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Libertarian Party of Maine claims victory in ballot access fight


The Libertarian Party of Maine posted the following on Facebook on July 12th, 2016:



And commented:

Gary Johnson will be on the Maine ballot. We still need your support for our write-in campaigns, including two for Congress. With this momentum, we just may be able to make history this year! Can you imagine the impact of sending two Libertarians to Congress from Maine––as write-ins? published an article the same day concerning the Libertarian Party of Maine’s ballot status:

Maine Libertarians say they have enough registrants to form official party

By Christopher Cousins

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bid to create a Libertarian Party in Maine is moving forward, with organizers reporting they have registered enough Libertarians to meet the 5,000-person threshold described in the law.

Jorge Maderal of Brunswick, chairman of a nonprofit organization called the Libertarian Party of Maine Inc., said Monday his organization has met the challenge.

“By all accounts, we seem to have more than enough [voter registrations] turned in,” Maderal said in an email Monday to the Bangor Daily News.

Read the rest of the article at

(Via American Third Party Report)

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  1. Andy Andy July 13, 2016

    This is great, but the Libertarian Party of Maine could have accomplished this last year if the voter registration drive had been conducted properly from the beginning.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies July 13, 2016

    Bravo, Maine!

  3. Bondurant Bondurant July 13, 2016

    Good to hear. Does this make all 50 states + DC now or is status in contention elsewhere?

  4. Andy Andy July 13, 2016

    There are still multiple states, plus DC in play for LP ballot access. The last deadlines are in early September. We will not know until after those last deadlines have passed as to whether or not the Libertarian Party has qualified in those places or not.

  5. Richard Winger Richard Winger July 14, 2016

    Andy, the way things turned out (even though it was very stressful) was very good. Because the LP didn’t finish the drive in Maine in 2015, now we have an important court victory against the December 2015 deadline. That will cause the Maine legislature in 2017 to improve the law. The Maine court decision is also helpful to lawsuits in other states against early petition deadlines for new parties.

    This isn’t the first time a minor party error has actually caused a better ballot access law. In Ohio in 2004 the LP used a party petition with the wrong wording. So the petition was rejected, so the party sued against the early deadline, and won in the 6th circuit in September 2006.

  6. Andy Andy July 15, 2016

    Sure, getting the deadline moved to a later date due to a successful lawsuit was a positive thing, but it came about in an Inspector Clouseau, bumbling manner as a result of a poorly executed voter registration drive.

    I have got to wonder how many of these Libertarian registrations are soft registrations (as in people who have little to no idea what a Libertarian is, and are not like to vote for our candidates, or engage in any Libertarian activism), and how many are hard registrations (people who know what a Libertarian is, and who may actually vote for Libertarian candidates, and who might even engage in some Libertarian activism.

  7. Andy Andy July 15, 2016

    I bet there are a lot more soft registrations than hard registrations.

  8. Bondurant Bondurant July 15, 2016

    Aren’t most registrations “soft”? Most people I know are registered to vote (or think they are) but most don’t vote. Dedicated LP voters are the most beneficial but I’ll take people who will, at least, register.

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