Cody Quirk: Darrell Castle Gets Interviewed By Willis Carto’s American Free Press


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by Cody Quirk, originally published at American Third Party Report earlier today:

Recently, the newspaper American Free Press did a complimenting interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle while he was campaigning in Michigan with the State Chair of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (Michigan affiliate of the CP), Bill Mohr.

However, what is quite eyebrow-raising and controversial isn’t Darrell’s interview with the AFP -but the nature & origins of this particular newspaper that he had consented to an interview with, which seemingly goes well beyond its own slogan: ‘AMERICA’S LAST REAL NEWSPAPER‘.

The following introductory paragraph from the Wikipedia article on the AFP clearly speaks for itself-

The American Free Press is a weekly newspaper published in the United States.

The newspaper’s direct ancestor was the publication The Spotlight, which ceased publication in 2001 when its parent organization, Liberty Lobby, was forced into bankruptcy. Like The Spotlight and Liberty Lobby, Willis Carto, one of America’s most influential political racial theorists known for his promotion of antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, was one of its founders. The newspaper describes itself as “maverick, independent grass-roots media” and proclaims a “populist and nationalist” political orientation.[1]


Willis Carto

Indeed, as stated in the same Wiki article, the founder of the AFP is the late Willis Carto– a well known antisemitic and white supremacist figure that had been previously involved in the National Youth Alliance during the sixties (the NYA later evolved into the neo-nazi National Alliance), and the now defunct Populist Party back in its heyday in the eighties -the same political party that ran famous white nationalist David Duke in the 1988 presidential election.

There is no question from the above evidence that the AFP is indeed the successor to Carto’s previous Spotlight newspaper -which had been forced into bankruptcy due to a damaging lawsuit, and ceased publication afterward in 2001.


Previous AFP contributor and 2000 CP senatorial candidate Mark Dankof with David Duk

Yet just as notable as its origins are especially some of the individual contributors to the AFP newspaper itself, whom include (albeit at different time periods) – the late Michael Collins Piper, former CP senatorial candidate Mark Dankof, and the Castle-supporting Liberty Roundtable co-host James Edwards -whose own show, The Political Cesspool, and Mr. Castle’s indirect association with such, has been discussed in detail in another previous article on American Third Party Report.

Even if Mr. Castle is not at all in agreement with the specific nature of the AFP’s contents, including the views and ideology of its deceased founder; the fact that the relationship between the CP and the American Free Press -while barely visible on the surface, nevertheless appears to be a distant yet positive one between one another, even if such interactions have been few and far between, or just briefly referenced on each others website. Which in conclusion, clearly displays the naivety, or possible apathy of the Castle campaign and the Constitution Party -with this particular and controversial newspaper that is, the ‘American Free Press’.


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25 thoughts on “Cody Quirk: Darrell Castle Gets Interviewed By Willis Carto’s American Free Press

  1. Andy

    Another guilt by association smear from Cory.

    American Free Press has interviewed and carried articles by lots of people of various ideologies over the years, including 1996 and 2000 Libertarian Party candidate for President, Harry Browne.

    You have really been grasping at straws to find bad things to say about Darrell Castle.

  2. RedPhillips

    As I have said before, who the heck do you think AFP would support? Hillary? Johnson? Maybe Trump more so than most Republican nominees, but since AFP focuses heavily on Israel and Jewish matters, I’m sure they don’t agree with his stated support of Israel. Maybe Darrell Castle. Maybe the American Freedom Party or the American Eagle Party if they want to get even more minor than the CP. This kind of thing is meaningless. You can always play these kind of connect the dot games with third parties. I’m sure I could easily connect the dots from Black Lives Matter to the Green Party or even Bernie or Hillary. What matters is policy.

    BTW, a lot of people believe that the post Liberty Lobby AFP is infiltrated with government agents or is even a government front.

  3. T Rex

    Over time, simply typing the words racistnazisupremacistfascistantisemite over and over loses its effect.

  4. Andy

    So Willis Carto still owns American Free Press, even though he died years ago? LOL!

