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Libertarian Jorgensen urges speedy trials, accountability for violent protesters

GREENVILLE, S.C.— Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, urges Minnesota officials to bring the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd to a speedy trial in order to stop the destructive rioting breaking out across the country.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Jorgensen. “Due process, applied rapidly, will help to stop turning neighborhoods into war zones.”

“I would like to present the presidential Medal of Freedom to whoever had the idea of building cameras into phones,” she added. “In today’s America, nothing has done more to shine a light on inappropriate police behavior than smartphones.”

Jorgensen also urges peaceful demonstrators to turn their cameras on people who show up at protests to commit acts of violence.

“The people who are being harmed and having their property destroyed had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death. Like him, they are innocent victims,” Jorgensen said. “The looters and rioters need to be brought to justice too.”

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, and was the party’s 1996 vice-presidential nominee. She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and senior lecturer at Clemson University. She holds a MBA and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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  1. fred stein fred stein May 30, 2020

    Are any media sites picking up what she is saying? I hope so. Please report back. Thank you.

  2. Chris Powell Chris Powell May 30, 2020

    That’s a misleading headline. Jorgensen urges both the officers involved in Mr. Floyd’s death to be brought to trial swiftly and for the looters and rioters as well, talking about the officers first and foremost. By only mentioning “violent protesters” in the headline it gives the false impression that Jorgensen is only concerned about the reaction when she is in fact more concerned about the action that started the protests.

  3. paulie paulie May 30, 2020

    It’s the headline her campaign chose.

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