Constitution Party of California: Contract with California 2021

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California, sent the following “Contract with California” to IPR, opening with a statement about its contents:

A Red Pill Manifesto of Sanity

Dear Citizen :

The Constitution Party of California presents the following ideas as a ” Contract with California ” – an analysis of current issues of vital importance to our state and a blueprint for eventually restoring the prosperity and happiness of our citizens.  We will start on our long journey in the year 2021 but the ultimate recovery and prosperity of our state and nation can take years and even decades to achieve.

We present the following abbreviated discussions on a a few of the countless issues which affect our culture, society, and state and pledge that our party will continuously and diligently work to provide the noted solutions.  We enthusiastically invite public discourse regarding all issues and challenge detractors to factually oppose both our discussions and solutions.  Any such detractors should be ready to present their perspectives via debate/public discussion and to refrain from cowardly hiding from defending their views.

We note that regarding these or any other issues we minimally support the platform of the national Constitution Party as it addresses them but we do not claim to speak for the national party.   We speak only as their California affiliate.

We note that as a background for the proper understanding of many of the following issues to be discussed we will continually address and clarify a phenomenon known as ” Social Engineering ” ( S.E. ) -noun : the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.

We invite you to support the restoration of constitutional and conservative/rational principles in our state, in addition to both sanity and common sense, by filling out a voter registration form to be a member of the Constitution Party.  As we are currently considered as a ” minor party ” you may join us, and aid us in our growth, by checking ” other ” in the party preference box on your form and writing in ” Constitution.”

As we describe below, the Constitution Party is the last true/real conservative and constitutionalist/rational Party in our state and your wonderful assistance will help us to bring vitally needed, but currently increasingly denied ( see below ), perspectives to our public discourse.

As an additional aid to our Party we ask that you forward our ” Contract ” to as many friends as possible so that increasing numbers of citizens may consider our perspectives.  In a time when the Plantation Masters, Elites, and VPP ( see below regarding these groups ) are increasingly and viciously sterilizing and eliminating opposing views/thoughts/ideas from consideration the light of freedom must be carried by each individual against such dictators/monsters in the Battle/War for Humanity.

We note additionally that these commentaries are “Red Pill ” ( noun : used to refer to a process by which a person’s perspective is dramatically transformed, introducing them to a new and typically disturbing understanding of the true nature of a particular situation ); i.e.; we are indeed dramatically different from traditional political parties as we seek to not only expose the true nature of our state and national situations but to positively affect our culture, society, and nation with life affirming and promoting action policies and programs which aid all citizens both economically and, most especially, personally.

We are hence not ” Big Tent ” where we, as “98 pound weaklings ” of old comic book ads, accept sand-in-the-face as blown by the cultural breeze and grovel to any and all imposed cultural trends, no matter how insane, but rather the reverse – we A) stand in unapologetic defense of the cultural and societal pillars of Western Civilization; and B) “vaccinate ” our culture, society, and nation against the noted attacking forces; i.e.; we work to oppose and defeat evil and are not overcome by, or surrender to, it.

We stand, as a Party of Life, in Christian defense of all of humanity including our state and nation.

We invite all men and women of good will to join our endeavor.

You are always welcome to contact our Party via the below noted methods :

1-855-6373336 ( 8556FREEDOM )

We pray that our Creator will bless you.

Author – Don J. Grundmann, D.C.   Chairman

Contract Issues :

  1. COVID-19 : Reality and Recovery
  2. Economic Recovery and Renaissance
  3. Stop the American Mafia – the true key to financial recovery, prosperity, and restoring our Republic
  4. Health Care – We need a Revolution
  5. ” Climate Change ” – The Sky Is NOT Falling
  6. Say ” NO!! ” to the ” Banana Republic “
  7. Make America Great Again ( MAGA ) – Make America Constitutional Again ( MACA )
  8. ” White Supremacy ” starts and ends with Planned Parenthood
  9. ALL Lives Matter but Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) are  Enemies of Humanity and Enemies of Blacks
  10. White Nationalism – A) We love our country; B) We don’t apologize for that; C) Caucasians have  nothing to apologize for; D) Racists must apologize to Caucasians
  11. The LGBT War Against Humanity
  12. Save children from the soul molestation of ” transgender “
  13. Save the children – abandon the public school system
  14. Save Women – Stop the attack of Feminism
  15. Save Men – Stop the production of “Betas “
  16. Save Humanity – Stop the Lizard People
  17. It is more than OK to be white
  18. The American Independent Party of California – utterly corrupt-to-the-bone and beyond
  19. Recall Newsom – a King Rat in the Rat Army
  20. No ” Unity ” with Satan/Demons
  21. The Religion of Evolution – a key to Social Engineering
  22. The Main Stream Media ( MSM ) – Enemies of The Republic and Enemies of Humanity
  23. As our Constitutional Republic, including California, is murdered so dies the world
  24. The planned, and permanent, suspension of the Constitution
  25. The future and what shall we do

1)  COVID-19 :  Reality and Recovery

The public health crisis regarding COVID-19 is a virtual complete fraud.  Exposure of the origins of this monstrous ” gain-of-function ” ( increased infectivity ) biological warfare attack must be fully exposed but will most probably be forever hidden by ” The Junta ” ( see below ).  The virus has NOT been isolated in a non-weapons lab and is a weaponized variant/mutation of the common flu.  Original hysterical predictions of mass deaths in the millions have long ago been shown to be complete fantasies.  The collective harm from COVID-19, which has a minimal survival rate of 99.7%, is very similar to the common flu at lower ages with the elderly of 70+ increasingly open to complications due to immune system dysfunction.  The mass majority of those infected experience no symptomology.  Overall death rates are little increased by the occurrence of COVID-19.  Seasonal flu & emphysema deaths are way down while COVID ” deaths ” are up; i.e.; the numbers are being manipulated/reclassified to justify the Social Engineering induced panic, fear, and hysteria.  ” Cases ” ( which include both useless tests – the main PCR test is completely fake – and an extreme amount of false positives ) have no connection to mortality rates with both numbers being wildly exaggerated via manufactured fear and hysteria promoted by public health bureaucrats, ultra corrupt politicians, and ( especially ) the mainstream media ( MSM ).  Diagnosis of COVID-19 as a primary cause of illness provides exorbitant funding benefits leading to documented car accident fatalities and suicides being reclassified as primarily virus caused; i.e.; the pigs are lining up at the COVID-19 government trough as there is money to be made via both changing/modifying the diagnosis and inflating the numbers.  From the moment you are born to the moment you die, and including THIS VERY MOMENT, you are surrounded and attacked by literally countless, and unnamed, ” bugs ” such as COVID-19.  The only difference now is that A) the ” bug ” is named; and B) the MSM has promoted a national and worldwide panic/hysteria.

Bottom Line – God created you with an immune system to fight off and defeat countless and endless such attacks throughout your life.  Trying to run and hide from COVID-19, unless the citizen is already weakened with a ” co-morbidity,” is an exercise in total futility as can be seen by the continuing and expanding ” waves ” of cases sweeping through the nation; ” waves ” ( unknown in previous/typical ” pandemics ” ) which will NEVER stop but which will increasingly be used to accomplish their true purpose of economically destroying the nation behind the pretext/excuse/cover story of protecting the citizens.  The mass majority of deaths with any connection to COVID-19 have occurred to those who have the infection but have died due to other conditions known as ” co-morbidities ” ( 94% according to the CDC ) and not because of it exclusively ( 6% at most according to the CDC ).  Absolutely no attempt is made via the MSM or hysterical and tyrannical public health officials and politicians to tell the populace of many basic, common, and extremely successful nutritional methods of enhancing their immune system ( such as supplementation with Vitamin D3, zinc, Vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, and glutathione ) to both ward off and defeat infection.  Gyms are closed and stay-at-home ” orders ” are given when a kindergarten level of health knowledge knows that exercise ( + sunlight ) is both extremely important and effective in developing and maintaining a strong immune system.  Such closures and ” orders ” hence provide zero protection to the public and in fact demonstrably weaken the immune systems of the citizenry; i.e.; they produce negative/worsened effects/results upon both the singular and collective health of the public.  Proven successful methods of stopping the virus, such as a program inclusive of hydroxychloroquine, are slandered and removed from availability to the public.  Masks ( which limit oxygen flow and retain carbon dioxide thus immediately compromising/diminishing the immune system by producing hypoxia ) have in multiple studies been shown to do nothing to stop the spread of the virus ( ” trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence ” ).  Mask box labels announce that they do not protect from a virus + government bureaucrats have recently called for wearing 2 and more masks at the same time for better protection and even after vaccination; i.e.; they know that neither the masks nor the vaccination(s) work/accomplish the stated/pretended goal(s).  Their usage with ” social distancing ” is simply ” Kabuki theater;” a useless pretending of providing an answer for the epidemic the real purpose of which is to use ” Social Engineering ” ( S.E. ) to produce a desired political result ( to defeat President Trump by hysterically and insanely blaming all deaths and even the spreading of the virus on him ) and to prepare/condition the populace to accept both permanent mandatory/forced vaccinations ( which at best will be of no benefit – see ” vaccine? ” note below ) and the intended economic devastation which has been produced.  Economic ” lockdowns,” quarantines, ” tiers,” curfews and other such measures are totally ineffective hysteria produced nonsense ( with zero supportive evidence or connection to REAL ” science ” ) which have replaced the long forgotten original claimed objective of ” flattening the curve.”

