South Dakota Constitution Party chairwoman invites Donald Trump to switch over to her party

Lori Stacey

Lori Stacey, photo by Emily Spartz Weerheim

From Dana Ferguson at, April 5th, 2016:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should seek the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination to forego a kerfuffle at the 2016 GOP convention, the South Dakota Constitution Party’s chairwoman said Tuesday.

Lori Stacey, head of the recently re-recognized political party, said the business mogul should hop ship and throw his hat into the ring for the Constitution Party’s nomination next week.

“Instead of having to deal with all the shenanigans that we know are going to happen at the Republican convention, he’d be out of all that,” Stacey said. “Think how much easier it would be for him. He wouldn’t have to deal with any more primaries. He would already be the nominee. He could start running 50 states months ahead of the two major parties.”

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5 thoughts on “South Dakota Constitution Party chairwoman invites Donald Trump to switch over to her party

  1. Cody Quirk

    I wonder if the rest of, or, a majority of the active membership of the CP agrees with her? -even if The Donald’s views & personal lifestyle are not in conformity with the principles of the CP.

  2. J.R.Myers for President

    The CP needs to stop looking outside of itself for a knight in shining armor. It is imperative that we development leadership from within. Develop our state affiliates. Focus on ballot access. Promote ourselves more effectively to the media. Market ourselves to the upcoming generations. Push for debate inclusion. There is no substitute for on the ground grassroots efforts. I call upon all CP members and leaders to act honorably. We must support our own, or face rapid disintegration. Peace Out!

  3. Mark Seidenberg

    Cody Quirk,

    II hope you remember some events that I can not recall now. They relate to one of the POTUS candidates from “within”, viz., Dr. Don Grundmann. I know according to the records of the American Independent Party, Dr. Don Grundmann last date on the AIP State Central Committee was Septmber 2, 2008. That was because he was elected to the National Committee of the AIP on September 3, 2006.

    I also know that Dr. Grundmann did not register as an elector with the Constitution Party of California
    until April, 2015. Therefore, when he attended National Meetings and Conventions from California for
    years he was not registered to vote in the party he was claiming to be an officer of.

    It was in October, 2014, that Don Grundmann was told he had to change his registration to the CP to
    continue to be an officer in the CP. It took him six month to make that change.

    As I recall Dr. Grundmann became a “nominee delegate” to the Convention of the American Independent Party, thereby become a member of the State Central Committee the day following
    the Convention of 2002. That was the date that Jim King was elected chairman of the AIP. Do you
    recall that Convention it was that election which elected Jim King in 2002 for Chairman of AIP.
    Therefore, where and when was Jim King elected Chairman of the AIP in 2002?

    It was on February 16, 2016, that attorney Robert Barnes filed a lawsuit against the California Secretary of
    State for the “Independent Party” and William “Bill” Lussenheide. In June, 2008, Bill Lussenheide seconded a resolution of Dr. Don Grundmann at a bogus meeting called to order by a non-member of the State Central Committee of the AIP. The SOS rejected the application for Political Body status, because the name “Independent Party” was part of the name of the “American Independent Party”.

    Mr. Charles M. Deemer, is the claimed Chairman of the Independent Party. At the same time he is the
    Treasurer and a National Committee member of the Constitution Party. Even though Gary Odom is the
    October, 2014, elected Chairman of the Constitution Party of California. Dr. Grundmann is claiming to
    be the California State Chairman and his mother is the Vice Chairperson of the Constitution Party.

    Now Gary Odom. mother is claiming to be the Secretary – Treasurer of the “Independent Party” at a
    time being elected to those offices was registered as an elector in the “American Independent Party”.

    I expect the California Delegation to the convention will be having a hard time to explaining to the reason
    to credentials committee in Salt Lake City, as to why Grundmann claims be the Chairman of the Constitution Party, when the Executive Committee of the CP recognized Gary Odom as Chairman.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

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