Chuck Baldwin: How to Spot a False Flag Event

chuck baldwin

By Chuck Baldwin
June 23, 2016

A missionary friend of mine in Eastern Europe recently gave me a heads up regarding an excellent article written by Sebastian Swift entitled “5 Confirmed False Flag Operations And How To Spot Them In The Future.”

Swift writes, “The false flag phenomenon is distinctively modern and used as an ideological weapon to control populations with the fear of a manufactured enemy. They are used in ostensibly democratic systems where people believe they have inalienable rights. Such democratic systems–primarily the United States, Israel, and Great Britain–must shock people into sociopolitical and geopolitical consent and, as such, require sophisticated modern propaganda systems and advanced covert operations teams with highly proficient skills.”

Here are his telltale signs of a false flag operation:

There is an immediate comprehensive narrative, including a convenient culprit. Law enforcement, government agencies, and the mainstream media immediately proffer a narrative that completely explains the event and encourages citizens to tie their intellectual understanding of the tragedy to the emotions they experience. In his lecture at Contact in the Desert, [author and researcher] Richard Dolan noted that a distinguishing characteristic of a false flag operation is that the official narrative IS NOT questioned by the media. There are often legislative, ideological and sociopolitical power plays waiting in the wings, which the government can immediately implement.

~The official narrative has obvious domestic and geopolitical advantages for the governing body. The Bush administration used 9/11 to usher in the War on Terror, which has served as a lynchpin for countless civil liberty infringements by the national security state, including ubiquitous domestic surveillance and indefinite detention.

~The narrative behind the attack serves to leverage emotions like fear, as well as patriotism, in order to manufacture consent around a previously controversial issue. For example, many of the recent domestic terror attacks, including the Aurora [and Orlando] shooting[s], have exacerbated and reinforced advocacy of gun control legislation.

~Military training drills and police drills occur on the day of and very near the attack itself, causing confusion to obscure eye witness testimony and allowing orchestrators to plant both patsies, disinformation and backup operatives. This is no small point. An incredible percentage of major domestic or international terror attacks have involved simultaneous “training drills.” This list includes, but is not limited to, the infamous NORAD drills of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, the 2011 Norway shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. Though none of the aforementioned events can be confirmed or denied without a doubt, they bear a striking resemblance to previous false flag attacks and should be looked at with an investigative eye.

See the article here:

5 Confirmed False Flag Operations And How To Spot Them In The Future

It’s time for those of us who have been reluctant to consider the possibility that our own government (and the governments of Israel and Great Britain) could actually be complicit in domestic terrorism in order to further a nefarious agenda to at least stop accepting the government and media’s version of these tragedies at face value. For the most part, the mainstream media is little more than a propaganda ministry for the federal government. We haven’t seen true objective investigative journalism since before the death of John F. Kennedy.

Granted, not every national tragedy is part of a government conspiracy–and there is a plethora of “conspiracy nuts” out there to whom EVERYTHING is a conspiracy and through which we must wade to try to ascertain the truth. These people make it difficult for all of us. The Internet has provided the Chicken Littles of the world with an opportunity to play journalist. And their “everything’s-a-conspiracy” rants only serve to mask the true conspiracies and turn the average John Doe away from the truth. That’s why I believe that many of these “conspiracy-everywhere” Internet bloggers are actually PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. Their job is to make genuine whistleblowers and researchers look like conspiracy “kooks.” Then, of course, there are genuine kooks out there, too.

Finish the article here

Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution Party’s Presidential Candidate in 2008.

8 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin: How to Spot a False Flag Event

  1. Andy

    Great article. There are Libertarians out there who could learn something from this.

  2. Election Addict

    “For example, many of the recent domestic terror attacks, including the Aurora [and Orlando] shooting[s], have exacerbated and reinforced advocacy of gun control legislation.”

    Gun control legislation or spreading fear, mistrust, and paranoia, so that authoritarians are more easily bowed to?

    Who would care about guns when they have automatic weapons and bombs and tanks?

  3. Andy

    There are a lot more of us than there are of them (as in the ruling class and their thug enforcers). The ruling class know that an armed population could resist or overthrow them, and this is why they want a disarmed population.

  4. Tony From Long Island

    Life’s a lit easier to live when you are not paranoid! Many of the countries in our socio-economic strata are relatively “unarmed.” There doesn’t seem to be a rash of tyranny in them. We don’t have to overthrow anyone. We have elections. The fact that the population keep electing inept people is just too bad.

    Have a great (and paranoid) weekend. I’ll be back Monday.

  5. Questioning Humanity's Intelligence

    Election Addict… Us having tanks, planes, etc. has really proven a viable tool in the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly handguns and rifles are more than enough to deal with the U.S. military., when used in a guerilla-warfare style.

  6. Jim

    There’s a difference between a false flag, like Operation Gladio or the Lavon Affair, and simply not letting a good crisis go to waste. Taking advantage of a shooting to push gun control falls in the latter category. They don’t need to risk getting caught in a false flag when a little patience works just as well.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    It’s been stunning and disgusting how many groups have seized on to the Orlando incident and exploited it to further their own agenda. There was a little bit for everyone in that story

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