Constitution Party: Join us in Salt Lake City!

The following is an April 1st, 2016 email from the Constitution Party:

Dear Patriot:

It all comes down to this.

The Constitution Party does a lot of things. We define what we stand for using the Constitution as our yardstick of measure and the writings of the Founding Fathers as a specific guide. From there we seek out and help organize state affiliates to establish a structure from which we can do the business of entering the political arena. That business requires the party to run as a business: government regulations require detailed reports, we must have an office for phones, shipping materials, and more.

The vital work of gathering signatures on petitions for ballot access which allows our candidates to take our message to voters is vital. It’s the very core of what we can do to call Patriots to action. The Constitution Party would only exist on paper if we did not have a platform from which our candidates take a stand that voters can see. Developing public relations materials is essential so the voters know who we are, and can be used in voter registration drives.  Visit the Ballot Access page on our website to check on our progress.

All that comes down to this: we nominate a presidential ticket to enter the general election every four years.  It’s an exciting process which requires delegates to decide who will be our presidential nominee at the National Nominating Convention.

Our 2016 convention is set for Salt Lake City from April 13-16. The Early Bird registration of $275, has now been extended until April 8, and includes three lunches, a Friday reception, and a banquet on Saturday. The exciting agenda and speakers can be found in this month’s edition of the American Constitutionist.  For questions about registrations, please call Joan Castle at 901-481-5441.

All of what we do as a political party, from defining where we stand, establishing a structure, ensuring there are state affiliates, and coordinating ballot access for our candidates comes to fruition at the National Nominating Convention. Our most dedicated members and a number of other Patriots will be there. If you cannot be part of the this historic event, I urge you to take an ad out in our program with an ad out in our program promoting you products or services, or sending best wishes to our candidates. Contact Peter Gemma:

I look forward to working with you in Salt Lake City. Please keep the Constitution Party and our 2016 presidential ticket in your prayers.


Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman

P.S. I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to reach key members and patriots; even if you cannot be in Salt Lake City, display your support of the Constitution Party in the 2016 Convention Program.

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party: Join us in Salt Lake City!

  1. Mark Seidenberg

    Best wishes to the delegates to the Constitution Party at there convention in Salt Lake City in 2016.

    I had the honor to have been elected chairman of the California Delegation to the Constitution Party at the
    Convention in Kansas City in 2008. At that convention 80% of the California Delegates backed Ambassador
    Dr. Alan Keyes for POTUS.

    Today it is unclear what the views of the national party takes on the attempt at formation of a “political
    body” in California named the “Independent Party”.

    Dr. Don Grundmann and Mrs. Ida Grundmann (Don Grundmann’s mom) formed the “Constitution Party of Califronia”, but its current registration has not been growing well. As of January 5, 2016 the registration stands at 338. To be ballot qualified in California a “political body” needs nearly 57 thousand
    registered voters in that “political body”.

    So the Treasurer and National Committeeman to the “Constitution Party of California” forms an additional cabal and designates it the “Independent Party” with himself as the State Chairman, viz.,
    Charles M. Deemer. Going along for the ride was William “Bill” Lussenheide of Sun City, Riverside County,
    California. On February 16, 2016, Lussenheide files a lawsuit against the California Secretary of State for
    not letting Mr. Deemer get “Political Body” status in California, because the designation picked at the
    Deemer cabal was the “Independent Party”, when that would confuse the California electorate, which
    looks on the name “Independent” as part of the name “American Independent”{for nearly 49 years in

    I recall Mr. Lussenheide from an event in Los Angeles in June, 2008, giving a second to a resolution introduced at a meeting by Dr. Don Grundmann at a meeting called in the “name of the American
    Independent Party”, but in fact was not approved by the State Central Committee of the AIP. It was
    called to order by a person that was not on the State Central Committee of the AIP. At the time of that
    meeting, Mr. Lussenheide was a registered Republican. He did not register in the American Independent
    Party until October 24, 2008.

    I would be interested to know what the member of the Constitution Party think on this subject of using
    part of the name of the “American Independent Party” for the formation of a new political body named
    “Independent Party”?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California.

  2. Mark Seidenberg

    Thank you for your comment Mr. Myers, It should be noted that Constitution Party member is on the ballot
    of the California primary ballot for POTUS. If you are registered AIP or NPP you can vote for him or one of the other six other candidates for POTUS on July 7, 2016. That means that nearly 4.8 million persons can
    vote for Mr. Myers if they wish for POTUS.

    It should be noted that Dr. Don Grundmann was registered in the American Independent Party until 2015.
    Even though he was Chairman of the Constitution Party of California, it’s own Chairman was not registered in the Constitution Party. Don Grundmann will be on the ballot for United States Senate as
    No Party Preference and not as a party preference of Constitution Party.

    I have directed to County Registrar of voters not to count write-in for Dr. Don Grundmann for POTUS.
    Therefore, I expect Grundmann to get a zero vote count even if he gets the CP nomination in Salt Lake
    City. UT in April, 2016.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of Califronia

  3. Mark Seidenberg

    The political body named the “Constitution Party of California” address is the same Post Office Box address
    as the “Independent Party” which was rejected as a political body by the California Secretary of State.

    The secretary – treasurer of this “Independent Party” is a former member of the State Central Committee
    of the “American Independent Party of California”. Name is Marilyn Stevens, who I recall having a meal with at an Indian casino several years back. The “Independent Party” is claimed to be formed by a caucus between Charles M. Deemer (treasurer of the American Independent Party of California between September 3, 2006 through September 2, 2008 and the current treasurer of the Constitution Party
    of California. Mr. Deemer is also a National Committeeman of the Constitution Party of California
    at the same time he is the California State Chairman of the “Independent Party”.

    I expect Mr. J. R. Myers will have his hands full with the delegation from California at Salt Lake City .

    At the time of the purported caucus between Deemer and Stevens, Stevens was still registered as a
    voter in the American Independent Party. Stevens and Gary Odom live together. Gary Odom is the
    co-chairman with Donald J. Grundmann of the “Constitution Party of California” [a California “Political Body” with 338 electors], and several years agobDr. Grundmann claimed to be the Chairman of the “REAL AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY”. My guess the cabal no longer claim to be “REAL AMERICAN(s)”!?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of Califronia

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