Shattering the economy to oppose the equivalent of the common flu makes absolutely no logical sense but makes perfect perverse/sick sense if the real intent of the actions is not the cover story of defeating COVID-19 but rather to A) produce a political result of defeating President Trump and ( especially ) B) the training/preparation/education of our society and citizens via Social Engineering to accept, endorse, and promote massive and catastrophic permanent negative changes regarding both their basic lives and rights.  Extensive evidence demonstrates that the ” pandemic ” was both expected and planned for literally years in advance ( COVID-19 tests were patented in 2015 and 2017; see/investigate also ” Event 201 ” and Fauci advance knowledge, found at ).  We present that the economic collapse which is promoted and accentuated by the ” scamdemic ” panic/hysteria is not an unintended side-effect but is instead the bare beginnings of an intended, and extremely comprehensive, massive societal ” Reset ” ( see more below ) which is ultimately intended to erase and replace our Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution Party of California, as the ONLY state political party which will challenge and expose the ” scamdemic,” hence demands the following actions regarding COVID-19 ” –

A)  Immediate implementation of standard public health measures inclusive of protection of at-risk population sub-groups ( the elderly and known immune compromised persons ).  Only at-risk and afflicted persons are isolated; NOT the entire population inclusive of healthy persons.

B)  Immediate suspension of all economic closures of any form; i.e.; a return to all pre-lockdown economic activity.  Seasonal flu is recognized as a recurring yearly health hazard for which there are NO economic lockdown or extraordinary measures taken in claiming to shield the populace.  The COVID-19 alternative is an intended PERMANENT economic lockdown as endless waves of the virus and its mutations ” wash ” through the populace in the months and years ahead.  We must make a societal decision – will we live in permanent fear of a disease condition which is at best/worst comparable in mortality to the common flu?  Especially when the economic devastation produced by that fear results in far far far more cumulative public health damage than the condition itself?

C)  A mass educational program must be implemented by all public health officials to inform the public of the vast array of methods and nutritional options ( such as Vitamin D supplementation and exercise as basic examples ) which are available to strengthen the immune system.  We note that the MSM has been increasingly producing ” Fake News ” that nutritional supplementation has no effect for immune system enhancement when in fact excellent benefits can be achieved over time when supplementation is initiated as soon as possible.

D)  In complete contrast to current COVID-19 tests; which at best ( when not being a false positive ) simply confirm a past, and POSSIBLE current, exposure to a SARS/COVID virus; a mass testing for Vitamin D levels must be implemented by public health officials due to the virtually 100% correlation between low nutrient levels and infectious success of the pathogen.  Proper enhancement of the immune system will provide orders of magnitude improvement in immune system function in comparison with the best theoretical improvement via vaccination.  Subsequent mass mobilization of Vitamin D supplementation inclusive of appropriate co-factors, such as Vitamin K, must be encouraged and supported.

E)  All censoring of health information regarding possible treatment programs for COVID-19, such as has occurred with hydroxychloroquine, must be immediately terminated so that knowledge regarding these treatments is freely disseminated.  MSM outlets must be challenged and exposed for their increasingly outrageous and monstrous censorship of methods used to easily defend against and defeat the pathogen.

F)  The following commentary on vaccines is predicated/qualified with a ” ? ” behind the word to indicate that the substances currently popularly considered/claimed to be anti-COVID vaccines and promoted by the MSM as such are in fact NOT vaccines; i.e.; they do NOT fit the legal definition of a vaccine.  They are instead genetic modification injections/experiments.  These facts are explained at multiple sources in the ” Recommended resources ” below.

Administration of vaccines? must in all cases be completely voluntary.  Under no possible circumstances must administration of vaccines? be mandatory.  All citizens must be fully informed regarding any vaccine?.   How well the vaccine? is expected to work, what are its potential side effects, and that pharmaceutical companies are already fully protected from any liability for adverse reactions are minimal requirements.  Citizens must be informed that a vaccine? will NOT A) stop them from being infected and/or reinfected, and/or B) stop them from possibly infecting others; i.e.; a low infectious pathogen ” load “/amount may result in no symptomology but a retention of the ability of the pathogen to still be transferred by the now vaccinated? host.

Citizens must additionally be informed that the MSM is actively suppressing/” blacking out ” information/knowledge regarding adverse vaccination? reactions both currently and in the future; i.e.; that current vaccines? are producing both large numbers of immediate adverse/negative reactions and are producing conditions ( making the immune system attack the host body inclusive of ” antibody dependent enhancement ” ) which will manifest in severe long term health collapse/reduction at later dates.

Such suppression of knowledge includes extremely strong evidence that ALL vaccines?, as foreign substances injected into the body, induce an immune system response which produces ” microscopic/mini-strokes ” resulting in vascular/capillary damage and reduction of tissue oxygenation.   Subsequent health deterioration is diverted from consideration of vaccination? as a causal effect due, in great degree/measure, to the time lag between injection and health collapse.

The author has seen multiple people who have been virtually immediately destroyed/shattered by the COVID vaccine?.  Future deterioration/degeneration/debilitation of large numbers of recipients/targets due to adverse reactions is a virtual certainty.

Our prediction – starting at 3 to 6 months, and extending for the life span of the target, post-vaccination? increasing numbers of vaccine? recipients will begin to experience increasing symptomology resulting from auto-immune reactions to the vaccines?.  Such adverse reactions are part of a ” long-game “/term program regarding the ultimate objectives of the entire COVID endeavor and are discussed below.

G)  Citizens must be informed that the current ludicrous public health response is based on ” Germ Theory;” i.e.; based on the work of Pasteur and declaring that ” germs ” are the cause of disease and are waiting around every corner to ” get you ” vs ” Terrain Theory,” founded by Bechamp, which promotes strengthening of the immune system to defeat ” germs ” irregardless of how many there are.

Example : Rats like garbage ( poor ” terrain ” ) and will happily multiply when they find a pile to feed on.  Remove the garbage ( strengthen your immune system and overall health; i.e.; clean the ” terrain ” ) and the rats will leave since they now have no food.  Hence under Terrain Theory you will be impervious/immune to any and all ” bugs ” ( including COVID-19 and any of its future mutated strains ) because of your properly functioning immune system.

Public health officials hence have a moral and ethical obligation to train the citizens to maximize the functioning of their immune system according to Terrain Theory.  The alternative is that the current hysteria/panic will NEVER end due to the induced and permanently continued Germ Theory panic/hysteria of the populace regarding COVID-19; i.e.; a COVID bug will FOREVER be waiting around the next corner to ” get you.”  A continually weakened populace, based on their belief in Germ Theory; can be forever successfully attacked by any and all of a gazillion ” bugs,” including COVID-19, 20, 21, etc.; as compared to successfully defeating any and all of a gazillion ” bugs;” including COVID-19, 20, 21, etc.; by the application of Terrain Theory.

Bottom Line : A COVID-19 vaccine? may ( as a very slight possibility ), or may ( and very probably ) NOT, temporarily assist your immune system in defeating the pathogen.  We declare that any such possible positive effect is extremely miniscule relative to an overwhelming number of negative outcomes, especially long term, which untested and never before attempted vaccines? present ( inclusive of countless claimed-to-be-needed ” booster ” shots ).  Building the strength of their own immune system, completely separate from ANY vaccine? and via many well known but currently censored/ignored methods, is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. primary defense of the citizen against COVID-19 or any other ” bug.”

The Constitution Party of California – the only political party in California A) supporting RATIONAL, and permanent, solutions to the faked COVID-19 ” scamdemic;” and B) opposing the fear, hysteria, and panic which VPP ( see below ) are promoting and using to Socially Engineer the populace to accept permanent economic, personal, and national slavery.

Recommended resources –

  • Dr. Andrew Moulden –
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –
  • Movie – Vaxxed
  • Youtube : Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection
  • Dr. Suzanne Humphries on vaccines
  • COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come; Red-Pilled
  • James Perloff
  • Refuge Books Burlington, Massachusetts
  • Plague of Corruption
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits
  • Dr. Igor Shepherd
  • : 3/10/21 Mike Whitney
  • Operation Vaxx-All Deplorables
  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Mark Trozzi
  • Dr. Michael Leua
  • Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
  • America’s Frontline Doctors – White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for COVID-19
  • Doctors for COVID Ethics
  • Dr. Vernon Coleman –
  • COVID-19 vaccines are weapons of mass destruction – and could wipe out the human race
  • COVID Medical Network
  • WorldDoctorsAlliance.
  • Planet Lockdown – Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Toby Rogers, Ph. D.
  • Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale

Recommended Action(s) – Do not live in fear.

