Libertarian Presidential nomination runner up Austin Petersen endorses Johnson, Alicia Dearn for VP

ORLANDO, FL – Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson secured the Libertarian Party nomination today at the Libertarian National Conference.

“I am happy to endorse the nominee’s candidacy for President of the United States,” said Austin Petersen. “This is a historic election season, and it is important to back the only candidate running who will work to uphold libertarian ideals.”

“For that reason, I am endorsing Alicia Dearn for the Vice Presidential nomination,” added Petersen. “Alicia represents the very best of libertarianism and I have no doubt she will uphold the sacred rights enshrined in the Constitution and the First and Second Amendment in particular.”

“I will continue fighting for the cause of liberty,” said Petersen. “The fight to secure the legacy of the Libertarian Party is just now beginning, and I look forward to helping advance our message of individual freedom and fiscal responsibility.”

For more information or to arrange an interview with Austin, contact Joe Trotter at 210-352-0055.

3 thoughts on “Libertarian Presidential nomination runner up Austin Petersen endorses Johnson, Alicia Dearn for VP

  1. Cody Quirk

    Though my pick for the LP nomination won at the convention yesterday, I still would like to announce that I will not only cease my online criticism of Austin Petersen, but if GJ doesn’t win the White House in November, and no big name Liberty-loving & Constitution-supporting individual jumps into the presidential race in 2020 -then I will officially support Austin Petersen’s candidacy for the LP presidential nomination at that time.

    I never had a problem with his views & beliefs -only with his previous approach and some of his personal character; however people aren’t perfect, yet they can become better, and Austin was a good statesman in his concession to, and endorsement of GJ; and if he takes a more humble, inclusive tone with the LP starting now, then many of those, like me, that supported Gary Johnson will be rallying to his banner in 4 years from now.

  2. From Der Sidelines

    Don’t hold your breath on the brat Petersen growing up anytime soon.

  3. Renee

    Alicia Dearn provided me with one of the most jar droppingly stupid moments that I think I’ve ever witnessed in politics. The moment she asked Weld to look in her eyes and promise not to betray the party and turned and asked if that was “enough”. . . I almost dislocated my arm throwing my hands up in the air. I’ve never witnessed sometime so naively idiotic in all my life. . . for a potential American Vice President no less. Heaven help us.

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