Evan McMullin: Principles For New American Leadership

mcmullen-in-provoEvan McMullin, an independent candidate for President, appeared at a campaign event in Provo Utah earlier tonight to promote his “Principles For New American Leadership.”  The document can be downloaded (after required email address and zip code) HERE.

A first-draft, partial transcript of his presentation follows.  Video of tonight’s speech has been posted to his Facebook Page HERE.

The following is a 70 second campaign Youtube introduction to Evan:

There was no Q&A at the end of his presentation, but I was able to speak with a campaign staffer who asked to remain anonymous. I asked who his VP candidate is and the staffer replied that the placeholder name “Nathan Johnson” IS a real person, has been a long-time personal friend of Evan’s, is not willing to serve as Vice President, and that the campaign’s actual vice presidential candidate did not have to be announced until just before the Electoral College meets.

I then asked, “How many ballots will you be on?”  The staffer replied that they are on 32 or so right now and expect to be on 45 or more!  I said, but that’s as a write-in candidate on all but about 13 states, yes? The staffer replied that their strategy only required him to win a couple of states.  I said, “That’s the same strategy the Libertarians have announced – to throw it into the House.  The staffer said, “Haven’t you heard about the Libertarians?  Johnson has dropped out and Weld is campaigning for anyone but Trump.”  I told the staffer that I had NOT heard that.  The staffer replied that, “It only just happened this week” and that McMullin had offered to debate Gary Johnson, but he keeps refusing.

I gave my IPR card and asked that I be added their media list. I also requested an interview with Evan one-on-one.

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News reports that Mr. McMullin is only on the ballot in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia.  He reports, “Those eleven states cast 15.7% of the 2012 November presidential ballot.  His campaign is continually saying he “has ballot access” in between 34 and 40 states, but what he means is that his write-ins will be counted in those states.”

The following is a first-draft transcript of highlights of his presentation from a recording I made earlier tonight.  Video of the event was just posted on his Facebook Page at the link above.

McMULLIN: Thank you so much everyone for being here and for your support. . . . I saw a lack of willingness of Republican leaders to stand up to Donald Trump even as he attacked people of different races and religions; people with disabilities and anybody else who he found to be vulnerable. I watched as he attacked our most core values. What are those core values? One is the idea that we are all created equal. How novel an idea is that? Here we are in 2016 having to fight that old fight again. Or ideals like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are the ideals that have made this country the most prosperous and powerful that the world has ever known. And it is these ideals that have been under attack by the two major party candidates in this election; not the least of which is the Republican nominee, sadly, Donald Trump.

So as I saw this develop, I knew that something had to be done. So I reached out to leaders, members of congress, others who had national name ID and lots of resources. I urged them to run as a conservative independent against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to give us, the American people a better option in this election. Many thought about it, many discussions were had; but none stepped up. They were afraid that if they tried, they would be unsuccessful. I do not begrudge any of them their decision not to run, not to take this task, because I have learned that it is a deeply personal decision. But when I reached out after the (Republican) Convention to some people who I knew that were working on this project, who were trying to find someone to run like me, they told me that they had no one. They asked me if I would consider running. That was not my intention; I wanted to support whoever would run. But when they had no one and asked me to consider it, I agreed. . . .

Without knowing what might happen and what the result might be, I joined forces with people who had been working on this project for months. Joel Searby is my campaign manager. Joel, if you could raise your hand?


McMULLIN: Joel is a great man; Joel is a man of deep faith and Joel had been looking for someone to run for months and months and had been told “no” by a couple of dozen people. Leaders in our country; people who you all know; some of them who you respect, they all told Joel, “no.” But together with Joel and the rest of the team and with you, in just six or seven weeks we have built a new budding national movement which I believe is a new conservative movement in this country that I believe will give birth to a new generation of American leadership.


. . .

McMULLIN: I believe that a truly conservative movement recommits itself to the cause of liberty. What is the cause of liberty? It is our Right to Pursue Happiness. . . . They aligned the purpose for our country with a basic human purpose – to seek joy; to have joy. And they also aligned our country with the basic truths that we were all created equal; that we had a right to life and that we all, as I said, have liberty to pursue happiness. And with liberty comes diversity. We will all not be the same if we have liberty. We will practice different faiths, we will have different skin colors, we will have different accents; and that is what comes with liberty. There is nothing antithetical about that and true conservatism. So when I see the Republican nominee, who should be the standard bearer of true conservatism, attacking people for their race, their religion, and for other characteristics, I know that he is not a true conservative, and I know that this country needs something new.


. . .

McMULLIN: The Executive Branch has usurped legislative powers from Congress and its bureaucrats write rules and regulations without the approval of our elected officials. We fought a war about that. It was called the War of Independence.


McMULLIN: I am not advocating that; that is not where we are.