There is no difference at this moment as compared to 1 minute, 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years before COVID-19 appeared – you are STILL ( and have always been – and always will be ) surrounded by ” germs ” beyond count.  Trillions and trillions of them.  Every day at every moment and at every location.  You CANNOT escape them.  Ever.

Did you worry in the past?  Did you wear a mask in the past?  Did you ” socially distance ” in the past?

Answer – no.  Question – why not?  Answer – Because you inherently knew ( you had at least a bit of ” common sense ” ) that you were surrounded by ” bugs ” but would be at least minimally protected by your immune system.  So you ” lived life.”  You did not panic.  You did not live in fear.

What is the difference now/today??

The Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP ( all discussed below ); the people who A) control your life even if you don’t know it ( and – especially – don’t want to know ), and B) view humanity as no different from cockroaches; have decided to implement their plan/design for the future.

They have released an engineered/manufactured bioweapon to produce a mass societal hysteria/panic as a template for their reconstruction/remolding of the world; especially America.  They can induce their panic into the public because they control the Main Stream Media ( MSM ); i.e.; they tell you what and even, and especially, how to think.  This is known as ” Social Engineering ” and it is done because ” They ” consider you/the public to be ” lab rats ” who can be easily controlled and motivated by whatever ” cheese ” you are given; i.e.; your Masters/Controllers tell you – their slave – what to do and you do it.

As will be discussed below, their plan, which includes the complete destruction/elimination of our Constitutional Republic, is driven/motivated by their religious belief; specifically their complete hatred of and opposition to any manifestation of Christianity.

The practical result of the implementation of their plan results in –

  • the accelerating collapse/poverty of the middle class;
  • the complete breakdown of the immigration system;
  • rising prices throughout the economy but especially those of energy/gas;
  • the permanent loss of 10’s of thousands of jobs ( especially in the energy sector );
  • the complete loss of voting integrity ( see below );
  • the massive increase in homelessness;
  • the intended permanent imposition of ” health ” protocols to Socially Engineer/train the populace to be obedient/compliant/docile; i.e.; actions having absolutely nothing to do with protecting and/or improving their health;
  • a mass poisoning of the populace via experimental genetic modification injections which are touted as ” vaccines;” i.e.; better than your own immune system  and permanently required to fight both the ” bug ” and all of its many, and endless, future modifications/mutations.

These actions and their results are INTENDED.  They are NOT accidental.

As discussed below, these actions, in coordination with the other issues addressed by this Contract, are designed to produce a ” New Normal ” ( see below ); i.e. ; the end of the Constitutional Republic of the united States of America.

The very first step in this attack is to make you, “Joe and/or Jane Sixpack;” i.e.; average citizens; emotional; i.e.; to induce fear and/or panic in you.

” They ” know that once you are emotional you are now controllable; i.e.; you will obey their instructions., even when they harm/hurt yourself and/or make no logical/common sense.

Hence we urge you – Don’t panic.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t live ( really just ” exist ” ) in fear.  That is what ” They ” want.

Don’t let ” them ” control your life and steal your joy of living.

That is the first step of defeating ” them.”

More battle/fighting information is in/at 25) below.

Additionally – We very highly recommend that you do NOT get a “vaccination? ” for COVID-19.  Study the information noted above.  Question.  You don’t want to develop an auto-immune disease from being a guinea pig.

In conjunction with information found in 4) below, build your immune system naturally.  You will build your greatest health, save untold amounts of money, avoid an extremely high probability of auto-immune disease occurrence, and both avoid and recover from the pain and debilitation which poor health can bring to you.

“Vaccines?” can’t stop COVID-19, 20, etc.  Natural Healing ( see 4) below ) can.

Additionally – We recommend that you do NOT wear a mask because……

As partially described above, masks at best do next to nothing in actually protecting your health.  A much more common health problem is poor/shallow breathing which produces an oxygen deficiency which compromises/lowers/your immune system; i.e.; exactly what a mask does/produces.

Their REAL purpose is A) to train the populace like lab rats/Pavlov’s dogs to be obedient and docile to the orders of their Masters; and B) to provide a pretense that public health officers have the slightest clue of a clue ( which they do not ) in challenging/stopping the virus; i.e.; the many methods discussed within our above commentary would long ago has solved the problem – IF ” they ” REALLY wanted to solve it.

Bottom Line – the real purpose of masks is to Socially Engineer the populace.  When you are properly trained; i.e.; obedient enough; you will not lift a finger or make a peep to stop the destruction of The Republic and the permanent slavery of yourself and everyone else.

Special Note – As noted above, COVID-19 is a “gain-of-function ” bioweapon; i.e.; laboratory designed/manufactured and released/” seeded ” to accomplish exactly what has occurred so far.

And far more.  As it/this is just the beginning.

The fairy tale of its occurrence resulting from bat-to-human transfer via a food market is simply part of the elaborate smokescreen put forth to cover/disguise both its origin(s) and ( especially ) its purpose.

That purpose is elaborated upon below throughout this essay/discourse but the Bottom Line is that the world has now openly ( at least as compared to before ) entered the period of Biological Warfare; i.e.; laboratory created/manufactured bioweapons released upon/against citizens to obtain/achieve war/battlefield/geopolitical objectives inclusive of population reduction, control, pacification, and endless other goals/aims achieveable with this form of warfare.

The conventional TV/movies/literary approach would be that an occurrence such as here presented would be a “state-on-state ” attack; i.e.; China and/or Russia attacking the USA as simply one example.

We propose that in “reality;” i.e.; the way the world REALLY, and currently, works; there are ” supra-national ” ( above, separate from, and stronger than nations – Controllers of the ” Deep State ” ) force(s) which have the motivation, desire, and ability ( motive, means, and opportunity ) to attempt to warp/bend/shape cultures, societies, and nations to their will; in this case to engineer the 1st in an intended long line of bioweapons in a program designed to ultimately permanently enslave humanity.

They will not hesitate to do so – irregardless of and no matter how many may die in the process.

This springs from their religious beliefs inclusive of –

A) humanity ( except for themselves ) is no different from cockroaches; and B) “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette” ( see below ).

Recommended Action – Enjoy life.

We are now immersed in what is called ” the long-game;” i.e.; a War to break/enslave all of humanity.

This includes “Psychological Warfare,” also known as “PsyOps;” a vital and essential element of the entire COVID-19 attack.

A key/critical part of the ultimate Plan for victory by the Enemies of Humanity is to Socially Engineer/psychologically break/destroy their targets by inducing/injecting them with fear, despair, and hopelessness.

Don’t let that happen to you..  Don’t let them steal your joy and happiness.  Their intention/desire/goal is to control/destroy your mind and, especially, soul.

Enjoy the beauty of our God created world and of life itself.

We will further describe/outline your ” antidote ” as we progress through this discourse/commentary.

Extra Note – We call for a national ban on injecting a mRNA ” vaccine;” which is in fact NOT by legal definition a vaccine but instead a genetic modification program.

The mRNA injection has never been subjected to any form of standard clinical trials and the interaction of the injected substance with the human immune opens the possibility of catastrophic adverse reactions, both short and especially long term, for the recipients.

To properly allow mRNA injections a full and conclusive clinical trial must be completed before mRNA injections are performed.  This will be in complete contrast to the totally improper procedures which prevailed to this moment.

2)  Economic Recovery and Renaissance –

The current Socially Engineered induced and promoted fear, hysteria, and panic regarding COVID-19 has been used to economically shatter the state to an even worse condition than it was pre-pandemic.  At the moment of this writing there are intimations that the state ” lockdown ” will possibly end in the weeks ahead but as noted above we project that occurrence of the virus will, actually and/or via S. E. falsified claims, sweep through our society for literally years in continuing ” waves ” which will produce the same ” bull-in-a-chinashop ” catastrophic and less than useless response which has occurred so far – the pretended attempt to control the spread of the virus by shutting down social interaction among ALL citizens both healthy and at-risk rather than simply protect the latter group as with standard public health measures.

Hence without a dramatic “Damascus Road ” vaccination of simple and plain common sense into the public health bureaucrats the current catastrophic economic devastation of the state, where the patient dies from the supposed cure by the voodoo practicing “doctor,” will continue to its logical and unavoidable full horrific conclusion.  And the greater problem is that this is the good news.

The bad news is that our current “going over the cliff” economic situation is both A) planned, and B) only the very beginning of the long term collapse of the economy and ever increasing impoverishment of the citizens.

