Prohibition Party 2020 Presidential Nominee Withdraws

Ballot Access News:

Recently, Bill Bayes withdrew as the Prohibition Party nominee for president in 2020. He had been nominated on November 13, 2018 in a conference call of party activists. A new such telephone conference will be held soon to replace him. Bayes lives in Mississippi and had been the party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2016. Thanks to Rick Knox for this news.

Commenters at Ballot Access News disagreed as to whether Mr. Knox is the current or former national chair of the Prohibition Party, and as to whether the former VP nominee has officially become the new presidential nominee yet.

Casual Observer: “Any reason? I thought I read somewhere that he was interested in the Constitution Party nomination.”

Richard Winger: “The 2020 veep nominee is likely to become the presidential nominee.”

Jeff Becker: “Rick Knox was apparently a former party chair. According to Ron Gunzburger over at, the new ticket is:

C.L. Gammon (Tennessee) – Presidential Nominee
Phil Collins (Nevada) – Vice Presidential Nominee”

Jonathan Makeley: “Rick Knox is currently still the national chairman. Members of the executive committee have proposed Gammon and Collins as the new ticket, but it as yet to be officially confirmed.”

3 thoughts on “Prohibition Party 2020 Presidential Nominee Withdraws

  1. NewFederalist

    Has a reason for Bayes’ withdrawal ever been discerned? Sickness? Fell off the wagon after 37 years of sobriety? What?

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