Cara Schulz: Campaign Strategy – Doorknocking, Events, and Social Media!

Here’s a tip for taking better event photos. Just like your selfies on Tinder, it’s all about angles and perspective.

Cara Schulz via list:

The next Campaign Strategy Series Call is on Hosting Political Events. How do you plan a political event that is open to the public? What steps should you take? How can you get people to attend and press coverage? Join us for this 30 minute call on October 3rd at 8pm Central on How to Plan a Political Event.

You must register for this call. Call details are sent out by email.

We’ve been recording previous calls, but don’t blow off joining the call – technology can always fail. Plus, if you join the call you can ask the expert questions.

Last week’s call was on Doorknocking and included a script very different from ones you’ll find online. It also included a tip on how bacon and catnip can help you win your election. Meeting Recording:

Last month the topic was Phonebanking. Kirsten Pomales and Jeff Mitchell went over the uses and different strategies, how to create a phone bank, script writing, and managing volunteers.
Meeting Recording:

Want the National LP social media to promote your campaign?

Make a short (1.5 minute or less) video on why you are running for office. You can do this with your phone, just make sure the video isn’t shaky or dark. Be sure to say your name, state, seat you’re running for, and if it is a partisan or nonpartisan race. A good example was sent in by Tim Silfies.

Upload your video here:
Or email it to

Want even MORE exposure for your campaign?

Make the LP a cohost of your events. If you or your candidate is invited to a debate and you make a Facebook event for it, please add LP National’s Facebook page ( as a CO-HOST of the event.

This displays your event on LP National’s FB account. Remember to include instructions for how to watch the debate, such as a link for the live broadcast from the television station (you usually have to ask the television station producers for these details) or a notice that the campaign will be live streaming on Facebook (your campaign will need to plan accordingly for a Facebook live stream). Not sure how to do that? Watch this short video on how to make the LP a cohost of your event.

Final tip: As we head into the final, busy days of the campaign, don’t make To Do lists. Instead, add the items you need to do onto your daily calendar with the length of time allotted to the task blocked off. If you have more tasks than time, prioritize and/or delegate.

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In Liberty,

Cara Schulz

LNC Candidate Recruiter

2 thoughts on “Cara Schulz: Campaign Strategy – Doorknocking, Events, and Social Media!

  1. paulie Post author

    Jess Mears and Cara Schulz posted in Campaign Strategy Series Call: Hosting A Political Event.

    Jess Mears
    October 3 at 9:00 PM

    If you missed the call tonight, I cannot stress enough how stressful the final weeks of your campaign will be between interviews, debates, and appearances.

    1) Ask a volunteer to be your scheduler in final weeks. Share your calendar with them, block off time that cannot be for campaigning.

    2) Ask friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, Libertarians, everyone you know to open their home and host a “meet the candidate” event. This person should invite as many voters as they can to come and meet YOU, the candidate. As the host if you can publicize the event as well. Some hosts will open their homes up to others, some will want to keep it private with their friends

    When the house party happens, work the crowd for the first 15 minutes, then the host should make some remarks and turn the floor to you for your stump speech (5 mins). Ask for questions, give answers, and then make the following appeals: 1) their vote, 2) volunteers for the campaign, 3) donations. Work the crowd some more and then politely excuse yourself for the next event on your schedule. Make sure to thank your host and also send a written thank you in the mail.

    3) Start planning your election night party now! It can be a simple event at a local restaurant/pub, or at an event venue, depending on many people have gotten involved with your campaign. Make sure to send a press release with the details of your election night party to media.

    House parties are intimate gatherings where people should feel comfortable getting to know more about the candidate. This is your chance to win hearts and minds in living rooms. Many of the voters that come to the house parties may not even know what is a Libertarian.

    You can have a couple house parties in 1 evening. These are short events, less than an hour.

  2. paulie Post author

    There should be a zoom recording available if it isn’t already. They have those for the prior calls on doorknocking and phonebanking.

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