McMULLIN: I’m just saying that it is important. . . . We have a stagnant economy; wages are suffering. We hear about that, but what we don’t hear about is the “crony capitalism.” What we don’t hear about is Congress passing laws that regulate industries in a way that big corporations thrive, but small and medium enterprises and single entrepreneurs suffer. . . . We have a national debt that is 19.5 trillion dollars . . . We have increased racial division, which to me is the saddest thing I’ve seen in this election. . . . We have abandoned the core ideals on which this nation was founded. . . . I believe that we must return power from the federal government to the states.


. . .

McMULLIN: We are a nation of 330 million people. It stands to reason that we would have different ideas; that different states would want to govern differently and as long as they do so consistent with the constitution, respecting the civil rights of all Americans, they should be able to do that within the powers that they are guaranteed by the constitution.


. . . .

McMULLIN: We must restore legislative power back to Congress, not the Executive Branch. . . . We need to get our economy running and the way to do that is not to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world. And it is not to create a big government that serves only the interest of insiders who have the connections and the power and the money to see that their interests are served at the expense of the rest of America. . . .

We do need to recommit ourselves to our most core ideals, the ones that I mentioned before, that we are all created equal and have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We need to commit ourselves to honoring the constitution. It should not be changed by executive or judicial action, but only by the amendment process that it offers.

It is not enough that we have the inspired constitution that we do. . . . Our constitution is only as good as the respect our leaders have for it. We must choose leaders who are honest and wise. . . . We can only get this new era of leadership through a new era of civic engagement. . . . I know that I am preaching to the choir but it is you who will create what I am talking about. It is you who must create it. . . . This is called “Principles for a New American Leadership.” These are some basic principles that I want to use to start a conversation about a new era of leadership and a new era of civic engagement. . . . . I believe it is time for a national conversation. Not the kind that we see between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as entertaining as that is.


. . .

McMULLIN: Let’s talk about how we can start an new conservative movement that will bring about better leaders, a new era of civic engagement and get this country back on the right track.


. . .

McMULLIN: Go to https://www.evanmcmullin.com/principles and you can download the document there. We want to hear from you. There is a space to add your comments. . . . Report back and use the hashtag #letstalkprinciples. This needs to be a national conversation not driven by the media, not driven by Hillary Clinton and definitely not driven by Donald Trump.

The time has truly come for a new generation of leadership, a new conservative movement. I am confident that together we can build both and take this country to a much brighter future than we might otherwise achieve.

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9 thoughts on “Evan McMullin: Principles For New American Leadership

  1. Joseph Buchman Post author

    Although the staffer did not state it explicitly, I had the distinct impression that the campaign has lined up faithless electors inside the Republican Party – ones who, perhaps especially if Donald Trump is seen as not likely to win, might vote for Evan McMullin and whoever they announce as his VP running mate.

    Richard Winger reminded me earlier tonight that George Wallace did not announce Curtis LeMay as his running mate until October.

    There also have been, according to Richard, “hundreds” of “faithless” electors over the past 200+ years. And the Electoral College members can vote for whoever they want, whether that person even ran for president this year or not. Most state penalties for faithless electors are relatively minor AND Richard is of the opinion that any such penalty would be held as unconstitutional if challenged in federal court.

    So . . . Will this be the year of the faithless electors? Will there be a new Roger McBride for the Libertarians? Or one for the Greens? And . . . have the powers behind the Evan McMullin campaign peppered the Donald Trump electors with ones who will vote for Evan.

    Can this election season get any weirder? (Answer: Oh, hell yes.)

  2. Tony From Long Island

    So, was this mysterious “campaign staffer” named Katrina Pierson? The staffer told tall tales worthy of Ms. Pierson.

  3. Don Wills

    It appears to me that Mitt and company are willing to destroy the GOP and possibly even the republic in their attempt to deny Trump the presidency. Nothing would make me happier than to see the GOP disappear in a giant puff of greasy black smoke.

  4. Joe

    Tony From Long Island @ October 6, 2016 at 08:28

    “So, was this mysterious “campaign staffer” named Katrina Pierson? The staffer told tall tales worthy of Ms. Pierson.”

    No. The staffer gave me only his/her first name and it was not Katrina.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    Well, you do realize I was being sarcastic, right? Ms. Pierson is known for her outlandish tales as a “surrogate” for Generalissimo Trump.

  6. Joe


    LOL, no I was in too big a rush to notice the connection. Thanks for the clarification. But, yes, it was an odd moment when s/he told me Gary had dropped out and Weld was not campaigning for “anyone but Trump.” I sort of snorted and s/he said, “No, really, this just happened earlier this week.”

  7. Brad

    Comparatively, they have youth. He was born in ’76, she in ’81. Though, he should’ve picked her when he announced. But the timing of his campaign has been a little late anyway.

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