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Green Party Launches Initiative to Lobby Governors to Lessen Ballot Access Restrictions During Coronavirus Pandemic

As a result of public closures due to fears from the coronavirus pandemic, ballot access drives and petitioning for third parties has halted, making it difficult, if not impossible, to meet state requirements for ballot access.  In response, the Green Party set up a page on their website for those concerned to send a pre-written message to their particular governor encouraging the lessening of ballot access restrictions.

The message reads:

To The Office Of The Governor:

I am writing as a constituent in your state to request emergency ballot access relief for candidates running for office this year, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candidates who wish to serve our communities cannot meet current petitioning requirements to appear on the election ballot while also following social distancing guidelines designed to save lives during this pandemic. I ask you to implement one of the following measures:

– Dramatically lower petition signature requirements
– Grant automatic ballot access to candidates
– Replace ballot access petitioning with a reasonable candidate filing fee

Thank you very much for considering my concern and taking action so that democracy can continue while we get through this crisis.

For those interested, click here to complete the form and send the message to your governor.

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