As evidence for these claims we cite the simple realization that due to the now well known relative non-lethality of COVID-19; i.e.; little more lethal than the common flu; immediate measures could, and should, be taken to follow the truly effective program outlined above : protection of at-risk population sub-groups and an immediate return to full economic activity.

This; due to the current actions and plans of Governor/Comrade Newsom, the controllers of the WEF, and their VPP friends ( see below for both ) in addition to their iron control of the utterly corrupt MSM; will not happen.

Why?  Because while Gov. Newsom personally knows that COVID-19 is at best/worst as consequential as the common flu ( for evidence of this simply refer to his actions at the ” French Laundry ” ) he is the obedient servant of his Controllers/Plantation Masters of the nation who have decided to ” Reset ” our Constitutional Republic into a subset of their planned World Government.

We restate in multiple ways this extremely important point which our readers will have most probably been Socially Engineered to disbelieve : Governor Newsom, as with virtually all political leaders ( Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Harris, Obama, etc. ), is NOT at the ” top of the political food chain.”  He, as they also, was created by Very Powerful People ( VPP ) to advance THEIR interests.  He was advanced by Very Powerful People – to advance THEIR interests.  He is maintained by Very Powerful People – to advance THEIR interests.  He is controlled by Very Powerful People – to advance THEIR interests.  He is told what to do by Very Powerful People – to advance THEIR interests.  He obeys Very Powerful People – to advance THEIR interests.  He 1,000%+ believes in, agrees with, promotes, and supports the interests of Very Powerful People – People who totally despise the Constitutional Republic of the united States and everything which it stands for.

For a possible understanding of these realities the citizen must bypass the iron control of the MSM from which such knowledge is continually sterilized/eliminated, become aware of their own Socially Engineered beliefs/training, and independently investigate other sources.

Relevant to our current topic we reference the World Economic Forum ( WEF ), a gathering of the ultra-rich of the world and their lackeys/representatives, which has declared via multiple forums ( books, conferences, etc. ) that the occurrence of the COVID-19 claimed pandemic allows for implementation of ” The Great Reset;” i.e.; a complete restructuring of society as we know it FROM WHICH THERE WILL BE NO RETURN ( their emphasis ).  See the 11/02/20 Time magazine cover and story for a beginning confirmation of the reality of our claims.

We add the following claims/clarifications to this topic : our Constitutional Republic ( we are NOT a ” democracy ” ) has long been subverted and overturned/controlled/ruled by those individuals/stockholders and corporations which control the ” money ” supply of our nation; i.e.; the PRIVATE banking Cartel known as the Federal Reserve System ( FED ) which we reference as ” the American Mafia.”  Being as ” Federal ” as the similarly named company known as ” Federal Express ” the FED Cartel, via its ability to print/create money AT ( requiring ) INTEREST at will, essentially owns virtually the entire country, including you the reader, and can dictate whatever policy its Plantation Master Controllers want.  Hence working in coordination with their assets/friends ( such as the FED ) in their targeted countries the WEF; i.e.; economic Elites of the world; have decided to ” pull the trigger/plug ” and implement ” Agenda 21 ” – the United Nations ( UN ) plan for humanity by the end of the 21st century.  That plan only accepts non-elites ( like you ) if you are willing to accept permanent poverty and economic and personal slavery; i.e.; you will own NOTHING and be ” happy ” ( on the(ir) World Plantation ) according to their own claims.  It also eliminates the Constitutional Republic of the united States, including the Constitutional Rights of the citizens ( such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments ), by making it into a subset of a ” New World Order ” government; i.e. the ” Reset ” united States would have the same relationship to the World Government as a state such as California now has to the united States as a whole.

To properly Socially Engineer our citizens so that they will passively accept this planned slavery The Elites have diligently worked to sterilize from our culture Christian based ideas such as industrial and technological progress lifting up all of humanity – ” a rising tide lifts all boats ” – and even the value of the singular human life which in distant times was considered to be a blessing from God.

In its place a massive multi-billion dollar and multi-year program of Social Engineering has worked to train our citizens to live in fear of fairy tales such as having an excess ” carbon footprint;” i.e.; ” The Sky Is Falling!!! ” due to ” Global Warming “/” Climate Change “/Catastrophe/Crisis;” to be fearful of industrial and technological progress; and even to distain, ridicule, and have contempt for the singular and inherent value of human life.

You/we are being trained, via ” The Great Reset ” and countless other programs, by The Elites/Plantation Masters via S.E. to deny progress; endorse poverty, including our own and inclusive of all generations to come; and surrender our God-given freedoms/rights.

This is why Governors Newsom, Cuomo, and numerous others can, behind the ” cover story ” of saving society from the ” boogyman ” of Covid-19, destroy – permanently – the middle class of the nation without a second thought.  They are not motivated or controlled by their ” subjects ” ( previously known as ” voters ” ) but instead by their Elite ” less than 1% ” Plantation Masters who tell them precisely what they shall do.  They are then rewarded for their obedience to the orders of their Masters; i.e.; they are fulfilling their assigned duties regarding ” the bigger picture.”  You/we, as obedient serfs/slaves/peons/” little people,” will be expected to dutifully follow our S.E. orders.

Sound fantastic?  My friends, the Constitutional Republic of the united States of America is being ” fundamentally transformed ” ( sound familiar? ) right before our eyes.  The ” middle class ” is being shattered as our society is purposefully being economically shut down as part of a long term plan by The Elites who have decided to use the cover story of a ” pandemic ” to introduce their ” New ( and permanent ) Normal ” ( their term ) of economic slavery for the mass of humanity; i.e.; George Orwell’s ” 1984 ” brought to reality/fulfillment.

California, with multiple companies fleeing the state in an attempt to escape the expanding insanity/devastation, is on the frontline of the economic and social changes which are designed and expected to shatter and replace our Constitutional Republic by producing a docile, defeated, broken, impoverished, stupid, and groveling populace which will obediently obey their Plantation Masters/Controllers in return for crumbs which fall from their table.

The Constitution Party of California, as the last and ONLY political party in our state which will oppose the economic collapse being created and promoted by The Elites/Plantation Masters, thus in recognition of this attack and of the need for both an economic recovery and an economic renaissance, hence demands the following actions :

A)  An immediate end to all limitations of economic activity regarding the current COVID-19 “scamdemic.”

B)  The immediate beginning of a “” California Health Renaissance ” program, coordinated by the State Department of Health, to introduce citizens to the many and proven natural, not pharmaceutical/drugs, methods to build and enhance both their immune systems and overall health.  Reliance on pharmaceuticals/drugs/vaccines will lead to an ever  decreasing health status of citizens ( lack of health is NOT due to a lack of drugs ) inclusive of long term debilitating side effects for which they will be denied compensation due to the political power of our pharmaceutical company Masters.  Only a long term program of the promotion of natural health methods will produce a citizenry which can experience abundant health in addition to economic prosperity and political freedom.

C)  An immediate halt to all programs which promote state economic support in any way to illegal immigrants.  Separate from illegal immigration being cultivated and used by the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP as a hammer to attack, shatter, and destroy The Republic illegal immigration produces both a vector of infectious disease entry into society ( tuberculosis, typhus, and many other negative conditions inclusive of COVID-19 ) and a reduction of labor compensation due to competition; especially for lower wage/skilled jobs in the marketplace.  Such actions adversely and greatly harm citizens of currently lower economic status to an extreme degree; both economically and in their health status.  We present that it is the duty of governmental authorities to prevent the economic exploitation of economically distressed citizens such as occurs by the promotion of illegal immigration.  All state economic assistance must be targeted to legal residents of California and those who have followed proper legal pathways regarding their immigration status.  Promotion of illegal immigration by political figures and/or parties is a direct attack against the economic status of both present and future low income citizens.  It is promoting a ” race-to-the-bottom ” of wages behind a sick, and totally fake, pretense of ” caring ” for working persons.  Attempts to coverup this result by promoting a ” minimum wage ” produces ( intended ) massive job losses due to the inability of businesses to absorb and sustain such cost increases.  Businesses subsequently fuel the expansion of job loss alternatives of automation and machines in their attempts to remain solvent or are simply overwhelmed and close.

D)  We additionally make the following proclamation :  No economic recovery, much less a renaissance, will be possible in California as long as the Democrat Party is the politically prominent party within the state; i.e.; the policies and principles of the Democrat Party will produce a continuing, accelerating, and permanent poverty for the citizens of California as a natural expression of their inherent corruption.

The father of this author was a staunch ” union man ” who was totally dedicated to the Democrat Party; this at a time when the pretense of the party being ” for the working man ” perhaps had a small ring of truth still attached to the phrase.

Fast forward a few decades and any such possible pretense has long, and ever increasingly, been shattered by the reality of the priorities of the party.

