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Don Blankenship: Your Constitution Party Candidate for President (Campaign Update)

2020 Constitution Party presidential nominee Don Blankenship sent out the following campaign update last week:

Many Americans have learned that Democrats and Republicans legislate corruption into our laws and use that legalized corruption against American citizens.  They suppress our Constitutional rights to free speech, gun ownership, fair trials, and fair elections.  Unfortunately or fortunately, the denial of my personal rights in all these regards makes me the perfect candidate to carry the national banner of the Constitution Party.  A banner for the cause of ending corrupt practices that are gutting our Constitution and that risk turning America into just another failed country among the many that take away from their citizens their God given Human Rights.

As our campaign heads towards Labor Day and the traditional launching point of the public paying attention to voting in November, I wanted to get you some updates on where we are today.

Many of you are very aware of the difficulty of getting the Constitution Party on the ballot in all 50 states.  Party volunteers have worked hard to get us on the ballots in most every state.  A combination of petitioning, negotiating less onerous state requirements to get on the ballot, and lawsuits have met with significant success due to volunteer and passionate Constitution Party workers.

As a result we are both pleased with our progress, but also disappointed by how difficult many states continue to make it to get on their ballot. If you signed up for our emails at you will receive campaign updates on ballot access as we move forward.

You have probably also noticed updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.  Take a moment to like both of those social media pages and share them with your friends.

One of the goals of this campaign is to increase media awareness of the Constitution Party.  Getting earned media is one of our primary goals. I don’t expect voters to watch two and a half hour sit down interviews with me like we did with Whiskey Politics earlier in the campaign, but I do hope they take 15 minutes or more as we hit the airwaves across the country.  As but one example check out my interview The Sharpe Way with Larry Sharpe this past week and tell me what you think.

Thanks to America’s first radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh for having me on twice in the last several weeks.  We have plans to be on radio shows from Coast to Coast.  If you have a radio show that you think would be helpful for us to be on shoot an email to and give us a lead to follow up on.  We welcome your suggestions and appreciate your help.

Lastly, thanks to you for recognizing that Republicans and Democrats care more about petty partisan politics than actually governing America towards a more vibrant future.  As we show voters that there is a “Third Way” to lead America to secure our nation for our posterity, I ask you to continue in your efforts for this campaign.  We need and appreciate you!!


P.S. My new Campaign Manager told me that I had to add a line about donating to the campaign, so I need to add this link to the email.  As a bonus, anyone who gives $250 or more will get a copy of my book “Obama’s Deadliest Cover Up”.  I thank you for your most generous support of our efforts.

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