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Libertarian Party calls for charges in Minneapolis

The Libertarian Party calls for murder and accessory to murder charges to be filed against the officers present at the time of the killing of George Floyd.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen issued the following statement: “George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department, plain and simple. The four officers callously disregarded Floyd’s pleas to stop and warnings that he was suffocating. This is inexcusable. These officers must be held criminally liable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Libertarian Party of Minnesota chair Chris Holbrook said: “Justice is due. Prosecution is required. Reform is mandatory. Inaction is acceptance. We applaud Mpls. Mayor Frey and MPD Chief Arradondo for immediately terminating the employment of the four officers involved in the killing of Mr. Floyd. Yet that is not enough. We call on Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman to immediately charge and arrest these four violent officers.”

Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Daniel Fishman added “The most import tool for justice today is the cellphone. A heroic citizen who captured this video may well be responsible for stopping these killers from striking again.”

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