Dan Behrman: Other Candidates Deserve Some Support

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman released the following statement today about his fellow presidential candidates and tonight’s presidential debate in which he is not participating: 

They aren’t all bad

The other night I participated in a debate, and while that debate went well and we polled very high, we did not make it to the next round of this rigged, tournament-style debate.

Instead, they pushed forward candidates who they thought wouldn’t challenge the final boss – Justin Amash. This is dangerous because party insiders are already pushing Amash to the front of the line, even though he hasn’t even officially declared. And they are sweeping a path that will prevent anyone from pointing out his flaws.

Now you’ve seen be debate dozens of times, and you know I don’t go after my fellow libertarian candidates because their flaws are often minor. But Amash is hiding some major authoritarian flaws behind a libertarian facade. In fact, I would even argue that anything he seeks to achieve that is a libertarian goal, he seeks to impose with the force of government.

I have reached out to Jo Jorgensen and Jacob Hornberger, who have assured me they would do their best to point out these flaws in tonight’s debate. While I won’t be attending, I will be commenting on the live stream. I will support these two TRUE libertarian candidates against the infiltrator.

Judge Jim Gray will also be attending, but since he also has some authoritarian leanings, although much less offensive, I don’t expect him to challenge Amash’s positions. Vermin Supreme will also be present, but he’s not one to attack anyone.

You can tune in to the live stream which will start at 8pm ET here:


In Liberty,

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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