Silence Dogood: Weld and Romney Form the Party for Liberty and Sanity (PLAS)

Over at Ballot Access News, a commenter using the pen name of a young Ben Franklin, Silence Dogood, who once questioned whether Ben Franklin was actually in the grave marked for Ben Franklin in Philadelphia or whether he was replaced with a mannequin and is currently living in Tel-Aviv, put out the following press release:

BREAKING NEWS: Weld and Romney form the Party for Liberty and Sanity (PLAS).

Former Governor Bill Weld announced the creation of a new party today at a web conference simulcast on and Twitch. The party’s name: the Party for Liberty and Sanity, or PLAS for short.

“PLAS will pull in libertarians like me as well as sane former Republicans like Senator Romney,” declared Weld at the conference, attended exclusively by a journalist for The Jack.

Romney could not attend the conference because he was praying at his Mormon church, but one of his wives produced a sticky note that read, “After much thought and discussion with God, I have decided to exit the Republican Party and join PLAS. PLAS is the only third party with a chance of winning the election. Based on our calculations and thoughtful prayer we believe we can obtain at least 40 percent of the electorate and win the presidency. We don’t even have to do anything. This will all come about organically.”

Weld said he was continuing his Republican presidential campaign and would seek the PLAS nomination if he were to win the Republican nomination. He figured Gary Johnson or Romney would like to run.

Johnson was asked to comment for this story but was apparently preoccupied with a bag of chips and could not respond.

Andy Craig, the Jack journalist who attended the conference, opened a Facebook page for the new party. He is currently the page’s only fan.

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  1. Robert Hansen

    Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) announced she found the news “deeply troubling”, but plans eventually to do nothing about it.

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