Prohibition Party to Hold National Conferance on November 13th

Prohibition Party

The Prohibition Party’s National Conference will soon be coming. Typically, the presidential national conference happens during the summer of the prior to the election year. But this time it was decided to hold the conference early. The 2020 national conference will be held a week after the November elections, on November 13th, 8:00 pm. Like the conference for the 2016 election, this conference will be done electronically. The business of the conference will include selecting a President and Vice-Presidental candidate, as well as developing the 2020 Prohibition Party platform. All members who are current with their annual party dues will be able to participate.

Party Treasurer Jim Hedges sent out the following message about the conference.

“There will be a conference call, an “electronic convention,” on November 13th of all “paid up” members of the Prohibition Party. The agenda of this call will include nominating our national ticket for the 2020 election.

If you would like to run for President, speak up now. Notify the Secretary (Bill Bayes — ), and send me ( a short bio and campaign statement to publish in the next National Prohibitionist. Anyone who will be at least 35 years old on inauguration day may be our candidate… The deadline for the summer issue is October 15th. That’s only 3 weeks away.”

So far, 3 members have put their names in consideration for the party’s presidential nomination: Bill Bayes, Phil Collins, and Adam Seaman.

Bill Bayes was the 2016 Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president and is the current national party secretary. He is a former music teacher and small businessman in Mississippi. He has stated that if nominated he intends to run as a conservative style candidate, with a focus on state’s rights, limited federal government, protecting the 2nd amendment, and abolishing the federal reserve.

Phil Collins is a Prohibition National Committee for Nevada and previously for Illinois. He is a navy veteran, former township trustee in Illinois, and a current 2018 candidate for treasurer of Clark County Nevada. He has stated that if nominated he intends to run as a conservative style candidate, with a focus on reducing federal pending, cutting taxes, protecting the 2nd amendment, promoting pro-life polices, and strengthening immigration enforcement.

Adam Seaman is a Prohibition National Committee member for Massachusetts. He is a working-class army veteran and historical enthusiast. He has stated that if nominated he intends to run as a centrist candidate with a focus on temperance, women’s rights, reforming healthcare, education and foreign policy, pro-life and pro second amendment issues, and addressing 21st century issues, such as net neutrality.

With three different candidates running for the nomination, this is perhaps the most competitive race for the party’s nomination in decades, and gives Prohibition Party members a number of options as to how to approach the 2020 election. After the national conference in November, the party’s 2020 ticket and platform should be revealed.

6 thoughts on “Prohibition Party to Hold National Conferance on November 13th

  1. Fred Stein

    Electronic convention? The Libertarians should have one too. This is the year 2018. Not 1918. Get Hip

  2. Curt Boyd

    And only one of those candidates says they’re running with the focus on a temperance platform. Sounds like a no brainer to me.

  3. Rev. James Clifton

    Jim – – I have been a member of both the Libertarian Party and Prohibition Party since 1984. My membership in the Prohibition Party is mostly to help keep it “alive” as the oldest, extant third party in America. There are, however, many issues in which both parties agree, such as limited government. My personal position on alcohol is not the prohibit it, that would be very un-Libertarian, but to educate about its dangers–health issues, DUI’s, domestic violence, violent crimes, etc. Having been the first Libertarian in the State of Michigan to win a partisan race in 1988, I plan to run for town council here in Millersburg as a Libertarian as well.

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