Ghoul Roger Stone to Appear as “Head Ghoul” at Utah LP Halloween Event

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party of Utah; in honor of its first chair, tax protester (and one of the several key national party co-founders) Karl Bray and in ghoulish alignment with this year’s union of Halloween and Utah’s Special Election (Nov 7) the Utah LP announces:

A Dark Night of Political Horror with THE “Dark Knight” of Political Horror, Roger Stone

to be held at the Peace Coliseum, Nucleus Room, Saturday October 28 from 5 to 9.

Frightful Festivities Feature:

5:00 PM Book signing and screening of the documentary GET ME ROGER STONE, tickets HERE

6:35 PM Post-screening Q&A with Roger Stone

7:00 PM Karl Bray Fundraising dinner, tickets HERE

Roger Stone keynote

Civil Liberty Activist of the Year Award – Christine Stenquist of TRUCE (Together for
Responsible Use and Cannabis Education).

Financial Transparency Activist of the Year Award – John Dougall, Auditor, State of Utah.

Karl Bray Memorial Utah Libertarian Activist of the Year Award – TBA.

“Anyone who is an ally of drug policy reform, especially in regards to cannabis, is a welcome friend in my book. Here’s to building a coalition of unexpected allies!!!”  – Christine Stenquist.

“I will not seek, nor would I accept his endorsement, unless he, um . . . insisted.” – Joe Buchman, 2017 Special Election Candidate, and current state chair.

“I was told this was a masquerade but I don’t see anything mentioning attire.” – Anon.

“Isn’t everything a masquerade when you’re dealing with Roger Stone?”

Tickets are available at the links above.

All lifetime members of the national party who are also current UT LP members, are welcome to attend at no cost (with up to one guest).

The first 10 Lifetime members of the national party living outside of Utah are likewise invited to attend at no cost (email us for the eventbrite code).

The Libertarian Party of Utah website states:

“The scariest man in politics is coming to Utah for one night only!

Come see the man, the myth, the legend, the ghoul . . . the one and only ROGER STONE!

The Libertarian Party of Utah is celebrating 45 years as a party this Halloween season with the scariest man in politics. With skeletons, ghosts, jokers . . . and Roger Stone.

From –

Karl J. Bray was a political activist and co-founder of the national Libertarian Party. A charismatic libertarian leader and outspoken tax rebel, he served as an early member of the Libertarian National Committee, then in 1974 was the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in his home state of Utah, running against opponent Jake Garn.

It was Karl’s sincere conviction that the federal income tax was unconstitutional. He had done considerable research, published pamphlets and given speeches centered around this topic.

After losing the election he was arrested and convicted by the IRS over tax issues. He took the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

He died soon after contracting an aggressive form of cancer in federal prison.

Karl Bray’s headstone in the Provo City Cemetery is inscribed “THE LIBERTARIAN TAX REBEL”.

10 thoughts on “Ghoul Roger Stone to Appear as “Head Ghoul” at Utah LP Halloween Event

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    The LP of Utah is having an event. Only insiders like you or I even have an clue about the history of Roger Stone. If it advances the state party I say good for them.

  2. paulie

    I don’t think it advances them to associate with him in any way or give him any more LP credibility, as it seems to be a case of the scorpion and the frog.

  3. itdoesntmatter

    Roger Stone regularly appears in the media as one of Donald Trumps biggest supporters, today in 2017. I would say that is enough to keep our distance, without knowing any of his history.

  4. Starchild

    Sadly, I think Paulie is probably right, but if the Utah LP’s planned this and are already selling tickets, they might not feel willing or able to cancel. So here’s a possible way to salvage/redeem the event in terms of minimizing the damage to the LP of associating with Roger Stone (are you listening Joe Buchman?):

    Get three people to dress up as Donald Trump, Al Sharpton, and Richard Nixon (Stone has worked for all three!) at the event, to shadow Stone, treat him as an old pal, photo-bomb the pictures he takes with guests, tell everyone about his history and what a great guy he is to have on your side when you need somebody willing to hit below the belt, etc.

    Having these three other “guests” who the LP is clearly not trying to endorse or support appear along with Stone could put his presence in the proper context.

  5. Joseph Buchman Post author

    We’ve canceled the dinner due to logistics issues involved with catering at the venue. New schedule is as follows:

    An evening with Roger Stone

    A dark night of political horror, with The “Dark Knight” of American Politics

    Roger Stone, advisor to Presidents from Nixon to Trump, author of THE MAKING OF A PRESIDENT 2016: HOW DONALD TRUMP ORCHESTRATED A REVOLUTION, and “Father of Dirty Tricks” is presenting a keynote speech Saturday, 28 October 2017, at the Peace Coliseum, 799 Coliseum Way, Midvale, UT 84047.

    Schedule is as follows:

    4:30 Book sales and signing with Roger Stone
    5:00 Remarks by Patrick Byrne, Jonathan Johnson and UT LP Chair, Joe Buchman
    5:15 Screening of GET ME ROGER STONE
    6:45 Award presentations (media welcome)
    7:00 Keynote, Roger Stone
    7:15 Q&A with Roger Stone
    7:30 Closing Remarks

    A VIP reception with Roger will be held concurrent with the screening of the documentary. Tickets are $100.

    Awards will be presented by the Libertarian Party of Utah to State Auditor John Dougall for Financial Transparency and Executive Director of TRUCE Christine Stenquist for the advancement of Civil Liberty.

  6. itdoesntmatterttomuch

    Go to Twitter, see Trending: Roger Stone. Read. Maybe they will arrest him at your event. Great publicity for LP!

  7. paulie

    Adviser Roger Stone launches tirade of foul-mouthed abuse against CNN journalists critical of Donald Trump
    Roger Stone described Don Lemon, Jake Tapper and Ana Navarro as “human excrement”

    One of Donald Trump’s close advisers has called for the firing of journalists critical of the US president.

    Roger Stone launched a tirade against CNN calling for journalists Don Lemon, Jake Tapper and Ana Navarro to be fired and describing them as “human excrement”.

    In a tweet about the merger between AT&T and Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, Mr Stone wrote: “When AT&T aquires [sic] Time Warner the house cleaning at CNN of human excrement like @donlemon @jaketapper & dumbf*** @ananavarro will be swift”.

    Yes, because firing journalists for criticizing Dear Leader is so libertarian…being a dirty tricks henchman for the likes of Nixon and Trump is so libertarian…and corporate owners micromanaging news departments and firing people for criticizing the Caudillo is…well, you know. As par for the course for the Drumpf gang (the story notes that other Drumpf crime family lieutenants also call for silencing any critical journalists) we are seeing behavior more commonly associated with regimes in places like Turkey, Uzbekistan or Zimbabwe. Not quite to North Korean levels yet but give it time. Go team Libertarian!


    PS: Bill Maher doesn’t even pretend to be a libertarian anymore, but…well, see for yourself:

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