Among the avalanche of reasons why the Democrat Party no longer favors; and in fact opposes, suppresses, and actively hurts/attacks; ” the working man ” –

1)  the ” American Mafia ” FED private banking Cartel ( discussed above and below ) by its policies continually lowers/devalues/waters down the purchasing power of the dollar; i.e.; it continually steals from the working person ( you pay more for less; 10 cent coffee becomes $1, etc. ) with the theft/benefits going to the Cartel stockholders.; i.e.; the less than 1% Elites.

Question : Is there even one peep from the Democrat Party regarding this theft, much less stopping it ( such as with – discussed below – interest-free united States Notes issued by the u.S. Treasury compared to interest-requiring ” debt-money ” Federal Reserve Notes as now issued by The Cartel )?

Answer : Absolutely not because the Democrat Party, as with the Republican Party ” Establishment,”  is totally owned by, and totally obeys the orders of, the Plantation Masters; i.e.; The less than 1% Elites.  Hence it does not, and will not, lift a finger to protect the citizen(s)/working people from being hammered by this silent but ever continuing theft/impoverishment.  You, your grandparents, your parents, your children, your grandchildren and all future generations will be deliberately and ever more greatly impoverished by this process – unless it is stopped.  Homelessness and so-called ” income inequality,” as manifestations of an ever more debauched currency, will continually increase – until, and unless, the ” American Mafia ” is stopped.

2)  the complete fraud of ” Climate Change ” ( discussed below ); an economy shattering, poverty producing, and anti-working man total lie; is being promoted by the Democrat Party – irregardless of, and with full knowledge of, its intended ultimate mass poverty producing results.  70,000+ jobs have already, and purposefully, been destroyed in just the 1st week of the reign of Emperor Biden resulting from this lie/excuse.

This massive multi-billion dollar Social Engineering fraud/lie/hoax/scam is a movie equivalent production by The Elites which is dedicated to the ultimate and permanent impoverishment and enslavement of humanity inclusive of all American citizens.  It is supported, endorsed, and promoted by a Democrat Party which is totally betraying the ” working man ” in service to its Elite Controllers/Masters.  Again – notice that with less than a week in office Fake President Biden has already decimated and permanently eliminated thousands of high paying skilled union jobs based on the excuse of The-Sky-Is-Falling!!! ” Global Warming “/” Climate Change ” lie.  And ” They;” i.e.; The Elites/Plantation Masters/VPP; are barely getting started in their War, and intended ” Final Attack,” upon The Republic.

Why??  Because behind the cover story of ” saving the planet ” Your Masters, based on their anti-Christian religious philosophy, have decided to ” pull the plug ” on the continuation of humanity in any condition other than abject slavery.  Their wholly owned Democrat Party is simply one of their tools for crushing their targets; in this case by producing mass permanent unemployment while ultra contemptuously telling their targets to ” learn to code ” or ” build solar panels ” ( largely already ” farmed out ” to China courtesy of the Plantation Masters ).  Socially Engineering the populace to believe Democrat Party lies/nonsense/stupidity has been indispensable in their, so far, extremely successful War/Attack upon Humanity.

3)  The ” Green New Deal ( GND );” part of the comprehensive “War” by The Elites to permanently destroy and enslave their peon/serf subjects, including you; includes the banning of the internal combustion engine; i.e.; the beyond stupid elimination of an invention which has brought untold economic prosperity to all of humanity inclusive especially of American workers.  The 1,000%+ support of the Democrat Party for the sheer insanity of GND proposals – elimination of the internal combustion engine ( to supposedly reduce the boogyman of “greenhouse gas emissions ” ), the end of air flight travel ( for the same insane/nitwit purpose ), stopping the eating of meat ( to stop cows from farting!!!! ), and multiple other truly staggeringly moronic ideas – much less their devastating and catastrophic permanent destructive effects upon our economy and citizens ( especially middle-class ) show crystal clearly that no economic recovery is truly possible in our state as long as Democrat Party economic policies, which are both anti-worker and anti-business, are followed.

4)  The Democrat Party is renowned for its open, continued, and ever increasing contempt and hostility to business and business owners.  This is why they can not just ” stand-back ” as businesses and the entire middle-class are shattered by the ” scamdemic ” but ” pile-on ” as the destruction both continues and accelerates.  See their proposal for a 10 year tax on escapees from the state as just one example of their planned long term War upon citizens, both workers and businesses.

Why?  Because such collapse enhances the ability of government entities to step in and proclaim ” We’re here to help!” as they stand over the wreckage which they have caused; i.e.; the power of The Elites and their lackeys grows as they debilitate and cripple their targets – the citizens.

Hence, due to the inherent corruption of their core beliefs, the Democrat Party will inherently always attack business and true economic growth proposals; i.e.; a fake facade of ” standing for the working man ” covers for a continuous acquisition of power while allowing, and actually promoting, the decline and deterioration of those who they claim to ” help.”

The worse that you do the better they do; i.e.; they grow strong by making ( and, especially, keeping ) you weak.

The Constitution Party of California hence completely rejects the poverty and economic devastation producing program of the Democrat Party in its entirety.

The total collapse of Venezuela from wonderful prosperity to a brutal dictatorship of nightmarish crushing permanent poverty did not happen by accident.  The socialist/communist/Democrat Party engine/attempt to reproduce this fantastic tragedy in California ( additionally discussed below ) and throughout our nation must be opposed and stopped

The Constitution Party of California is hence the only state political party, separate from the remaining pro-life division of the now ” RINOed ” state Republican Party, which not only strives to aid business development but also works to protect our working citizens and promote the Christian based economic vision which will bring both they and their offspring a greater and more prosperous future.

As noted below ( 25) the future, and what shall we do ) our nation is being Socially Engineered to accept, promote, and endorse poverty for both ourselves and all of humanity.

We completely reject this philosophy and its Satanism/Humanism religious foundation, a Religion of Death, and instead believe in and support a Religion of Life, Christianity, which builds prosperity and health for all of humanity.

We proclaim that an economic recovery and renaissance can only occur with the Religion of Life as its foundation.

Recommended Action(s) –  To ” start at the beginning ” we recommend the books listed in 5) below – ” Climate Change ” – The Sky Is NOT Falling.

Social Engineering has so destroyed the cognitive and intellectual abilities of the populace that economy destroying and poverty producing insanities such as ” Climate Change ” can actually be believed by large masses of our afflicted citizens.

The author has personally heard numerous ” Climate Change ” supporting lunatics proclaim that it can only be stopped by ” system change;” i.e.; changing from Capitalism to Socialism; i.e.; producing equal poverty ( economic slavery – the REAL goal ) for all citizens except the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP.

Only a restoration of rational and cognitive thinking can begin to provide an antidote to Social Engineering which has trained citizens to work for, endorse, and celebrate poverty for both themselves and for all posterity.

Citizens must ” wake-up ” to Reality ( the prosperity of the ” Red Pill ” ) and reject sleeping in Fantasy ( the slavery, both economic and personal, of the ” Blue Pill ” ).

Such current ” Reality ” includes the understanding that energy ” blackouts ” will become both more frequent and intense when the complete fantasy of ” 100% renewable energy ” is pursued; a goal which cannot be achieved without a complete energy system breakdown and the production of mass societal poverty; both being INTENDED results of such a pursuit.

Nuclear power, both fission and ( ultimately ) fusion, can bring energy prosperity to both California and all of humanity.

Only our Social Engineering lab-rat training of rejecting technology and embracing DOOM!! ( see below ) keeps us from universal and permanent prosperity.

At their core these are religious values – do we believe in a Religion of Life and hence in bringing ever expanding health and prosperity to all of humanity via celebrating both the wonders of creation and of each singular life OR will we follow the ” Lifeboat ” mentality of the Religion of Death – we will feed the rest of humanity ( and even ourselves ) to the sharks because we believe in poverty, scarcity, and a purposeless universe.

We are being Socially Engineered to believe in such a Religion as the necessary prerequisite to produce our own – permanent – poverty.

Special Note – During the term of President Trump numerous persons openly stated their desire for a new ” Great Depression ” as a means of accomplishing his removal from office; i.e.; destroying/shattering the country and bringing poverty to countless citizens was both entirely acceptable and very desirable to them.

It is this same spirit/idea of supporting/promoting utter destruction ( in every way and inclusive of economic ), but on a far larger scale, which is the foundational purpose and goal of the current massive wave of illegal immigration into our nation courtesy of Emperor Biden.

It is no accident that less than 3 months into his Reign the attack has begun; a part of the comprehensive War ( discussed below ) designed to permanently shatter The Republic and enslave the citizens; starting with using the illegals to certify and strengthen The Presidential Coup ( see below ) and the massive voter fraud which accomplished it.

The entire illegal alien phenomenon is coordinated by the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP for one reason – to shatter/destroy The Republic.

Any citizen and/or organization which supports it, such as the entire Democrat Party, is dedicated to the same purpose; i.e.; they are traitors..

Yet another demonstration of their complete betrayal of ” the working man ” and our nation as a whole.

