LNC Transparency Tutorial with Caryn Ann Harlos, LNC Secretary

6 thoughts on “LNC Transparency Tutorial with Caryn Ann Harlos, LNC Secretary

  1. Andy

    This is good, but I would like to see an even greater push for transparency. How about no more decisions made in “smokey backroom deals”?

  2. paulie Post author

    Which decisions are you referring to? There are many transparency advocates on the current LNC, including I believe the current chair and secretary, so perhaps you should email them your ideas on improving party transparency. You may want to limit the length of your emails if you expect them to be considered seriously though. I would suggest 400 words or less.

  3. Andy

    One example was in 2016, a “secret backroom deal” was hatched to give a monopoly contract on three states to a non-libertarian mercenary who had never even done anything for the LP before, and this individual was paid $20,000 in advance, according to the FEC reports. They only successfully completed the signature requirement in one state, which had the easiest dynamics of the three, and they almost caused the other two states to fail, in part by providing misinformation, which led to the party having to hire other people and spend a lot of additional money and do stressful “last minute fire drills” to salvage these ballot access drives.

    This “secret backroom deal” was hatched around the time of the 2016 national convention in Orlando, and I attended the LNC meetings at that convention, and this was never mentioned at the meetings, nor was it mentioned in the LNC booklet given out at those meetings (which contained a ballot access report). I spoke to several of the players involved at that meeting, and this was never brought up in conversation.

    During this same time frame, I gathered signatures for the party in Pennsylvania, yet I was not handed a monopoly on the state, or any other state, and I was paid nothing in advance, and I was in fact sent a contract (which I had no input in writing) that said to not hire anyone, and which said that payment would come within 10 days after signatures were submitted, which they actually violated by taking longer than 10 days to pay me. My validity was of course excellent, as usual, and a lot of signatures I gathered help put some district office candidates on the ballot who would not have made it otherwise, plus, as usual, I did lots of outreach, and I even got the party some positive local news coverage after I encountered a news reporter at an event, yet some non-libertarian mercenary who had little to no prior track record with the party was treated better than I was, as they were handed a lucrative “secret backroom deal” where they got paid a bunch of money up front, but then they screwed the party over and almost caused to states to fail, and caused the party to spend a bunch of extra money to save ballot access in these two states.

    This is just one example.

  4. paulie Post author

    Ballot access contracting decisions are not generally made by the whole LNC, they are delegated to managers designated by the chair such as Bill Redpath or Wes Benedict being the two most likely to be so designated recently, or in recent years also Ken Moellman or Carla Howell. Most of the LNC don’t know very much about the nuts and bolts of ballot access contracting and have other things they focus on in their work on the LNC.

    Remember they are volunteers and the LNC does a lot of different things. If the contracting decisions were made by the whole LNC they would have a hard time responding quickly enough to fast developing changes in the ballot access mechanics of individual petition drives and might screw things up much worse than the few people who have significant experience and time to deal with it.

    The entire LNC does not in most cases make decisions about exactly which contractors to hire in other areas besides ballot access either, these are mostly chair and staff decisions.

  5. steve m

    Not to 2ng guess the ballot access team but would it kill them to require an open bid process with published results and the lnc informed before deals are inked?

  6. Andy

    Steven, why would you not 2nd guess them? There are people who have been in management positions in the LP who have done all sorts of screwed up things over the years. Nobody should be beyond questioning, particularly people who are managing how your donations are spent, and how the party operates, and what messages are put out.

    You asked a very good question, and you are not the only person to ask a question like this, yet questions like this remain unanswered, and the party keeps doing things like I described above over and over again, and nothing seems to change, and nobody is ever held accountable.

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