Heroic OAI State Director Burke Acts To Save Libertarian Party Candidates From Imminent Disaster!

Hero  In an email received by IPR earlier tonight, Richard Burke, Our America Initiative Oregon State Director (2011 to present) Congratulates, Thanks and then Admonishes Libertarian Party of Oregon Libertarian Candidates About the Clear and Present Danger of Being Eliminated as Candidates in Oregon by an Exploding Meteor or Equivalent and Heroically Acts to Avert Disaster.

He closes by expressing his Understandable Regrets.

Apparently now that Project GroundSwell concluded with unimaginable success, bringing liberty in the form of an endorsement of Donald Trump to, not only Oregon, but all of the nation, the Oregon OAI State Director’s  (nothing to report in the way of OAI NEWS in Oregon since April 2015, see below) attention has returned to the decades long preparations for the Court Ruling that will cause the Secretary of State’s office to do a 180 or perhaps have an aneurysm.  (Guaranteed before the 2012 deadline for putting Gary Johnson on the Ballot.)

The e-Mail is reproduced without further snark below.

From: Richard Burke
Date: Jul 28, 2016 7:40 PM
Subject: Your 2016 Candidacy for Partisan Public Office
To: Richard Burke
Cc: Ian Epstein, Tim Reeves, Greg Burnett, Lars Hedbor

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

You are receiving this email because you have won a vote-by-mail ballot which purports to be the mechanism by which the Libertarian Party of Oregon nominates candidates to the 2016 general election ballot.

Congratulations on your victory, and thank you for stepping up!

You may not be aware that the legitimacy of the vote-by-mail ballot is in question. This ballot was run under the auspices of organizational documents which were purportedly adopted in a March 31, 2011 monthly State Committee meeting, not a properly noticed business convention of LPO members as called for by the organizational documents on file at the time. Video and other evidence exists which documents this.

The legitimate organizational documents, meaning those adopted by members in properly noticed business conventions, call for candidates to be nominated exclusively through properly noticed candidate nominating conventions – not by means of a vote-by-mail ballot. ORS 248.009(1) require that minor political parties file organizational documents describing processes to nominate candidates and requires that they adhere to those processes when doing do. What is not clear is whether or not nominations made under the auspices of illegitimate or fraudulently filed organizational documents are legally valid.

Until the underlying controversy is resolved, the Oregon Secretary of State has provided for both groups of Libertarians, each operating in accordance with their respective organizational documents, to function under the name “Libertarian Party of Oregon.” Both (sic) groups will be submitting candidate nominations to the Oregon Secretary of State which will presumably decide which slate of candidates will appear on the ballot.

At present, the PAC which conducted the vote-by-mail ballot has control of the Libertarian Party’s ballot line in Oregon and is recognized by the Oregon Secretary of State. Because the election officials are barred by U.S. Supreme Court rulings from interfering with internal party governance, the Secretary of State’s office took this position by adhering to an unwritten policy of taking direction from the person who was the “Chair of Record” just prior to the dispute.

If such remains the case for this election cycle, you need do nothing. But if the Secretary of State’s office changes its position, and the organizational documents authorizing vote-by-mail ballots are determined to be illegitimate, it is possible that your nomination could be jeopardized. We don’t want this to happen which is why we are contacting you now.

In an effort to ensure your nomination remains valid no matter what the Secretary of State’s office does, we invite you to participate in the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s August 7th candidate nominating convention. This convention is being run by the PAC that is operating according to organizational documents adopted and amended by members in properly noticed conventions. If you are nominated at this convention, given your victory in the vote-by-mail ballot, your nomination is likely to be secure no matter what the Secretary of State ultimately decides.

Please bring identification and, ideally, proof of your status as a Libertarian voter in the State of Oregon (we will have a list, but lists are not perfect). You may nominate yourself or you may be nominated by another participating registered Oregon Libertarian. There is no charge or fee to participate as a delegate, candidate, or both.

The event will be held at noon on Sunday, August 7, 2016 at the offices of PrimeOne Advocates, located at 7100 SW Hampton in Tigard, 97223 (Commerce Plaza Office Complex). This event was advertised in multiple newspapers of general circulation as required in ORS 248.009(3), which require 10 day notice. Written notice was also provided to “Regular” dues-paying members of the LPO. Examples of both will be on hand.

To assist you, attached you will find PDF versions of the legitimate organizational documents of the Libertarian Party of Oregon along with adopted convention rules. If you have questions, please contact me at your convenience. We regret this complication and wish you only the best. Thank you.

Yours in Liberty,
Richard P. Burke, Secretary

cc: Ian Epstein (LPO Chair), Tim Reeves (LPO Vice Chair), Greg Burnett (LPO Treasurer), Lars Hedbor

(Ed Note: OAI’s Oregon Page as it appeared on 28 July 2016.)


19 thoughts on “Heroic OAI State Director Burke Acts To Save Libertarian Party Candidates From Imminent Disaster!

  1. Massimo

    I have no idea about what the fuck this is about, but please, do not waste my time

  2. steve m

    Massimo, Like watching Game of Thrones you choice to waste your own time. The only difference for Oregon LP internal bickering politics… there are no dragons… I am not sure about midgets.

  3. George Phillies


    A complete list of all articles on Oregon is now a substantial article of its own.


  4. Joseph Buchman Post author

    It has been a fun show.

    These encores are getting quite tiresome though. Still it was a fun article to write. Be sure to click on the hyperlinks . . .

  5. Richard P. Burke


    Cute article.

