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Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

Libertarian Party of New York
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News Release

Contact: Kari Bittner
Public Engagement Team Chairman, LPNY
Date: November 26, 2019


Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

BATAVIA, New York, November 26, 2019 – Yesterday, the New York Campaign Finance Commission voted to raise the threshold for political parties to gain ballot access. In so doing, they voted to deny choices to the millions of New Yorkers who are fed up with the two major parties.

All New Yorkers should know this: THE FIX IS IN.

Despite the claims of Jay Jacobs, minor parties are not “sham parties.” The Libertarian Party earned ballot access in 2018 with 95,000 votes. Now, Andrew Cuomo wants to move the goalposts further back to 130,000.

Unless the state legislature acts this change will become state law. We call upon the legislature to reverse this shameful decision and allow voters a choice.

The Libertarian Party of New York is determined to fight for fair and open elections for all New Yorkers and will use every resource available to us.


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  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger December 1, 2019

    I’m glad to see the LP of NY fighting back.

    Another point against the Commission is that its so-called rationale is completely fake. The so-called rationale, as explained by Governor Andrew Cuomo, is that with public funding of campaigns for state office, all parties and their nominees would be entitled to public funding, and the state can’t afford to have candidates and parties with little voter support on the ballot. But New York is in the 2nd circuit, and the 2nd circuit ruled in 2010 in Green Party of Connecticut v Garfield that if a state wants to give public funding only to parties that polled 20% of the gubernatorial vote in the last election, the state can do that. The media in New York has not mentioned this point.

  2. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn December 8, 2019

    I believe that this is payback to the Working Families Party for supporting Cynthia Nixon instead of the thug Cuomo in 2018.

    But of course both the GP and LP are collateral damage in the Democratic effort to destroy the WFP.

  3. Jared Jared December 9, 2019

    I’m sure the Cuomo dynasty and New York Democratic Party establishment would love to eviscerate all left-of-center third parties that might be perceived as siphoning votes away from Democrats, including the Greens. But the WFP has the biggest target on its back, for sure, after the Cynthia Nixon embarrassment.

  4. paulie paulie January 29, 2020

    Hopefully the ridiculous new NY law can be beaten back in the courts.

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