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Libertarian Party First Round of Presidential Votes 2020

Ballot Access News:

There will be further rounds because no Libertarian received a majority on the first round. The totals: Jo Jorgensen 248; Jacob Hornberger 236; Vermin Supreme 171; John Monds 147; Jim Gray 98; Adam Kokesh 77. There were also some write-ins, but the only candidate who received more than five is Justin Amash, who received 17. None of the above received 8.

After each round the lowest vote getter not including write-ins and anyone getting less than 5% is dropped. Kokesh was dropped and did not endorse anyone, but said he would be happy to be considered for VP.

Jorgensen, Hornberger, Supreme, Monds and Gray go on to Round 2, which is being counted as of this writing.