Gary Johnson wins California Libertarian primary


Updated: Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson has decisively won today’s Libertarian Party presidential primary in California, which was purely a non-binding beauty contest. The Peace and Freedom Party, American Independent Party and Green Party also held presidential primaries (those results in an upcoming IPR article). From the California SOS Elections website, with 15.8% of the precincts reporting:

Marc Feldman
(Party Preference: LIB)
John Hale
(Party Preference: LIB)
Cecil Ince
(Party Preference: LIB)
Gary Johnson
(Party Preference: LIB)
Steve Kerbel
(Party Preference: LIB)
John McAfee
(Party Preference: LIB)
Darryl W. Perry
(Party Preference: LIB)
Austin Petersen
(Party Preference: LIB)
Derrick M. Reid
(Party Preference: LIB)
Jack Robinson, Jr.
(Party Preference: LIB)
Rhett White Feather Smith
(Party Preference: LIB)
Joy Waymire
(Party Preference: LIB)

13 thoughts on “Gary Johnson wins California Libertarian primary

  1. sparkey

    3rd place is a nail biter between Austin Petersen and Rhett Smith.

    How many middle names does Rhett Smith have? I thought his middle name was Rosenquest.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Johnson was not on the ballot in Missouri, where the uncommitted option won. The results of the Oregon primary, which was completed on May 27th, have not yet been released, but it’s extremely likely that Johnson won in a landslide there, too.

  3. Kyle Markley

    Johnson won the Oregon primary also. We just finished counting ballots a couple days ago and will be working on a press release. (For those who need the numbers, Johnson got 56.9% on the first round.)

  4. Richard Winger

    Johnson also won the Nebraska Libertarian primary. He wasn’t on the North Carolina Libertarian primary ballot because filing for that closed before he had announced.

  5. George Phillies

    A primary after the national convention. What a brilliant use of taxpayer money!

  6. sparkey

    All results are now in. Johnson wins all counties except 3: McAfee decisively wins Santa Cruz County, Waymire wins the 2 voters in Modoc County, and there were no LP voters in Alpine County.

    Santa Cruz County actually put Johnson tied in next-to-last place:
    McAfee 40
    Kerbel 16
    Petersen 14
    Smith 11
    Waymire 9
    Hale 7
    Feldman 5
    Johnson/Perry/Reid/Robinson 3
    Ince 0

  7. Shivany Lane

    We don’t have an open primary in California so only registered Libertarians were allowed to vote in the primary. As far as the rude comment about a waste of the taxpayers money, The include the candidates for the third parties out of courtesy since this is the primary for all parties.
    The same ballot determined the “top two” for senate and many other down-ticket offices pluse we had a few measures we voted on too.

    Would you rather I not have been given the right to vote on the Senator primary, the down-ticket primaries or the ballot measures simply because I am a Libertarian and my primary doesn’t really count for anything? That would not only be unconstitutional, it would be morally wrong.

  8. Starchild

    Shivany Lane – Voters who have registered No Party Preference (formerly “Decline To State”) could vote in California’s Libertarian primary if they requested a Libertarian ballot.

    My understanding is that each party can choose whether to allow such voters to participate in its primary, and that the California LP has chosen to allow them to do so. That choice makes sense to me, because the vote is simply a straw poll, with the actual nominating decisions are made by delegates at Libertarian Party conventions, and allowing more voters to take part helps increase the party’s exposure and vote totals in primary elections.

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