CP Woes I by J. R. Myers


Reposted from American3rdPartyPoliticalReport.com:  Updated 5/12/19; National Constitution Party Implodes Due To Corruption At The Top; Western Area Chairman Resigns From National CP

by J.R.Myers

Due to the unchecked corruption at the top, the National Constitution Party is now in a freefall. The recent National Committee Meeting in Milwaukee saw a continuation of the fraudulent proxy vote system and a falsification of the numbers to achieve a quorum.  None of the business conducted in Milwaukee was legal!

Many of the states counted as affiliates haven’t had an official statewide business meeting or convention in years.  Therefore, their officers and NCMs terms of office have LONG AGO expired.  It’s kind of like the Democrats counting the votes of the dead…I’ll call out Washington, Florida, Oklahoma, Iowa and New York on those counts!  Several states had their proxies counted for a quorum, yet had no representatives from the states present.  I will call out Massachusetts, Florida and Washington on that count!

Altogether, I believe the following states lack a viable, functioning CP.  Thay are Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, New York, and Iowa.  I may have missed a couple.  Illinois was able to document their legitimacy.  Show me the proof, and I’ll remove your states too, if that’s the case.

I have resigned as CP Western Area Chairman over this debacle.  Several states have (ID, SD, VA), or are in the process of disaffiliation. Several state officers and NCMs have, or are in the process of resigning from the National CP.


17 thoughts on “CP Woes I by J. R. Myers

  1. Andrew

    Simple solution, one of these “factions” should start a new “Federalist Party” or a national “Conservative Party”. The constitution is a federalist document after all… if you favor strict constitutionalism then you favor federalism.

  2. NewFederalist

    As I have said elsewhere another new minor party seems pointless to me. Absent a ton of money and a very large base of supporters there is simply no time to be relevant in time for 2020. However, many (perhaps most) minor parties are really only about ego and not really about effecting serious change.

  3. Just Some Random Guy

    Simple solution, one of these “factions” should start a new “Federalist Party” or a national “Conservative Party”. The constitution is a federalist document after all… if you favor strict constitutionalism then you favor federalism.

    Someone actually did try that a few years ago… it looks like they had no real success, though, as their website isn’t even around anymore:

  4. paulie

    Someone actually did try that a few years ago… it looks like they had no real success, though,

    It takes a lot more to get a party off the ground than picking a name and plopping out a website.

  5. Cody Quirk

    Oh yes, it takes a shitload of money to start a new national party from the ground- even if you include ballot-qualified state parties and powerful factions from other minor parties. The ONLY easy part about organizing is merely talking about it :3

  6. Cody Quirk

    However, with the way Frank Fluckiger and his associates have run the CP over the years in such a self-destructive and divisive manner, especially in killing potential growth and new ballot access, as well as pushing ballot-qualified state affiliates like Oregon and Idaho out of the National CP -is it any wonder that these are the end results of such?
    And it’s only going to get worse for the CP.

    Randy Stufflebeam has now left.


  7. Michigan Voter

    Here we go again with the 3rd party disfunction. It was the story of the Reform Party, and has been with the CP as well. Heck, some of the same people have been involved in both.

    In the major parties, they have fights, too. But, when one faction loses, they don’t take their ball and go home. They try to change the party to match their desired approach. In the meantime, they still generally support the party’s candidates.

    Parties are about nominating candidates to office. It seems like all to often the goal for many involved is to win internal struggles that don’t actually matter at all to the voting public. Focus on electing candidates in your state and try to win your internal battles over time. Otherwise, just create a party of one so you can always be right and get your exact vision all the time.

  8. JR Myers Post author

    The MT CP has now disbanded less than two weeks after a successful state convention in Helena as a direct result of the ongoing controversy.

  9. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Hey Cody, that link to the ATPR article about Stufflebeam says “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”


    Did Stufflebeam make you remove that post, or did he clarify his decision later that he wasn’t leaving the CP? I talked to him a while back on Skype ( early 2013) and was going to help out his campaign for U.S. Senate in 2014 in some way; he announced an exploritory committee, but he dropped out of the race after a short time.

    The CP in Illinois has not had ballot access since…2008!!! This party is clearly not active in this state, and it’s harldy active in most states. It looks like the LP is the only way to go in terms of third parties for paleoconservative or….here’s that word again -paleolibertarians, to support because both of the duopoly parties are equally as bad. Never vote for the DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans (I sold that Jesse Ventura book at a meeting of the DuPage County, Illinois LP in the summer of 2014. Made 41$ sellings books to libertarians for 5$ a book, and also – I was able to use that money later to further stimulate peaceful economic interaction within the community at large by buying some weed later or whatever.

    Illinois LP is cool because Tom Woods came to the convention in 2013, and one of the people there said he should run for president in 2016. He should run in 2020 if Arvin Vohra’s campaign does not succeed in gaining “frontrunner” status. LP 2020 convention should be interesting. Wish I had the financial capital to go. I bought my first car ever recently, a 1996 (year I was born in!) pick up truck, for a great price, $700. However, I don’t think it can make it that far to the convention. The Home City of Infowars is 1,107 miles away from me.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing more CP stuff on ATPR. Once I buy the domain name after I get my paycheck tomorrow, I will be start doing more work on RWPN. Not creating Facebook or Twitter though, as I’ve deleted all my social media accounts except for YouTube. Life is much better without Facebook, definitively.

    Check out RWPN in the next weeks.

  10. paulie

    here’s that word again -paleolibertarians,

    This frankenword makes no logical sense. Paleo means older kind of; but the libertarian movement which existed throughout many centuries was in no way like the “paleolibertarians.” Rather, it’s a much more recent attempt to graft paleoconservatism – a term which actually does make historical and logical sense – with libertarianism. It’s an incogruous and ill fit, created about 30 years ago as a radical reactionary departure from the classical liberal, anti-authoritarian, anarchist and radical leftist roots of actual paleolibertarianism (as in older or original). It has led to nothing but disaster and disrepute for libertarianism.

  11. CP Observer

    A few CP members are joining the American Solidarity Party, though only those with some flexibility on immigration and some economics and environmental issues would really be happy there.

    Someone predicted here in 2016 that the ASP would spell the doom of the CP. That’s not really the case, especially as the ASP had its own internal problems. But those are now fixed and the ASP is headed toward a strong presidential campaign.

  12. Jared

    Semantically, it makes sense as a portmanteau of “paleoconservative” and “libertarian”, but there could be some connection to the anti-New Deal Old Right, when the term “libertarian” began to be applied in an American context.

    When I first encountered the term, I thought it was only supposed to describe libertarians with more conservative views on moral culture, aesthetics, etc., to distinguish them from the more libertine, iconoclastic wing of the movement, but that was before the emergence of the alt-right. Now it seems to identify the reactionary politics of anarcho-feudalist and anarcho-fascist partisans of the Neo-Austrian school.

  13. George Phillies

    The Constitution Party had a fundamental dichotomy between folks who supported some interpretation of the Constitution and folks who wanted a Christian nationalist party. The revised platform, beginning by invoking part of the Christian Trinity, is discordant with a Constitution-based platform. I am not sure how to solve this.

  14. Cody Quirk

    George, the CP’s platform is a mess these days, as is the party’s current condition.

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