David Earl Williams III, potential 2018 LP Illinois statwide candidate, interviewed by IPR

On August 20th, 2016, David Earl Williams III, a write-in candidates for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, delivered a speech to a meeting of the Illinois Center Right Coalition at the Niles Public Library. Williams, whose 2014 GOP primary campaign in the same congressional district garnered 14,158 votes (47.6%) and received coverage from such media outlets as We Are Change and The Young Turks, is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois, and although he was an ardent supporter of Austin Petersen in the LP nomination process, Williams is committed to casting his vote for Gary Johnson in November, just as he did four years ago coming off the heels of his grassroots activism in support of Ron Paul.

After his speech, which included a question and answer session with the audience, Williams gave an 11 minute interview to this IPR editor in which he outlined his political views, discussed his incumbent opponent in his current campaign, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and mentioned his interest in possibly seeking the Libertarian Party of Illinois’ nomination for an unspecified statewide office in 2018.  Williams indicated that if he chose not to pursue statewide ambitions, he would either run as the Libertarian Party candidate in what would be his third congressional bid or alternatively seek a seat in the state legislature. Additionally, when pressed, he did not rule out the possibility of exploring a run for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 vice-presidential nomination, though he later told this editor that it is still too early at the moment to be even seriously thinking about making such a major decision.

Below is Williams’ full speech and question and answer session with the audience (video length: 16 minutes):

One thought on “David Earl Williams III, potential 2018 LP Illinois statwide candidate, interviewed by IPR

  1. Phil Collins

    That headline has great news. I live in Illinois, and, in 2014, I voted for six libertarian, statewide candidates. I met David three years ago, and I think he’d be the best candidate that the Libertarian Party could have for governor.

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