Jo Jorgensen Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party’s 1996 Vice presidential nominee, is currently seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. She released the following statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic last week on her campaign website:

4 thoughts on “Jo Jorgensen Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Thomas Knapp

    Great statement. Dr. Jorgenson just moved up my personal list of preferred nominees.

    FYI, there’s another ventilator project here in Florida. A University of Florida researcher invented, and is testing, a ventilator that can be built for $125-$250 with parts entirely available at Home Depot.


    Yes, she seems rational among the current crop of potential nominees. Others would say “The government shouldn’t break your legs in the first place, so let’s take their crutch away right now.” Try telling that to 65 million who depend on Social Security and Medicare, and their family, and charities who are told they must pick up the slack.

  3. Jose C

    This is a good statement. What do the other presidential candidates say? Where is the national Party on this.

    The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County chair is working on a statement concerning the governor’s declaration of marshal law. She is working with a doctor who is a Libertarian on the resolution that is being made on behalf of the Los Angeles County Party.

    This is a dark day in American history and Americans are paying the price.

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