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Dear fellow Libertarians,

Over the past few months, the Youth Engagement Committee has been hard at work determining how to best empower our party’s young activists.

Now we need your help.

Invest in the future of the Libertarian Party by completing and sharing this quick survey. Your feedback is helpful in developing youth initiatives that will make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support in our endeavors!

In Liberty,

Aeris Stewart
Chair, Youth Engagement Committee

2 thoughts on “LP.org: Libertarian Party Youth Survey

  1. AFH

    The executive committee in California spends most of its time harassing and even prosecuting youth activists – the only activist group of it’s size in the whole country – most members under 30 is alive and well, but only because it operates completely outside of the LP. Despite these young activists being VERY successful, they are mistreated and threatened by old decrepit members who are angered that these activists are not their slaves and are doing their own thing.

    Well those 30 and under activists including Boomer Shannon, just made the biggest WIN the LP has ever had, and still the LP leadership, and all the old scummy morons that have been driving failure for the last 20 years are still trying to harass them.

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