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Darrell Castle may not appear on the Idaho ballot; Constitution Party of Idaho writes: ‘In Progress…until when?’

Darrell Castle spoke at the Constitution Party’s national meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in October 2011.

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News reported the following on August 10th, 2016:

On August 3, the Idaho Secretary of State wrote a letter to Darrell Castle, saying the office believes he is circulating an independent presidential petition, and warning him that if he submits the required 1,000 signatures by the August 24 deadline, the office will reject it because sec. 34-708A says that independent presidential candidates must declare that they have no political party affiliation. This law has existed since 1977, and yet always before it has been interpreted to refer to political party affiliation for Idaho parties, not national parties or parties in other states.

On August 10, Castle responded with this letter. Castle notes that John Anderson was permitted to be on the Idaho ballot as an independent in 1980, even though Anderson continued to list himself as a Republican in his Congressional Directory page all during 1980. Castle notes that Idaho let Jill Stein be an independent presidential candidate in 2012, even though at the time, and currently, she is a registered Green in Massachusetts. Castle noted that Idaho let Rocky Anderson be an independent presidential candidate while he was a registered Justice Party member in Utah.

Finally, Castle notes that he himself is not a registered member of the Constitution Party, because he lives in Tennessee, which does not have registration by party. Also the Constitution Party does not have dues-paying membership.

The reason Castle has been circulating an independent petition in Idaho is because the ballot-qualified Constitution Party in Idaho is lead by individuals who are angry with the national Constitution Party, so they won’t put Castle on as the party nominee.

In Progress…until when?

Meanwhile, the Constitution Party of Idaho has continued with its unrelenting criticism of the national Constitution Party:

Posted on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on August 8th, 2016 (Via Cody Quirk at ATPR):

We remain dubious as to the recently “updated” ballot access map posted on the national website.

The CP website claims Washington will have a CP ballot line. Okay. With 1,000 petition signatures required, if that boastful organization over there has not gained ballot access in 2016, then they need to fold their tent.

As we understand it, Washington had a July 23 deadline for those 1,000 petitions. Meanwhile, and more to the point, Illinois (25,000 signatures required) had an even earlier deadline on June 27th; yet it is still “In Progress”? So too did Indiana (26,700 signatures) on June 30th. As did  Oklahoma (40,007 signatures) on July 15th. We’ll pass over Delaware with 6,500 signatures also due on July 15th.

Come now! Each one of these states had deadlines earlier than Washington’s.  Surely Washington cannot be reported in the green column, whereas these others states (having earlier expired deadlines) are still being reported as “In Progress”.

Point in case, West Virginia is reported as having submitted its signatures “with five minutes to spare”. The Mountaineers  had an  August 1st deadline (6,705 signatures). But other states share this the same August 1st deadline–which has expired.  There are no reports that these states submitted? They’re carried as still being “In Progress?. Hey, these states have zero minutes to spare! Did they, or did they not submit the petitions?  And to what result?

Others with August 1st deadlines are–Kansas (5,000 signatures), Maine (4,000 signatures), Maryland (38,000 signatures) and Nebraska (2,5000 signatures).  Of these, of all ballot access state work ongoing (or supposedly ongoing), the only state in which the national party has demonstrably invested ballot access monies is Nebraska, at least according to the national  party’s last Form 3X. The party will have its next Form 3X due in two weeks.

Meantime, that Nebraska deadline is over, isn’t it? So, how did the $2,472 Cornhusker ballot investment go? Did it work or not? Or are we just shucking?

August 2nd was the deadline for Massachusetts (10,000 signatures)…which also expired.  And yet no report?…other than still “In Progress”.  The deadline for Connecticut is coming up in two days (August 10th; 7,500 signatures).  How’s it going?  More states are approaching their deadlines in a matter of days as well.

Or is all this to be treated like top-secret information or something? If so, that’s plain foolish. And while we can appreciate the artfulness (a double entendre to be sure) of making everything seem rosier than common brown looks to the  average eye, we submit it is better to shoot straight in the first place.

Tell it like it is. Unless the credo is that voters are not owed the truth. If so, then stand down. We repeat, maybe to deaf ears, but our voters can handle the facts, despite apparent policies of patronization.

We know gaining ballot access is difficult and expensive to acquire. We can handle that reality. But what our voters cannot handle are the deceits, the deliberate spins designed to blow smoke where it ought not go.

If the ballot access for this national party does not turn out nearly as rosy as it is being depicted, that will be morale breaking…if not epiphany making. It’s not like CP voters won’t know…eventually. So what’s the logic behind telling it falsely, if that’s the plan here? Is it a matter of trying to juke more contributions?

If so, once known, not only will it become a matter of broken morale, it might even turn into a matter of livid retribution.

We submit that honesty is always the best policy. Yeah; it’s tough at times. But it would be refreshing for a change…altogether different if not unique in 2016.

The truth shall set you free, Scriptures remind.  Or, are we supposed to check them at the door when we affiliate?  Seriously?

IPR: The Constitution Party of Idaho has certified Scott Copeland and J.R. Myers for president and vice-president and they will appear under the party’s label. Both Copeland and Myers unsuccessfully challenged Castle for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination in April of this year.

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  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger August 12, 2016

    The Delaware minor party petition deadline has not passed, and is August 20. The Maryland petition is 10,000 signatures, not 38,000.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies August 13, 2016

    Jill Stein is running in Massachusetts with the Green-Rainbow party, not the Green party.

  3. Andy Andy August 13, 2016

    Isn’t the Green-Rainbow Party the Massachusetts affiliate of the Green Party?

  4. Catherine Petro Catherine Petro August 13, 2016

    The Green-Rainbow Party is just a local affiliate of the national Green Party, just like the Mountain Party of West Virginia is just the local affiliate of the national Green Party. Different names for different states, but the same party.

    And the Constitution Party of Idaho remains laughable.

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