Constitution Party of Utah Holds Convention, Elects Officers

Gary Welch addresses the Constitution Party of Utah State Convention, 20 May 2017

The Constitution Party of Utah held its annual convention at the Salt Lake City Council Chambers on Saturday, 20 May 2017.

The following officers were elected:

Bryce Hamilton, Chairman (reelected)
Kirk Pearson, First Vice-Chairman (reelected)
Reed Miller, Second Vice-Chairman
Valerie Fauver, Secretary
Sherry Phipps, Treasurer

The Constitution Party of Utah was organized in August 2001 and achieved ballot status in 2004.

Convention Agenda

9:00 – Call to Order, Invocation, Song, Pledge, and Welcome
9:15 – Adoption of Agenda, Approval of Minutes, Convention Rules, Financial Report
9:30 – National Party Update
9:45 – Overview of Convention
10:00 – Credentialing and Seating of Delegates
10:15 – Speaker: Gary Welch
11:00 – Speaker: Kirk Pearson
11:30 – Overview of Proposed Platform
11:45 – Lunch Recess
12:45 – Debate and Adoption of Platform Planks
1:45 – Election of Officers
2:30 – Miscellaneous
2:45 – Benediction and Adjourn

More information about the Constitution Party of Utah can be found at their website, HERE.


2 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Utah Holds Convention, Elects Officers

  1. Richard Winger

    Did they nominate any candidate for the upcoming special US House election?

  2. Joseph Buchman Post author

    No. I asked their chair if they intended to hold a Special Nominating Convention for that seat and he said something to the effect of, no, we might do it some other way. He also asked to be informed of who the UTLP nominates. Our convention, FYI, is scheduled for Saturday 10 June. I believe the R and D conventions are both scheduled for 17 June. Deadline for submission of nominees is noon on Monday the 19th.

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