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Constitution Party: Ballot Access Drive is Heating Up

A link to the following was posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page today (via American Third Party Report):

Current Constitution Party ballot access

The Drive for Ballot Access is Heating Up Across the Nation. As options become dim for a conservative presidency from either of the two ruling parties, the importance of an alternative party is increasingly apparent. Ballot Access is the key to opening the door for a Christian Conservative Constitutionist such as Darrell Castle, our 2016 Presidential nominee. Without access to the ballot in November, the Constitution Party cannot elect constitutional candidates at any level of government. Ballot Access is essential for all Constitution Party candidates. It is essential that we gain ballot access in as many states as possible.

Check out the map above to see how we stand at the moment. Then check out the Ballot Access page on our website to learn more. Some states cannot start gathering petitions yet, some are underway. All states are important, both for electoral votes and for our candidates in general.

Bob Ellis, writing for the American Clarion, in an article entitled “Conservatives CAN Vote for a Conservative Candidate” said this, “So if you’re a conservative who doesn’t think you can bring yourself to vote for a Democrat-with-an-“R”-after-his-name in the general presidential election, give the Constitution Party some thought. You might even decide to help get them on the ballot if they aren’t already in your state. Just a dozen or two dedicated people across your state could probably do it, and there might still be time to make it happen.” Read his full article here.

Yes, friends, we can make it happen!

We have raised several hundred dollars for ballot access since May 4th. It will be wisely allocated. Thank you to all who have contributed either financially, or by volunteering to get signatures, or by signing petitions in your home states. More is needed to finish the task. Even a small gift is appreciated and of great importance would be monthly donations between now and November.

We have targeted four states this month: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Alabama.
In Iowa we need: 1,500 signatures. Deadline is August 19th
In Nebraska we need: 2,500 signatures for presidential candidate but 5,395 signatures are needed to get all Constitution Party candidates on the ballot. Deadline for either is August 1st.
In Kansas we need: 5,000 signatures. Deadline is August 1st.
In Alabama we need: 5,000 signatures. Deadline is August 18th.
For more information about ballot access in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, please contact Mid-Western States Regional Co-Chairman Lori Stacey at

For more information about ballot access in Alabama, contact state chairman Joshua Cassity at

Donate to the national ballot access effort through our website. Make sure you select “Ballot Access” in the drop down menu when asked “How may we attribute your donation?”

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  1. Timothy Yung Timothy Yung May 14, 2016

    So they have ballot access in Oregon, does this mean that the Constitution Party of Oregon decided to re-affiliate? Also does this also mean that the leadership of the Constitution Party of Idaho and JR Myers of Alaska is going to give the ballot access to Darrell Castle?

  2. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk May 14, 2016

    Last I checked, the Oregon CP was still an affiliate of the IAP and are likely going to have their candidate for president on their ballot.
    The Idaho CP is running Copeland and not Castle; the Idaho SoS has officially put Copeland on the ballot there -as the Idaho affiliate requested.

    Don’t know about Alaska, however this map is quite inaccurate.

  3. James M. Ray James M. Ray May 14, 2016

    I doubt they can make it on in 50 states, and until they do, it’s hard to take them very seriously. Same goes for the Greens. I’ll probably be voting LP this time.

  4. George Phillies George Phillies May 14, 2016

    Current memos from the LNC staff indicate that we do not yet have 50 state access for the Libertarian Party, and have not done so in some years. Are we also not serious?

  5. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman May 15, 2016

    George – The Libertarian Party is closer to 50 state ballot status than The Constitution Party. Check Ballot Access News for current list of states where each party is qualified.

    In 2012 Gary Johnson was on the ballot in 48 states – more than either The Green Party or The Constitution Party. The LP had ballot status in Michigan but Gov. Johnson was kept off the ballot by a Republican lawsuit under the “Sore Loser” law. If Gary Johnson is nominated this year, he will be on the Michigan ballot, as well as the Oklahoma ballot.

    I don’t know what the status of Libertarian ballot access is in Massachusetts, however.

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