Former Independent Prez Candidate Seeking Green Party Nod for Congress

by Peter B. Gemma

Lynn S. Kahn, who was an independent candidate for President in 2016 (she was on the ballot in Arkansas and Iowa and received some 5,700 votes nationwide), is seeking the Green Party nomination for New York’s 21st Congressional District. She will announce her candidacy at the Warren County Green Party meeting on Monday, February 12 and will have until April 8 to file 250 signatures on Green Party nomination petitions. On April 24, the Green Party will decide on giving Kahn its party line; there will be a primary on June 26 if there is more than one qualified candidate.

Dr. Kahn is also planning to circulate nomination petitions to run as an independent for the seat. New York allows for cross endorsement when tallying general election votes. That process begins on June 19.

A psychologist who served inside the federal government for 32 years, Dr. Kahn is now in private practice. She is the author of three books, including Performance Networks: Transforming Governance for the 21st Century.

In 2012, incumbent Democrat Bill Owens beat back Republican challenger Matthew Doheny by a margin of less than two percent. Green Party nominee Donald Hassig garnered nearly 5,000 votes (1.6 percent.) Two years later, Republican Elise Stefanik took the seat with 53 percent of the vote while the Green Party candidate, Matt Funiciello, secured 10.6 percent of the ballots cast. At the time of her swearing-in, Stefanik was the youngest congresswoman in history at the age of 30.

In the 2016 election cycle, Matt Funiciello was again listed on the Green Party line and won 4.6 percent of the 272,000 votes cast.

During her presidential campaign, this writer interviewed Dr. Kahn for IPR and she had this to say about renewable energy:

“I would split apart the Department of Energy, taking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and all offices and laboratories responsible for nuclear weapons and nuclear power out of the DOE, and I’d have them report to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy where we can keep a better eye on money going into nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and the very complex issue of nuclear waste. At the same time, the new U.S. Department of Energy would have a new mission statement: ‘build partnerships that will implement a realistic transition to an economy and energy grid based on 100 percent green, sustainable energy.'”

The Kahn for Congress website is under construction, but does have some preliminary info on her bid.

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