Adam Kokesh: Libertarian Party History & Growth with Andy Jacobs

4 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh: Libertarian Party History & Growth with Andy Jacobs

  1. Andy

    September 19, 2018 at 09:45
    That screencap looks like it needs a 70s/80s porn soundtrack.”

    How would you know this, “Gina”? Is this what you do when you are not prancing around on IPR in drag?

  2. Andy

    Outside of “Gina’s” stupid comment, Adam sought me out for this interview. Right before he interviewed me, he interviewed TJ Roberts and that leftist guy who was running around the convention in the cape about that unity resolution he was trying to get passed.

    I actually wish that he’d have asked more questions related to ballot access petitioning, as this is a subject which a lot of people don’t know much about and which is an integral part of being involved in a political party (even Democrats and Republicans have to do it some places), not to mention the impact of petitioning for ballot initiatives, referendums, and recalls. Perhaps this could be done in a future interview.

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