Jill Pyeatt Buys IPR; Vows to Make Site 100 % Politically Correct

New banner for IPR

In a move certain to increase the appeal of Independent Political Report, long-time IPR writer and commenter Jill Pyeatt has worked out a deal with current owner Warren Redlich to sell the political blog to her. “I’m excited about this opportunity”, she said. “I’ve cashed in my retirement savings to do this, as I’m certain my strategy will make this a strong and hugely popular destination for, well, everyone! My plan is simple: everyone can share whatever they want, as long as they remain totally Politically Correct. I worry about all those unhappy Democrats and Republicans who come here looking for an alternative, only to have their view of reality insulted by some of the commenters here.”

The change will take place April 1 of 2017, which will give all of us here a year to practice saying nice things all the time.

*Thanks to my co-worker Kelly Barnes for designing the much-more relevant header!

17 thoughts on “Jill Pyeatt Buys IPR; Vows to Make Site 100 % Politically Correct

  1. Shivany Lane


    Catch me at the convention this weekend. I will help you if you would like. I am a computer programmer and I may be able to help you with some of the speed bumps if you need it.

    Oh and congratulations!

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    You’ll have to look for me, since I don’t know your real name. I have red medium length hair, and I’m–not skinny. The man I’ll be hanging out is tall, and has a silver ponytail past his waist. There won’t be two couples like us!

    It should be a great weekend!

  3. steve m

    I am shocked…. shocked I say… I thought IPR had been PC for the last half decade?

  4. Stewart Flood

    Yes, but now it will have unicorns! You can’t be absolutely politically correct without them!

    And I apologize to our new overlords for not using enough exclamation marks!!!

  5. NewFederalist

    Will I still be able to post after too many vodkas? Is snarky-ness no longer going to be accepted? I don’t want to start going to meetings again.

  6. Stewart Flood

    Yes, but with IPR’s history of changing ownership every few years it is possible that this is an accurate article!

  7. langa

    I suggest IPR should permanently switch to the new, unicorn-friendly logo. It would make a great contrast to the rest of the site.

    Just imagine some poor soul seeing the unicorns, feeling all warm and fuzzy, wandering on to one of the comment threads, making some “stupid” comment, and then having one of us regulars bite their head off.


  8. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Dr. Feldman, I really enjoyed visiting with you over the weekend. I think you did very well in the debate.

    As a side note, I’ll tell you that I didn’t know how funny you are! You were hilarious a couple times during the debate!

  9. Stewart Flood

    I like the unicorn idea, but only if we have one on each side of the masthead, one with a donkey and the other with an elephant skewered on its horn.

  10. NewFederalist

    I believe the unicorn should be the new symbol of the Libertarian Party. What’s not to like about a unicorn? They prance around all day accomplishing little (like the LP) and I’m told their farts smell like peppermint. Who could vote against THAT? 😉

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