3)  Stop the American Mafia – the true key to financial recovery, prosperity, and the restoring the Republic.

From the beginnings of our nation great debates were held regarding the vital question of money including : who will control its issuance – government or private institutions; i.e.; banks?

Fast forwarding through history and as documented in ” The Creature from Jekyll Island ” by G. Edward Griffin ( we recommend that you read it ), private banking institutions, courtesy of President Wilson in 1913, seized control of our currency from the government and reign unchallenged to this day.

The power gained by currency control was epitomized by Rothschild in 1815 who stated – ” I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sin never sets.  The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

And so it is to this moment with our own currency.

Sterilizing all knowledge of these monetary conflicts from public memory the victorious banking Rothschild equivalents/Elites are now known in our nation as the ” Federal Reserve System ” ( FED ).  It is a PRIVATE ( not public ) banking Cartel and their rulership of our nation via ” Plan B ” ( described below ) is the foundation for our economic slavery, instability, and coming catastrophic collapse.

Momentarily bypassing our actual Constitutional money requirement we describe 2 competing systems to clarify our current dilemma :

A contrasting ” Plan A ” regarding our currency would be a 2 part system consisting of the people and government ( via the u.S..Treasury ) which issues INTEREST-FREE currency to facilitate commerce among the citizens.  For this moment we will refer to such currency as ” united States Notes ” ( uSN ).

” Plan B ” ( our current situation ) is a 3 part system system consisting of the people, the government, and ” The Mob;” i.e.; the FED/American Mafia.  With the government having given their sovereign authority to issue currency to The Mob ( via the FED instead of the Treasury ), the American Mafia ( private Cartel ) now issues/” loans ” debt money ( interest bearing/requiring Federal Reserve Notes – FRN ) to the citizens for their commerce.

The result is that ( with Plan B ) the citizens/nation are PERMANENTLY in ever-increasing debt to, and under the control of, the private banking Cartel.  When you pay your ( unconstitutional ) income tax you are paying the interest on the ” loan ” from ” The Mob;” i.e.; the ” Don Corleone ” of America.  The cumulative loan from The Mob/Mafia is known as the ” National Debt.”

As Henry Ford questioned – ” Why should we ” borrow ” a dollar ( and pay interest for it ) when we can make it ourselves?”

He additionally stated – ” It is well enough that people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Thomas Edison – ” If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill.  The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also.  The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%.  Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way.  It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency.  Both are promises to pay but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People.”

Bottom Line – where Plan B results in ever more debt to The Cartel, an ever more debauched/inflated ( watering down the milk ) currency ( swindling of/stealing from the citizens ), and control of the nation by outside forces ( Cartel stockholders ) Plan A ( for ” America ” ) leads to the control of our currency, future, and nation by our people/citizens/country via cutting out the ” middle-man/Mob.”

The result of over 100 years of American Mafia/Mob control is a political system where the Plantation Masters/FED Controllers have overturned/replaced our Constitutional Republic with a ” Banana ” Republic ( see below ).

No longer content with simply owning the entire country ( including you ) via their perpetual and ever increasing debt they now seek to permanently control EVERYTHING; inclusive of culture, society, and ( especially ) your mind.

Their ability to continuously/endlessly print/produce ” money ” allows them to write a blank check for all of the noted pathologies which we will address in our Contract; i.e.; they use the sovereign authority of issuing currency which they have stolen to attack and destroy the nation which they have stolen it from.

The end result/bottom line is that we are slaves ruled by Elites just as Rothschild ruled England.  ” Land of the free ” is reduced to a quaint joke which our Plantation Masters can have a good laugh over.

Shall we ever again have REAL freedom?  Shall we ever again have a stable/honest currency which is not designed to steal our wealth ( impoverish you ) – and give it to our Rulers/Masters for their enrichment – via inflation?  Will we ever stop the REAL ” less than 1%;” i.e.; the forces which control both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party ” Establishment?”

Yes – if we can defeat the monetary/financial ” Trilobite ” ( see below ) which conquered our nation in 1913 and established the ” American Mafia/FED ” ( ” deacon ” – see below ) as our rulers.

We present that a return to ” Constitutional money ” ( gold and silver coin ) is no longer a possible singular monetary solution due to both the physical inadequacy of providing adequate tangible coins for commerce and control of such resources by speculative forces capable of ” crashing ” the currency; i.e.; stealing its value and impoverishing the citizens.

Rather we present a comprehensive solution ( among many ) found in ” Web of Debt ” ( see below ) – support of ( from page 454 ) ‘ a bill to update the ” Constitutional provision that ” Congress shall have the power to coin money ” so that it reads ” Congress shall have the power to create the national currency in all its forms, including not only coins and paper dollars but the nation’s credit issued as commercial loans.”‘

We propose the nationalization of the private FED followed by the issuance of  of interest-free united States Notes by the Treasury which would replace Federal Reserve Notes and begin the process of  freeing our citizens/nation from the stranglehold of, and enslavement to, The Cartel/Mob.

We desire an ultimate return to ” honest money,” the attainment of which ( and even the journey to ) will lead to a fantastic and enduring prosperity for our, now free and no longer slaves, citizens.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party challenging the REAL reasons for the ever worsening financial impoverishment of our citizens.

Recommended Resources –

  • Ellen Brown – Web of Debt
  • Sheldon Emry – Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the  People
  • G. Edward Griffin – The Creature from Jekyll Island

Recommended Action –

A)  Study noted resources.

B)  Organize politically to implement Action Program noted on pages 454 to 457 of Web of Debt inclusive of :

  1. audit of FED,
  2. repeal of 16th Amendment,
  3. nationalization of FED

4) Health Care – We need a Revolution

Revolution – noun : a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.

The reader is invited to investigate for exact numbers but the Bottom Line for health care in our Republic is that it is the most expensive in the world and produces extremely poor results.

We present that a “revolution ” in health care; i.e.; a “new system;” will involve both revolutionary and simpler but extremely comprehensive changes in 2 primary areas – financial and personal.

The financial revolution is needed because health care, like the rest of our society, is afflicted by the ever depreciating dollar caused by the corruption of the Federal Reserve System ( FED ), the private banking Cartel which we reference as the American Mafia ( see above ).

Their continual “watering down of the milk,” i.e.; depreciating/inflating the currency ( 98% of the value of the dollar has been stolen/taken/lost since the start of the FED ) leads to continual price rises throughout the economy in all areas.

Bottom Line : Unless and until the American Mafia is stopped and replaced with a truly stable currency this part of health care costs ( ever rising prices and ever less purchasing ability per dollar ) will continue and accelerate.

You/the citizen can work to Stop the American Mafia and institute a stable currency but in a more immediate and personal way you can both directly improve your health and lower your health care costs by ” dropping out of the system;” i.e.; leaving allopathic medicine.

Allopathic : noun – the treatment of disease by conventional means; i.e.; with drugs having opposite effects to the symptoms.

The author is a Doctor of Chiropractic, the profession of which is founded on fundamental philosophies inclusive that the body heals itself when fundamental obstacles, if present, are removed.  Such obstacles include physical ( misalignment and/or weakness of physical structures ), chemical ( inadequate amounts of nutrients and/or excessive chemical/metabolic waste retention ), or emotional ( emotional dysfunction and dysharmony ) elements.  An umbrella term regarding health practices to address any or all of these dysfunctions is “Natural Healing.”

We present that both the preservation and restoration of health will be found primarily in the abandonment of pharmaceuticals/drugs and investigation of Natural Healing methods which work in harmony with the natural functioning and physiology of the body.

Lack of health is not from lack of drugs.

We propose that our current national health crisis springs from multiple factors which arise from philosophical beliefs inclusive of giving up personal responsibility for health to outside sources like physicians/doctors.

The result?  Citizens kill themselves via lack of exercise, overeating ( death by food ), or other detrimental health practices which are under their control but where responsibility is given to doctors to attempt to override, via drugs, the private decisions of the citizen.

Bottom Line – while allopathic medicine may possibly minimally assist adverse health conditions we present that individual responsibility in conjunction with the abundance of alternative health programs found in Natural Healing can, and will, produce a ” revolution ” in health maintenance and restoration when introduced more comprehensively and intensively to our society.  A natural result of this trend will be both dramatically decreased costs and dramatically improved clinical outcomes/overall health.

We hence present that the solution to our national health care crisis is not to be found by shoveling an endless and forever increasing mountain of money at the problem but rather in instituting a completely different perspective of addressing the problem.

We present that such different approach to health care will present dramatic improvement(s) in the health of the singular citizen while secondarily leading to dramatic monetary savings.

The Constitution Party of California, the ONLY Party promoting a truly comprehensive health care solution.

