Maryland Green U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers “calls for tax justice”


Green Party Watch, April 11th, 2016:

Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers is calling for congressional action “to enforce tax justice and stop the hiding of trillions of dollars of individual and corporate wealth in ‘offshore’ accounts in the more than 90 countries and US states such as Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming that serve as tax havens,” according to a release from her campaign.

Flowers said, “As we are re-discovering in the recently-released Panama Papers, which give us a pinhole look into the world of wealth-hiding. Communities, cities and entire nations do not have the tax base they need to provide basic services because trillions in taxable income is being hidden. If this money were kept in country and taxed, many nations would be debt-free. In the US, this wealth could fund improvements to schools and infrastructure or investment in the green energy economy in a way that creates high quality jobs and yearly dividends to the public.”

The Baltimore Post-Examiner runs a feature on the Flowers campaign, writing, “A revolutionized economy that’s fueled entirely by renewable energy, established far faster than either major party is proposing. Universal — truly universal — health care in a system that takes decisions out of the hands of insurance companies. A foreign policy that’s more dovish and acknowledging of the Palestinians’ plight. Those are just a few of her proposals as she seeks the Green Party nod for November.”

4 thoughts on “Maryland Green U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers “calls for tax justice”

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    “If this money were kept in country and taxed, many nations would be debt-free.”

    If only the government took in more taxes then the government wouldn’t spend so much. I don’t believe this premise.


    Will I still be allowed to hide cash in my sock drawer? The scandal is that some of this money “hidden” offshore was due to bribes and corruption of public officials. That those who earned it want to place it anywhere in the world is not a legitimate concern of busybodies, revenue departments, or those who think it isn’t “fair” they can’t put their snout in the trough.

  3. Jim

    Let’s stop taxation, and nobody will be motivated to keep their money overseas to avoid taxes.

  4. George Dance

    While searching the web tonight looking for the GJ press release in the article, I ran into a webzine I’d never seen before called Liberty Hangout. I won’t give a link, but I though it would be interesting to see the top four stories:

    Gary Johnson is immature
    Gary Johnson caught bribing delegates
    Gary Johnson: Nazi sympathizer, misogynist, or economic illiterate?
    Libertarian infighting needs to end

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