NY Poll: Sharpe Likely to Win Ballot Access

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, did well in a late September poll conducted by Siena College Research Institute. Poll numbers showed Sharpe getting 2% of the vote from likely voters. This is better than the numbers for Howie Hawkins, who usually does well enough to maintain ballot access for the Green Party.

If Sharpe does get 2%, that should easily be more than enough to secure ballot status for the LPNY for the next four years.

The poll showed Sharpe doing particularly well with young voters, getting 5% from ages 18-34, and 4% from aged 35-54. Getting into the details, Sharpe also had much better name recognition and favorability ratings with the youngest voters. He had 18% favorable among the 18-34 group. While overall 84% of voters did not know of him, that dropped to 62% among young voters. He also polled better with voters who identify as conservative than with moderates or liberals.

Sharpe, however, did not respond positively to the poll. He called into WUTQ FM radio and said that the poll is “insane, completely wrong,” and asked why Siena would even put that poll out. He contends that Siena will be embarrassed when the election results come in.

Sharpe claimed that the poll relied on landlines and is therefore inaccurate. He said that “non-likely voters” are putting outsider candidates over the top in actual elections.

Sharpe’s angry response is an odd position to take because third party candidates often complain that they’re not included in polls, and also considering that the poll result would be a good result in the eyes of many third party candidates.

New York state campaign finance filings are due today so we should have more information about the race shortly.

12 thoughts on “NY Poll: Sharpe Likely to Win Ballot Access

  1. Anthony Dlugos

    Didn’t listen to the audio yet, but, yeah…the description of his response to the polling is not a good look, most especially to the voters, who are going to wonder what he is getting upset about. I.E.: how wrong could the polls be?

  2. paulie

    Faceplant time. Haven’t run the numbers but if this is the same poll I read about somewhere else it shows Sharpe would get about 100,000 votes. Given that more often than not alt parties “fade” as we get closer to the election and then end up with typically about half of the final polls taken just before the election this is actually a concerning poll, because if that pattern holds true he won’t even hit the 50k ballot access target….all the more so because of NY State’s discriminatory ballot access design which hurts LPNY vis a vis polls and vis a vis parties which retained ballot access from past elections.

  3. Eric Sundwall

    WR’s setting up the campaign for bad decisions, for what he believes should be a 1-2 week media blitz with that dough ( I tend to agree). Blammo . . . What’s the political science degree at Stanford entail? Mine was little ‘ol Albany U.

    There are approx. 250K votes for independent third party candidates for Guvna in NY. The Greens got 180K last time, the LPNY just over 15K. WFP just jumped ship . . . Second Ammenders dig in for Molinaro who insists on One on One debates and ultimately decides not to go . . . due to the limited circus Howie is trying to organize.

    Hail Mary? Dump a 100K into a WABC ad for three days, starting on Friday afternoon.
    Good luck LPNY & Larry. Chris Garvey too. NO mention of the hijacker yet . . . they’re lucky.

    “The purpose of the Third Party in the American system, should be quality protest. Otherwise it’s just Yapp’n. ” – E.C. Sundwall
    ( . . . said on the eve of 2010 election after WR said he’d get 80-150K)

  4. Tony From Long Island

    I don’t believe they’ve ever gotten close to 50k in New York, but it would be great. I stop voting Libertarian and THEN they get ballot access 🙂 (Though I did vote for GJ)

  5. William T. Forrest

    The owner of this site got 48.6k in 2010, which I would call pretty close.

  6. Tony From Long Island

    Yes, Mr. Gump. I do recall that. I stand corrected. Other than that one . . . .

  7. William T. Forrest

    Well, I guess given everything that the Gump character is credit with achieving, especially while overcoming a learning disability, there are far worse things you can call me. Others here already have. And that’s that.

  8. Tony From Long Island

    It wasn’t an insult, my friend. Typing always omits tone of voice. If I’m insulting you, you would know. You wouldn’t have to think about it 🙂

  9. William T. Forrest

    I was not, and am not, the least bit insulted. If anything, I take it is a compliment. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  10. wredlich Post author

    Sharpe is working much harder than I did. He’s done a lot more in-person events than I did. He’s certainly raised a lot more money than I did.

    I think he’s weak on message, but with all his effort and the various signs that he’s making a dent, I fully expect him to get a lot more votes than I got.

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