Recommended action – While there are truly multiple ” Mt. Everests ” of information regarding Natural Healing and drug-free health attainment we recommend you begin with 2 sources –



Simply implementing the programs found at these locations will produce abundant health improvements for the singular person and our nation as a whole.  Additionally information from these locations will open up the vast universe of Natural Healing to discovery by the exploring citizen.

5)  ” Climate Change ” : The sky is NOT falling.

A staggeringly massive multi-decade and billion dollar+ program of Social Engineering has been implemented to terrify citizens with the fantasy/fairy tale that mankind and/or the planet will be destroyed by excess heat produced by human activities.

This ludicrous, laughable, and total nonsense claim is an easily disprovable complete lie.

Literal days could be spent producing the multiple Mt. Everests of facts which disprove the lie of so-called ” global warming ” ( only one of the virtually countless advertising/marketing/public relations terms used to S.E. the populace to PANIC!! and believe in a Religion – NOT true science – of ” DOOM!!” ).  We instead refer the reader to the websites and for sanity regarding this subject.  More sanity and reality can be found in 2 books by Marc Morano – ” Green Fraud ” and ” The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change ” – and 2 books by Brian Sussman – ” Ecotyranny ” and ” Climategate ” – among many other authoritative resources which singularly and collectively completely expose and destroy the fairy tale/scam/hoax/lie.

Bottom Line(s) – The ” science ” regarding the ” Climate Catastrophe!!!” Religion of DOOM!! ( RoD!! ) is not ” settled.”  In fact virtually countless TRUE scientists can challenge and expose/shatter the hysteria of the RoD!! but RoD!! priests, employed by their/our Plantation Master Elites, continually refuse any debate due to their knowledge that in any such forum they would be annihilated by TRUE science and exposed as ludicrous frauds/liars; i.e.; the Climate Change ” House of Cards ” would completely collapse.  If the RoD!! science was truly ” settled ” its priests could, and would, have long ago participated in any and all debate challenges with the knowledge that their ” science ” would easily defeat, and permanently stop, their ” denier ” opponents.  Instead the exact opposite has occurred.

Additionally beachfront property at Martha”s Vineyard is purchased by ultra corrupt politicians who tell RoD!! believing chumps that rising seas will catastrophically devastate coastal cities in a decade at most.  The only problem for RoD!! priests is that despite their now decades long Chicken Little proclamations the seas are NOT rising ( unless you accept literal millimeters over a decade or more as ” rising” ).

There are more polar bears than ever.

Multiple fraudulent expeditions to the North Pole to document claimed collapsed/melted ice fields routinely require rescue by icebreakers.

Current headlines – ” Huge part of River Thames freezes 1st time in 60 years in sub-zero cold snap.” ” Behind the crazy weather pattern bringing ice, snow, and extreme cold in Lower 48.” ” Extreme cold grips Central U.S, surges south to Gulf of Mexico.”

Actual Drudge headline : HISTORIC FREEZE TEX!!!!  SNOW SAN ANTONIO.  POWER GRID STRUGGLES.  MILLIONS IN DARK.  Followed by : Bill Gates Has Master Plan for Battling ‘ Climate Change ‘…

Hence yet another of repeated like clockwork Social Engineering MSM Plantation Master responses to these and countless similar headlines – extreme cold is caused by ” global warming/climate change.”  An answer produced by the same 1984 ” Ministry of Truth ” which has literally published articles and produced movies proclaiming the forever soon arriving ” End of Snow.”

Bottom Line – ” They ” ( your Plantation Master rulers and their lackeys/stooges/hacks ) think you are stupid.  And they will ALWAYS believe that.

As in ” 1984 ” their job/belief is to teach/train the populace/suckers to trust/worship ” Big Brother,” here manifesting as DOOM!! which you can personally stop by limiting your ” carbon footprint;” i.e.; embracing poverty; while ignoring volcanoes which expose ( when just 1 erupts ) the utter stupidity of that Social Engineering claim by producing countless and endless tons of ” greenhouse gases ” and completely obliterating the biggest of any ” footprint ” reduction.

Yet far worse than the S.E. routine crazed day-after-day-after-day panic hysteria of the Religion of DOOM!! which blames GLOBAL WARMING!! for everything from death to dandruff is both the beginning of the planned phasing out of the internal combustion engine and massive economy shattering and poverty producing carbon taxes soon to be implemented by a Democrat Party administration.

Bottom Line – the entire world economy and all technological, industrial, and economic progress has resulted from the usage of so-called ” fossil fuels;” i.e.; coal, oil, and gas.  The fantastic progress of humanity in bringing wealth, health, and prosperity to literally billions of people to an unprecedented degree in comparison to the majority of history has resulted directly from the use of carbon fuels.  These truly ” clean ” fuels are fantastically beneficial by multiple orders of magnitude ( hundreds and thousands of times ) over the industrial, energy, and agricultural sources which they replaced – horses, flies, and feces.

The claim that solar and wind energy ( so-called ” clean energy ” which is actually nothing of the sort; i.e.; the claim is easily provably fraudulent ) can even adequately, much less fully, replace oil, coal, and gas is completely ludicrous.  The electrical grid of the nation fails even now with limited numbers of electric cars and has no capability/possibility ( especially with so-called ” renewables ” ), as known by Toyota, of powering larger numbers of such vehicles as in the total nitwit ” save-the-earth ” fantasy/lie put forth by so-called environmentalists.

Yet the real reason that such claims are made is due to catastrophic plans for the complete dismantling, destruction, and elimination of our nation as follows –

In the youth of this author there were plans inclusive of “Atoms for Peace ” ( which were based upon Christianity and its belief in the equal value of each singular life ) to spread the scientific and technological advancements of our nation to all of humanity; i.e.; ” all boats would rise ” due to the spread of prosperity to all nations and people.  In this Christian based perspective of cultural optimism not only would all people of all races advance but people in and of themselves were considered valuable; i.e.; the birth of a child was considered joyful and a wonderful blessing from God.

Fast forward only a few decades to our time and the Social Engineering of our populace to accept ” Cultural Marxism;” i.e.; anti-Christianity/pro-Satanism/Humanism;” has resulted in a cultural ” Death Religion ” promotion and acceptance which declares that human life has no inherent God given value but only value of even the slightest degree if we choose to give it; i.e.; ” thumbs up ” or ” thumbs down. ” as in the Roman Colosseum.

The Social Engineering result is a population where masculinity and femininity are endlessly and evermore attacked and diminished as socially and morally retarded, defective, and broken males and females are assembly-line mass manufactured/produced to replace real men and women.  See the movie ” Invasion of the Body Snatchers ” to begin to understand the process of converting human beings into passive and obedient drones who will obey their programming without question; i.e.; ” Pod People ” who have lost their humanity.

Social Engineering attacks the normal, natural, and healthy nuclear family of man, woman, and children with the result that traditional marriage is destroyed, children ( if they are lucky enough to be born instead of being ” Cuisinarted ” via abortion ) are shattered by the loss of their fathers, and society increasingly breaks apart due to the replacement of the Religion of Life, Christianity, by the Religion of Death, Satanism.

The attack upon the internal combustion engine, as yet another front in this ” War Against Humanity,” via the Social Engineering of the populace to believe the massive scam of the RoD!! is simply the announced plan of the ultra rich Plantation Masters of our nation; i.e.; the people who REALLY control both It and us; to totally reverse the Christianity produced cultural optimism, prosperity, and abundance referred to earlier with a nation, and ultimately world, Satanic Plantation where your God-given constitutional rights are permanently replaced by the slavery of your children and all future generations to Olympian Elites.

They, through their lackeys/hacks such as Governor Newsom and now Mary Barra of General Motors, are telling you ( their peons/slaves/serfs ) that they are planning, via elimination of the internal combustion engine, to impoverish and enslave your posterity for all generations to come – IF you are stupid enough to believe the poison lie of the RoD!! which provides the pretext to destroy our nation.  The Elites/Plantation Masters are counting on you being docile sheep who will sell out your own children and all of humanity as you happily slap on your own chains and sing in the fields of The(ir) Plantation via your S.E. belief in the massive lies of the RoD!!

The Constitution Party of California, as the ONLY Party which will oppose the ” The Sky Is Falling!!!” insanity of the complete fraud/lie/scam/hoax of ” Climate Change ” hence demands the following actions –

A)  Full debates regarding all claims by the ” Climate Change ” Religion of Doom!! be conducted at multiple forums throughout the state so that RoD!! priests and believers can no longer hide behind their fake ” scientific ” claims but must present actual and no longer faked evidence of their DOOM!! predictions.

B)  Immediate cancellation of all ” Executive Orders ” and/or legislation of any form or manner that promotes the fallacious claims of the RoD!! inclusive of rules regarding limitations on carbon and so-called ” greenhouse gases ” emissions.

C)  Cancellation of all public school programs and/or instruction in the promotion of the RoD!! unless equaled by equivalent exposure via time and materials of rational/sane and truly scientific perspectives regarding involved topics.

