Official Recount Petition Filed In Nevada By Rocky De La Fuente; Vows Florida Recount Up Next


By Tyler Durden
November 30, 2016

Just when you thought the post-election recount circus couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it has. Per NBC, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, an independent 2016 U.S. presidential candidate, has officially filed a recount petition with the Secretary of State of Nevada requesting recounts in 93 precincts. Rocky won 2,552 votes in the state of Nevada or roughly 0.23% of the total.

Under Nevada law, officials are only required to recount the votes of the petitioner and the winner of the election. Then, only if a discrepancy of 1% or more is found in vote totals does a full statewide recount occur.

“…My only interest is to create a nationwide awareness of the vulnerability of our election system and to do everything possible to assure that your vote counts for the candidate for whom it is cast,” he said.

Under Nevada law, any candidate can request a recount of the votes, but officials would only determine the number of votes received for the requesting candidate and the person who won the election. The requester would also have to cover the estimated cost of a recount in advance.

In De La Fuente’s petition to the secretary of state’s office, obtained by reporter Jon Ralston, he asks for recounts in 93 precincts, or about 5 percent of the statewide precincts. All but eight are in Clark County.

The recount would have to find a discrepancy of at least 1 percent for either Clinton or De La Fuente from the votes tallied in the original canvass to move forward. The secretary of state would then determine if a full statewide recount should be ordered, according to state law.

A recount is required to begin five days after a request is made, and it must be finished five days after it begins.

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12 thoughts on “Official Recount Petition Filed In Nevada By Rocky De La Fuente; Vows Florida Recount Up Next

  1. Matt

    He was American Delta Party in a lot more states than that. Maybe independent in some others. Not sure about Nevada.

  2. Michigan Voter

    It seems to me that if Rocky wishes to stay involved in politics, his money would be better spent on petitioning and organizational things for his party or a future campaign. Spending this money on a recount is flushing it down the toilet. I get that Jill Stein got some media attention from it, but there is no logic in someone with less than 1% of the vote using their valuable resources on recount.

  3. Richard Winger

    He isn’t asking for a recount of all the Nevada vote. He just wants a few precincts recounted.

  4. Tony From Long Island

    Don’tcha hate when someone who is not a DEM or REP is referred to as an “independent?” I know I do.

  5. Tony from Long Island

    I’m not sure that trying to maintain the integrity of our election process in the eyes of voters can be seen as petulant.

  6. José C

    Oh no. Not you also? And Jill Stien stop it. You are hurting yourself and the movement. Mr. Trump won the election. Accept it!

  7. Tony From Long Island

    No Way Jose! What movement are you speaking of? The movement to ensure the integrity of our elections? The movement to remind Der Groppenfuhrer that he does not have a “mandate?”

  8. Matt

    You can’t accuse Rocky of trying to help Clinton. He’s challenging results in Nevada, a state Clinton won.

  9. Matt

    “He isn’t asking for a recount of all the Nevada vote. He just wants a few precincts recounted.”

    It would lead to a statewide recount if they find enough disparities.

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