    Still, it is worth pointing out that neither your post, nor any of the replies following it, have disputed our account of events which caused this situation. We have some video links of our own, more relevant and substantial than those you posted, including this one, marking the illegal attempt to adopt new governing documents:


    Let’s not forget the minutes of the State Committee meeting where new governing documents were purportedly adopted outside of convention as required:


    While co-opting the force of the state to achieve a political goal by attempting to use ORS 248.072 to undermine the governing documents voluntarily adopted and amended by LPO members in properly noticed conventions they forgot that the statute only applies to major parties, not minor ones (see ORS 248.007(3)).

    This isn’t just about our internal issues anymore. After several years of this, both the Republican and Democratic parties have become aware of this situation. They monitor court cases and correspondence with the Secretary of State. There is every possibility that if a candidate from either major party believes a Libertarian candidate might work against them, they could take legal action of their own. They didn’t last time, but they might this time. Or they might not.

    We are not trying to “save” the ticket as Joe snarkily suggests. Instead, we are offering candidates an opportunity to hedge their bets by securing their nominations legitimately while attempting to expand the slate even more. If we were part of an evil plot to strip the Libertarian slate from the ballot, we wouldn’t have any reason to do this.

    Richard P. Burke, Secretary
    Libertarian Party of Oregon

  6. Richard P. Burke

    Two other issues:

    When I helped other third parties, my objective was to mobilize opposition to a “Top Two Primary” election reform ballot measure. The Libertarian Party of Oregon was (and still is) divided, and the “Top Two Primary” was arguably an existential threat to all third parties. I reasoned that as many third party candidates as possible needed to elevate their opposition to this measure. This was documented at the time. Why didn’t you post this explanation?

    I also made it very clear at the time that the libertarian movement could benefit tremendously by the nomination of Donald Trump. I said at the time that a Trump nomination could foster a fundamental realignment of the electorate and that a Trump/Clinton match-up would be good for the Libertarian ticket. Hasn’t that proven to be the case?

    Richard P. Burke, Secretary
    Libertarian Party of Oregon

  7. Joseph Buchman Post author


    You’ve always been a gentleman in our personal conversations and I apologize for my tendency to find humor, often at all costs and with reckless abandon. But if one cannot find humor in a battle between two so otherwise individually likable noble foes who have put, what? $400,000 into a black hole up there and set it on fire, then one would be too overwhelmed with grief about the lost opportunities associated with that to post anything, I suppose. (Although there is the redeeming quality of the “refiner’s fire” that cupellated out the purist Libertarians for the your opponent LPO. I suppose you contributed some value for that.)

    You know I also like Wes quite a bit. he’s that Liberty Pirate Libertarian. Something akin to the original Boston Tea Party – dump it all in the bay – Libertarians. Not quite Yoda rebel Libertarian, yet, but at least Luke or Obi Wan Libertarian. In my experience he kept his word in 2012 and provided useful analysis and insight (that at least so far regarding these legal issues has proven prescient, if not actually Biblically prophetic (I do tend to worship him as any fearful devotee would any old testament prophet) that was helpful to my work for the campaign back then.

    So thanks for not taking anything in the article personally or reacting out of anger. If you all do eventually win your lawsuit (whatever “win” that looks like), I’ll have a cloth versions of that actual HERO badge woven for you, Aaron Starr, M. Carling and everyone else on your team (if you’ll let me know who they all are).


    (PS about that Liberty Recruiting Award in Orlando, you really should have taken on the performance aspect art opportunity of accepting it that we created for you there, IMO.)

  8. Joseph Buchman Post author

    steve m @ July 29, 2016 at 02:46

    “Like watching Game of Thrones you choice to waste your own time. The only difference for Oregon LP internal bickering politics… there are no dragons”

    Reminds me of this opening to Richard Bach’s book A BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER

    “We think, sometimes, there’s not a dragon left. Not one brave knight, not a single princess gliding through secret forests, enchanting deer and butterflies with her smile. What a pleasure to be wrong. Princesses, knights, enchantments and dragons, mystery and adventure …not only are they here-and-now, they’re all that ever lived on earth! Our century, they’ve changed clothes, of course. Dragons wear government-costumes, today, and failure-suits and disaster-outfits. Society’s demons screech, whirl down on us should we lift our eyes from the ground, dare we turn right at corners we’ve been told to turn left. So crafty have appearances become that princesses and knights can be hidden from each other, can be hidden from themselves.”

  9. Michael H. Wilson

    A whole lot of money has been spent on this lawsuit. It probably would have been better to spend those bucks on some decent advertising. I wonder how many billboards that money could have paid for?

  10. Wes Wagner

    I have heard some rumors that the Johnson campaign representative is working with Burke to make sure the one true LPO puts Gary on the ballot. Perhaps that will be his heroic feat!

  11. Losty

    Didn’t Gary win the LPO Mail in?

    Wes? Will the LPO (The Actual Ballot-line Party) Slate Gary?

    If not, Is Daniel Imperiato still around? That may be more fitting…

  12. Wes Wagner

    We can only put Gary on the ballot if his campaign actually fills out the forms and works with our chair to get them signed and submitted. If they have other ideas and somehow botch Oregon ballot access, it is on them.

  13. Fred

    Mr Burke,

    Please tell
    Me that you haven’t slipped into such a delusion that you have forgotten the hundteds of disputes that have been made about these same claims over the last 5 years.
    If you really need to hear them again I suggest you search LP Oregon and re-read them.
    Please forgive us for not disputing them again.

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