The Green Party of Colorado stands with the sovereign people of Venezuela


The Green Party of Colorado (GPCO) strongly condemns today’s attempted coup in Venezuela by the US government-backed, right-wing terrorist group led by Juan Guaidó. The Venezuelan government and military have exhibited great restraint in dealing with these elements, which have been responsible for destroying medical clinicsand setting pro-Chavista Afro-Venezuelans on fire in the streets.

We condemn the US government’s call for a violent military coup in Venezuela. We denounce the violent rhetoric of President Donald Trump, National Security Advisor John Bolton, and convicted war criminal Elliot Abrams, who is now in charge of steering US government policy on Venezuela. We note with great disappointment that Colorado’s newly-elected governor,  Jared Polis supports the violent, US-backed regime change against the poor and working class Venezuelan people. As Colorado Greens, racist regime change of sovereign foreign governments is a duopolist endeavor which we will not support.

As recognized activists for election integrity, GPCO points out that Venezuela’s election process is more democratic, transparent and fair than that of the United States. This fact has been verified in election after election, by myriad outside foreign monitors. Venezuelans are right to protect their democratic process with vigor.

We also must praise our Green Party comrades who are part of the Embassy Protection Collective defending the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC at the request of President Maduro. Green Party national co-chair, Dr. Margaret Flowers and fellow Green, Kevin Zeese are standing in solidarity with Code Pink and others in an attempt to hold sovereign territory for the democratically-elected Venezuelan government against imperialist intervention of President Donald Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and all other supporters of murderous regime change in the global south and around the world.

We call upon all Greens and our allies to support the actions of the Embassy Protection Collective and to reinvigorate the anti-war, anti-imperialist movement that has been asleep during the Obama administration. Now is the hour for those who love peace and freedom to step forward.

Green Party of Colorado

For Immediate Release
April 30, 2019


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