More videos from the Libertarian Party national convention

The following videos were from the 2016 Libertarian Party national convention were uploaded on the official LP YouTube channel in the past 24 hours (via American Third Party Report):

Jeffrey Tucker

Tom Woods

Rev. Larry Beane

Roger Roots

Lily Tang Williams

Avens O’Brien

Hall of Liberty – Ron Paul

Hall of Liberty – Bill Redpath

List of Award Recipients

2 thoughts on “More videos from the Libertarian Party national convention

  1. AJ johnson

    Thomas Woods is a neoconfederate white nationalist. What does he have in common with the libertarian party?

  2. Tim Anthony of Gary, Indiana

    Al Johnson,

    Do you have a source for that? Where has Thomas Woods claimed to be a neoconfederate or a white nationalist? Please be specific.

    Or is this an interpretation of his speeches or writings? If so, how did you arrive at this conclusion?

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