Kent McMillen speaks to the Illinois Center Right Coalition

Kent McMillen, the Libertarian Party’s U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, delivered a speech to a meeting of the Illinois Center Right Coalition yesterday at the Niles Public Library. McMillen answered questions from those in attendance after his speech. Beginning his address with an anecdote relating to the futility of people thinking they have only two “major party” choices in an election, he transitioned into discussing education, fiscal responsibility, social issues, gun rights, Social Security, his personal qualifications and which one of the high profile libertarians of the past influenced him the most in terms of libertarian ideas, as well as his views on other issues. This IPR editor additionally asked McMillen about his goal, percentage-wise, in the race; McMillen responded that while he wants to win, at a very minimum his hope is to garner 5% of the vote in November because such a result will make it easier for the Libertarian Party of Illinois to secure ballot access in the next one or two election cycles . McMillen’s campaign website is The video above includes both his speech and the audience Q&A (length: 14 minutes).

(Via American Third party Report)

One thought on “Kent McMillen speaks to the Illinois Center Right Coalition

  1. Phil Collins

    I’m chairman of the ICRC, and I think that Kent gave a good speech. He wants to cut federal tax rates and cut spending. I hope he’ll get more votes than Sen. Kirk and Rep. Duckworth.

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