Videos from Day 2 of the Green Party’s national convention

Tabetha Wallace interiview with Jill Stein (RT America – 8 minutes):

ATPR: Today was the second day of the Green Party’s presidential nominating convention in Houston, Texas. The Green Party’s presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate will officially be nominated tomorrow afternoon (the proceedings will be live-streamed on the Green Party’s YouTube channel, with the roll call vote scheduled to start at 2:15 PM CST). Below is an additional sampling of videos from today’s events at the convention:

Presumptive Green VP candidate Ajamu Baraka (RT America – 15 minutes):

Press conference featuring Texas down ballot candidates (McQueen Press – 1 hr, 20 min):

Interview with Maryland congressional candidate Myles Hoenig (McQueen Press – 9 min):

(From American Third Party Report)

3 thoughts on “Videos from Day 2 of the Green Party’s national convention

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    The speaker just asked everyone who was “racist” to stand up. Some people did. She then said that if you didn’t stand up, “you have work to do.” She said “it’s not possible to not be racist in this system.”

    What a LOLfest.

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