the all Libertarians.
    Nobody works harder for ballot access than Bill Redpath.
    Nobody inspires every Libertarian to think for themselves and to support the Libertarian party the way they choose.
    I am proud to announce that nobody has endorsed me for the Libertarian nomination for President.

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