Darryl W. Perry issues final pre-convention message to delegates


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Darryl W. Perry final pre-convention message to delegates

KEENE, NH, May 26, 2016 – The Libertarian Party national convention officially begins Friday, with the final pre-convention Presidential debate hosted by the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance taking place Thursday. The final pre-nomination debate happening Saturday night. In order to participate in the final debate, which will air on C-SPAN. Inclusion in the final debate requires a number of tokens equal to 10% of the number of delegates at the beginning of business on Saturday. Tokens are due at the close of nomination speeches Saturday afternoon. The campaign will have members of the campaign team gathering tokens on Friday and Saturday. If you’re a delegate, even if you’re not planning to vote for Darryl W. Perry on your first ballot, the campaign asks you to consider giving your nomination token to the Perry campaign to ensure the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party is represented in the prime-time debate on C-SPAN the night before the Party elects their Presidential nominee. In a Facebook post, Perry stated, “After knowing I have secured enough tokens to be included in the debate, I intend to ask people to give their token to another candidate so that as many candidates as possible are included in the C-SPAN debate!”

Additionally, Perry will be available for media interviews during the weekend of the convention, and has already booked interviews with several outlets including TBS and MSNBC.

Finally, Orlando is not going to be all business. The Perry campaign will be hosting a craft beer party on Friday May 27 at the Clarion (two doors down from the Rosen Centre). Signs will be posted notifying delegates of the room number for the event.

To donate to the campaign, visit DarrylWPerry.com and click on the word DONATE at the top of the page.

To schedule an interview with Darryl, please send an email to Darryl@DarrylWPerry.com or call 202 709 4377

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