Matt Welch: Washington Post, in Dishonest Editorial, Calls Gary Johnson ‘honest but defective’


By Matt Welch,, July 8th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at American Third Party Report)

The Washington Post editorial board, one of the prime caretakers of establishmentarian consensus about national politics, has a curious editorial today titled “Gary Johnson is an honest but defective candidate.” The piece is curious not simply because it invites snarky retorts—so, you prefer dishonest but effective candidates, eh? No, it is curious—and instructive about the collision between default libertarianism and Washington managerialism—because some of the key negative characterizations it makes about the Libertarian Party ticket is not borne out by the transcript of the interview upon which the editorial was based.

For instance, after dinging Johnson for allegedly not knowing what the nuclear triad is (I say “allegedly” because the transcript is not conclusive to me on that point) and for not attaching a precise ideal number on the federal government’s percentage spending of GDP, the ed board gets to its real, world-weary objection.

Read the rest of the article here. 

3 thoughts on “Matt Welch: Washington Post, in Dishonest Editorial, Calls Gary Johnson ‘honest but defective’

  1. Bondurant

    Curious why the Washington Post would spend time taking published swipes against Johnson. Maybe they believe he’s a bigger threat to Hillary than Trump.

    It’s odd that the Washington Post takes an “interest” in Johnson and that Welch is feels surprised enough to write that an establishment paper is dogging an anti-establishment candidate.

  2. steve m

    I take the rock band mentality that any almost attention from the media attention is good. It gets your name out there.

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