    I just did a quick search, and i confirmed that American Free Press also covered the campaigns of Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Are they evil racists too?

  5. Trent Hill

    Cody should not be permitted to write articles here. He only ever posts negative things about the CP, often with misleading headlines and extremely poor journalism.

    Willis Carto has been dead for years, this is just irresponsible.

  6. RedPhillips

    If I’m not mistaken, Cody posts at American Third Party Report. This is a post of his post there. The issue is how much discretion IPR posters should use in posting his stuff here.

  7. T Rex

    I’m convinced that Cody has a single Mad Libs template article and simply inserts different names, adjectives, etc every week then re-posts.

  8. Cody Quirk

    Actually what I’m hearing here is the vain, petty attempts by butt-hurt Libertarians to attack the continuing accurate expose’ of a candidate, his poor & controversial actions, and his party -that the same butt hurt individuals are trying to desperately prop up as a “viable” alternative to Gary Johnson -despite this candidate (Castle) and his party’s unlibertarian views, and the serious baggage that they’re stuck with.

    I know you’re part of this crowd, Trent, mainly because of your personal grudge against me and willingness to oppose anything that I am doing or in favor of -no matter how much you dismiss or laugh it off here; I know otherwise.
    In fact I did enjoy reading your temper tantrums over Floyd Whitley and the actions of the Idaho CP in several of the comment threads here, which shows that indeed you are a part of the Pro-Darrell Castle ‘libertarian’ crowd.

    Yeah, I’m not an author here; but censoring articles that run against one’s personal agenda -never mind that they include numerous url links with detailed evidence to back up the claims made in them in a fair manner- isn’t going to help IPR much.
    In fact it would likely hurt IPR’s readership and productivity if authors on this site had their differing political & personal viewpoints heavily restricted and censored all because of the bias and opinions of the admins and the owners, just sayin’.

    However, I don’t run this website, so that’s not my call.
    Yet on the one I do help run, we only censor or delete that which is highly vulgar in language and overly ad homenim against individuals and their families (sexual and racial slurs/threats of violence or death), and yet am I messing around with or even restricting the number of Pro-CP/Darrell Castle articles that Chris and other ATPR authors post?

    Oh btw, several of my articles on the CP and Darrell Castle got republished by a regular newspaper in central Massachusetts.
    Hmmmm… ‘Poor journalism’, Trent?

  9. Andy

    Cody, I am a Libertarian Party member who is upset by the Johnson/Weld ticket, and i do consider Darrell Castle to be more libertarian than either Johnson or Weld, but I do not really care that much if people vote for Castle or not, and I am undecided as to whether or not I am going to vote for him (I am still considering writing in None Of The Above for President, or not voting this time).

    My comments above are not so much about me having a vested interest in the success of Castle, but rather to point out what I would call poor journalism. The article you wrote above is another guilt by association hit piece, just like your last article about Castle was. I do not care if a newspaper picked it up, as to me that is just another example of the mainstream press being biased.

  10. Trent Hill

    Yes, Cody, poor journalism. It would remain so, even if William Randolph Hearst rose from the grave to claim otherwise. Unfortunately for you, this isn’t a newspaper of repute, it’s some knock-off newspaper that prints news about third parties almost exclusively. A look around the third-rate site tells me it was designed poorly and funded hardly at all. In fact, it looks like they’ve syndicated all posts from AmericanThirdPartyReport, or whatever your second-rate site is called. And you’re trying to pass it off as being “published” by a “Massachusetts newspaper”. This. This is why I showed up on this thread. Because you have a penchant for eating a grape and claiming you inhaled a grapefruit. For hitting a whiffle ball and then claiming you’re Sammy Sosa.

    As for this, “I know you’re part of this crowd, Trent, mainly because of your personal grudge against me and willingness to oppose anything that I am doing or in favor of -no matter how much you dismiss or laugh it off here; I know otherwise.”

