Chuck Baldwin: Constitutional Scholar Says Trump is Carrying Out the Globalist Agenda

Chuck Baldwin, the 2004 vice presidential nominee and 2008 presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, today published the editorial excerpted below:  

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No! It’s not a coincidence. Neither 9/11 nor the corona scamdemic could have happened without Bush and Trump being in the White House. Why? Because the power elite KNOW that when a “Christian” Republican is in the Oval Office, evangelical Christians and conservative Republicans (including “patriots,” “constitutionalists,” etc.) become sheepish slaves of the administration. And when it comes to manufacturing seismic political events that help to usher in globalism, warfarism, Zionism and domestic tyranny, they know that the only way grassroots Christians and conservatives (who are the real power of resistance in this country) can be neutered is to put a phony, pretending Republican pawn in the White House.

That’s exactly what they did in 2000, which ushered in 9/11, and that’s exactly when they did in 2016, which ushered in the corona scamdemic. Bush brought America the first “new normal.” Now Trump is bringing America the next “new normal.” Of course, the “new normal” is nothing but old-fashioned subjugation.

People can scream, “Trump is better than Hillary or Biden or Obama or fill in the blank” all they want. But the real issue is not whether Trump or any Republican is better than Biden or any Democrat. The real issue is, does Trump or any Republican make The People better than a Democrat would? And the answer is a resounding NO!

When GW was in office, Christians and conservatives fell fast asleep, and we lost MORE liberties under Bush than we did under Bill Clinton. And with Trump in office, Christians and conservatives have not only fallen asleep, they have plunged into a deep state of bewitchment. And we have already lost MORE liberties under Trump’s first term than we did under Barack Obama’s two terms.

Why is that? Not because Bush and Trump were worse than Clinton or Obama, but because The People themselves dropped out of the freedom fight after electing Bush and Trump. The only fight in which they are now engaged is not to protect and defend Liberty and constitutional government but to protect and defend the Republican president. And those two battles are NOT the same.

For the entire editorial, visit Chuck Baldwin Live

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