Video of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate

Below is a video of yesterday’s Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate featuring candidates Gary Johnson, Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl W. Perry and Austin Petersen. The video was taken from Petersen’s campaign Facebook page and re-uploaded to YouTube. It lasts for an hour and 16 minutes.

One testy moment of the debate came at the 40 minute mark in the video, when Darryl W. Perry said,  ” I would be doing a lot better than at least one candidate on this stage, who still owes about $1.4 million from his 2012 campaign.” Johnson immediately interrupted, saying it’s “it’s not true, it’s not true.” Perry countered, saying “that’s what the FEC filings say, Governor.”

Johnson replied that the FEC would not allow him to take “it” [campaign debt] off the books. Johnson added that every penny donated to his campaign goes to the 2016 campaign. As he was talking, the moderator yelled “order!” saying this was not the time for a campaign response. Johnson angrily responded: “when there is an outright lie or an outright misrepresentation,” before being cut off by the moderator, who told the former New Mexico governor  that “you are out of order.”

The moderator then proceeded to say that “money would still be owed to the 2012 campaign,” continuing the point Perry was making. A beet-faced Johnson retorted: “what…you as the moderator are saying what?” to which some of the audience responded with faint laughter. Johnson continued, saying “you are out of order” to the moderator.” After that, there was some more laughter followed by applause from the debate viewership,

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  1. George Phillies

    McAfee was late. We videotaped a debate, same moderator, same questions. It will eventually show up, I expect.

    Let me emphasize that the debate would not have worked without the heroic work of Char-lez Braden as time keeper, and maintainer of the list ordering on questions.

  2. George Phillies

    Somewhat later, in the hospitality suite, there was a discussion of Johnson 2012, Johnson 2016, and Johnson, and debts. Folks asked me to explain the recourse issue, so I started. Approximately speaking I cot as far as noting that there was Gary Johnson 2012 (a corporation), Gary Johnson 2016 (a corporation, so far as I know) and Gary Johnson (a person). Standing much across the room was this quite tall, somewhat heavy set person, and someone with him. I was focused on the people with whom I was talking. Suddenly large person started screaming in my direction. Very approximately

    “I’m sick of hearing you…Do you know what obsessive-compulsive disorder is. You have it. You’re sick in the head. You need a shrink….”

    From his voice and bodily posture, a reasonable man would have thought that the scene might be about to turn violent. The other folks I was talking with had the same impression.

    Fortunately, the fellow to my left said, loudly, ‘We asked him a question. He’s answering’ or words to that effect. At this point the fellow with the large person took him on the shoulder and left him from the room.

    We were totally baffled, in that the large fellow had gone from talking quietly across the room not aprt of our conversation to extremely angry seemingly instantly.

    I gave my explanation of the Johnson debts. The two corporations and Johnson are legally separate. They are not responsible for each others debts. If GJ2012 owes you money, you cannot recover by suing GJ2016, so your donations to GJ2016 are safe. The term of art is ‘recourse’. Thus 7 of GJ2012’s 9 debtors have signed off on the debt settlement plan. They have no way to get their money back. Being cooperative on these matters might help business in the future with other politicians.

    Eventually the other person…who I had basically ignored, either because he was across the room or because I was focused on the fellow who appeared perhaps about to attack me… returned. He was a Johnson 2016 staffer..I deliberately choose not to name him. He wanted to apologize for himself, and make clear that I understood that he was in no way involved with the interruption of our conversation. I completely agree with what he said, and we shook hands.

    The large person who had tried to break up our private conversation was, he explained another Johnson 2015 staff member.

  3. George Phillies

    So that’s how Johnson 2016 tries to handle discussions of his campaign, at least the one I was in.

  4. George Phillies

    Does anyone have a good image of beet-face Johnson. There’s great campaign image.

    Is it

    “Stands up for his good name”


    “Thinks we should put his finger…
    on the nuclear trigger” ?

  5. Andy

    So Gary Johnson is saying that money donated to Gary Johnson 2016 will all go to the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign and not to the Gary Johnson 2012 debt. This is nice, but it still does not explain what happens to the Gary Johnson 2012 debt. Does Gary Johnson 2012 still owe this money, or have the people who are owed the money all decided to forgive the debt? If the people who are still owed money have not decided to forgive the debt, how does Gary Johnson plan to pay off these debts, or does he?

  6. George Phillies


    GJ2012 is a corporation. There is a process sort of like bankruptcy, run by the FEC, with steps to confirm that the losses are not illegal corporate campaign donations. However, the net effect is that the creditors are all going to eat their losses, if the FEC agrees, except that two of them will get transferable copies of the GJ2012 mailing list, which are claimed to be worth $150,000 each.

    GJ2012 owes the money except if at some point the FEC agrees to a GJ2012 debt settlement plan, in which case the debt might go away.

    Of course, from the standpoint of most of the creditors, they simply are not being paid, and GJ2012 is going away without paying, if and when the FEC agrees to a debt settlement plan.

  7. Darcy G Richardson

    “From his voice and bodily posture, a reasonable man would have thought that the scene might be about to turn violent. The other folks I was talking with had the same impression.” — George Phillies

    The large, intimidating-looking fellow that George described reminds me of some of the thugs who took part in the so-called “Brooks Brothers Brigade” in Miami sixteen years ago in an attempt to stop the recount in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, a demonstration that briefly turned violent.

    Several of the business-attired demonstrators in Miami-Dade, it turned out, were paid by George W. Bush’s campaign — a candidacy, it should be noted, that was actively supported by Gary Johnson that year.

    Just saying.

  8. Darcy G Richardson

    It makes one wonder why the former governor would have somebody like that on his staff.

  9. Steve Scheetz

    In all fairness to the governor, (And I really do not like being in a position to defend Gary Johnson,) there is no way to vet every single person in every state who works as a staffer. At least not flawlessly. I would suggest that every LP chapter has someone in it that people wish they never knew much less had to deal with at meetings! LOL

    Anyway, I am happy that things were resolved, at least somewhat. I know people who were screwed by Gary Johnson 2012, and will NEVER be paid for their work and effort. I understand that it is politics, and the man, Gary Johnson, is not 100% at fault, but it still sucks, and that will not change.


    Steve Scheetz

  10. Andy

    Steve Scheetz said: ” I know people who were screwed by Gary Johnson 2012, and will NEVER be paid for their work and effort.”

    Who do you know who was screwed by Gary Johnson 2012?

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