    I don’t have a personal grudge against you. I think you constantly grind an ax (much like Andy and his petitioning debt) and then claim you’re not grinding said ax. So, I call you out on it. I do not oppose anything you’re doing or in favor of, for the most part I could not care less what you’re doing or in favor of.

    Lastly, I don’t support Darrell Castle. Won’t be voting for him, didn’t give him money, and I DO NOT think he is more libertarian than Gary Johnson, who I will be voting for. So, wrong on all counts.

  11. Joshua Fauver

    Andy, maybe you should eventually pause and think at some point, after enough articles, after enough evidence, that maybe there is merit to this guilty by association. Maybe you can shrug off one or two or maybe even three associations with racists, neoconfederates, neo nazis, and white supremacists. But my experience is that where there is smoke there is fire and where there is more smoke there is a larger fire. Eventually we must reach the conclusion that the ties between the constitution party and it’s candidates and those with fascist, bigoted, racist, and antisemitic views aren’t few and far between or outlines. They’re the norm.

  12. Trent Hill


    I tend to agree. While smears by association are lazy…someone who can be associated so many times is either himself a racist/fascist/whatever, or they are ignorant of the others views–either of which should be viewed extremely negatively.

  13. Andy

    Instead of name calling and using guilt by associations smears, try attacking Castle on his own policy proposals. I have not seen much substance in these attacks against Castle.

  14. Cody Quirk

    “Instead of name calling and using guilt by associations smears, try attacking Castle on his own policy proposals.”

    O… K….

    It’s really sad how you water down and reinterpret libertarianism to try to make fit for an obvious paleoconservative candidate like Darrell Castle.

    However, in all fairness Andy… Would you be interested in writing/reporting for ATPR?
    You’re welcome to post as much anti-GJ and Pro-Castle articles as you want and especially write rebuttals to my editorials too.

    I’m being serious; if you’re interested- me and Chris will hook you up.

  15. langa

    So, if someone agrees to be interviewed by a particular media outlet, that means they must agree with the views of the people who own the outlet?

    I guess that means that anyone who has appeared on Fox News is a neocon like Rupert Murdoch, right?

    What pathetic pap.

  16. Cody Quirk

    Yet you’re forgetting the Bushman endorsement. Darrell’s interview with the AFP only adds another black mark.

    The additional fact that the AFP has been around long enough for people to know about and research it’s origins & content, along with the CP and it’s leaders (like Howard Phillips) past association with it and its predecessor -is damming enough to stick and reflects pretty bad on both Darrell and the CP.

    Langa, you really need to find a better alternative to GJ.

  17. RedPhillips

    Cody, serious question? Who the heck do you expect Bushman or someone like him to endorse? He only likely has 4 options. Trump, Castle, The American Freedom Party’s Bob Whitaker (I think) and the American Eagle Party’s Merlin Miller. If you can think of any other options let me know. So why did he not endorse Trump, Whitaker or Miller? I don’t know. Maybe you should ask him. Maybe he feels that Castle is the best balance of hard line and not completely obscure. Again, an endorsement like this is meaningless. You have to look at the whole context of what is available to him.

  18. langa

    …the AFP has been around long enough for people to know about and research it’s origins & content…

    Sure, but so what? Again, Fox News has “been around long enough” for everyone to know that they are dedicated to pushing a particular (neocon) agenda. Presumably, you don’t agree with that agenda. So why aren’t you criticizing Gary Johnson for agreeing to be interviewed on Fox News? Answer: Because you don’t have a bizarre vendetta against Johnson and the LP, the way that you do against Castle and the CP.

  19. itdoesntmatter

    I think is going to backfire and Cody is just going to push a lot of the LRC/Paul worshiping type libertarians to support this dude because he associates with “non-pc” racists and victims of northern aggression and all that stuff. The same type of people who are more than OK with big government and authority as long as it’s used to keep certain people “in their place” but turn around and accuse every other non-anarchist of being a statist. I’m surprised they don’t just go with Trump, though, to be honest. Little things like him being against free markets and abusing eminent domain didn’t hurt when it was time to rally around Pat Buchanan and write op-eds calling for legalizing police brutality.

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