D)  Cancellation of all legal actions/lawsuits by California against any public or private entity in promotion of the ” Climate Change ” hoax/lie/fraud/scam in any manner.

Genesis 2:15 – And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress and keep it.

While true environmentalism involves being stewards and protectors of Gods’ creation this movement has been hijacked/stolen by the opposing religion of Satanism/Humanism and is now a ” Potemkin Village ” ( totally fake ) cover for its revised, and real, anti-humanity objectives of which the hysteria, panic, and total lie of ” Climate Change ” is the Plantation Master weapon of choice at this moment and this in service to their long-term primary goal of depopulation ( see below ).

The Constitution Party of California – the only Party standing in defense of REAL science ( and REAL environmentalism ) and against the anti-humanity planned permanent crushing impoverishment of the citizens.

We declare that any individual or organization, such as the entire Democrat Party, which supports the RoD!! is automatically both anti-science and anti-humanity; i.e.; is directly working for the economic shattering and impoverishment of humanity.

We hence yet again challenge the cowards – Debate!!!

We say that ” The Sky Is NOT Falling ” – and we can prove it!!!

Recommended Action –

  • Challenge/Oppose any manifestation of the Religion of Doom!!
  • Work to stop the insanity of banning the internal combustion engine.

6)  Say NO!! to the ” Banana Republic.”

As of the moment of this writing the Constitutional Republic of the united States of America is in grave danger of becoming a “Banana Republic;” : noun – ” a small country that is politically unstable and is dominated by foreign interests.”

This catastrophic change in both the history and surface functioning of our government and Q will occur if the Democrat Party candidate of the recent Presidential election, Joseph Biden, is sworn into office.

This is because of the massive and monstrous fraud; i.e.; ” Coup d’etat ” ( noun – a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government ); which occurred where literally millions of votes were both added for Mr. Biden and shifted from President Trump to Biden.

The united States will join the category of ” Banana Republic ” by the unprecedented, massive, and monstrous actions of the ” Deep State ” ( which in truth is a ” foreign interest ” ) in coordination with, and with total compliance from, the MSM in virtually completely covering up and ignoring the Mt. Everests of evidence regarding truly enormous and staggering vote fraud.  Promoting the ” hiding in plain sight ” of the corruption; most particularly by totally ignoring the ” Hammer/Scorecard ” programming of voting machines to switch votes, the similar ” Leonardo ” downloading of votes, and the Detroit mobilization of drug dealers via marijuana franchises; as just 3 examples of many; exposes the motives of the treasonous Killers who are attempting to murder our Constitutional Republic – the Plantation Masters/Elites who own the MSM, which is seeking revenge against President Trump for rightfully exposing them as ” Fake News ” and ” Enemies of the Republic ” ( our term ), and run The Deep State, in this case its subdivisions of the CIA and the NSA – the only organizations functionally capable of providing the necessary infrastructure and performing the actual ” hit.”  These are the ” hitmen ” for the assassination by vote fraud of The Republic; i.e.; the mess created by killing Kennedy with bullets was replaced by ” killing “/eliminating President Trump via computers.

With the fantasy of journalism ( full and impartial investigation and reporting of stories ) being fully exposed as a cruel and sick joke in our nation ( see here ultra pathetic lackeys/hacks/fakes/cowards/rodents such as Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, Fredo Cuomo, George Stephanopoulus, and countless others ) the Plantation Masters are closing in on their goal of formalizing the permanence ofof9⁹ fake elections; i.e.; ” Votes-R-Us “/Democrat Party fraud of not only this election but, especially, every future election within our nation; with their most outrageous and monstrous scam yet.

If The Elites, via their Deep State/CIA/NSA and MSM hitmen, successfully ” pull off ” this most obvious vote fraud in the history of our nation the possibility of freedom so long ago pursued by the Founding Fathers will be permanently ended as the Socially Engineered populace, with the thumb of the Plantation Masters/VPP permanently tipping the scale, will ” vote ” for policies and traitors which, and who, ” grease the skids ” for the end of our Constitutional Republic and its ” Borg assimilation ” into our previously mentioned ” New World Order “/” New Normal.”

Gone will be all of the freedoms which our country was founded upon inclusive of the 2nd Amendment and our even now rapidly diminishing/disappearing 1st Amendment.  Elimination of gun ownership and their eventual full confiscation ( an issue of extreme importance to the Plantation Masters ); in order to accomplish the full, permanent, and final slavery of our nation; will be a long term, difficult, but now finally completely achievable goal to be accomplished by multiple methods : elimination of ammunition, closure ( by both ” legal ” and/or other methods ) of gun manufacturers ( cancel their insurance ), further corruption of the legal system, and the inability to elect any 2nd Amendment supporter to elective office due to the permanent election corruption which is now being installed and will be continuously refined for more efficiency in secretly producing the desired results.

As demonstrated with the shameless cowardice and monstrous decline of the Supreme Court to even hear a case regarding the overwhelming evidence of vote fraud the ultra corrupted courts are now permanently closed to accepting any legal challenge to the death of The Republic.  The Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP have permanently seized control of the Judicial branch and will combine its carcass with their successful Legislative and Executive branch kills as trophies on the den walls of their castles.  The fantasy of independent judges will be more formally replaced with the cyphers/stooges, like John Roberts, who simply follow orders and happily betray The Republic in return for permanent prestige and crumbs from the tables of their Masters.

Combining these elements with ” Branch Davidian ” military attacks upon recalcitrant resistors ( now supplementable with armies of armed drones ) and the long term dream of The Elites/Plantation Masters to literally, and permanently, disarm America is now within sight.  The horrific treasonous groveling of the ultra violent Democrat Party; promoting and endorsing the Cuisinarting/shredding/mutilation/abortion of children ( especially blacks, see below ) while actively working to both protect and promote criminals ( BLM and Antifa) and disarm/leave defenseless citizens; to the achievement of this objective is a key element of the Elite/VPP anticipated and so deeply desired Fall of America.

Hence the Constitution Party of California, as the ONLY political party in the state which will A) openly declare and oppose both our Banana Republic and its/our now fully corrupted voting system(s); and B) completely support our 2nd Amendment without qualification; demands :

A)  A complete rejection of any manifestation of ” President Joseph Biden.”

As any claim to the Presidency by Mr. Biden will be founded on massive vote fraud such claims must be continuously and completely repudiated; i.e.; Mr

Biden will permanently be a ” Fake President ” due to the fake process which ” elected ” him.

Until truly honest vote-fraud free elections are reestablished in our nation we will in fact be a Banana Republic ruled by the dictatorial ” Junta ” ( noun – a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force ) of the Deep State controlled by its Plantation Masters/Elites creators with its figurehead puppet(s) of Biden, Harris, etc. who use their MSM 1984 “Ministry of Truth ” to pacify the targets/citizens.

Additionally there is massive evidence ( inclusive of his own confession ) that Mr. Biden performed criminal actions during his Vice-Presidential tenure; i.e.; the extortion of the Ukraine government to protect his son from investigation regarding possible criminal activities.

In accordance with these 2 issues ( massive voter fraud and the extortion of a foreign government ) along with other alleged criminal activities ( taking a ” cut of the action ” as ” The Big Guy ” in the foreign business dealings of his son ) we refer citizens to our developing website of ” ” where we encourage a developing national campaign by all citizens to place Mr. Biden under citizens arrest regarding such crimes so that he may be properly investigated and appropriately prosecuted in relation to possible criminal activity –

” Sir/Mr.Biden – I ( your name ) am here to place you under citizens arrest for crimes against the American people and government.”

Not one day should go by without citizens in all states from Alaska to Maine to Florida calling/protesting, 24/7, for the citizens arrest of the Fake President.

Acceptance of the Fake President will require acceptance of, and legitimize, the fake voting system which has ” elected ” him.  The Elites/Plantation Masters/ VPP/Deep State which performed this crime will have assassinated the Constitutional Republic of the united States – the greatest governmental development for the freedom and prosperity of all citizens in the history of humanity.

These criminals/monsters must be stopped.

B)  Full transparency of all voting system algorithms and computer programs of all voting machines.

C)  A complete ban on the ability of any voting machine company an/or governmental voting entity of any size to ” clean,” reprogram, ” scrub,” or change any voting information in any way for at least 1 year after any elective process.  Total, and REAL, transparency of ALL vote counts will be a new absolute and non-negotiable requirement.

D)  An established legal requirement that each political party be allowed equivalent numbers of vote observers at all times during the vote counting process.  No observers will be banned, excluded, or hampered in any way during the vote gathering and/or tabulation processes.

E)  A complete ban on any outside internet connection to any voting machine during the electoral process.  The possibility of remote hacking of the electoral process must be completely eliminated.

F)  A full and complete investigation of the ” Hammer/Scorecard ” attack on the Presidential election process must be performed with full prosecution of all identified participants.  Additionally the ” Leonardo ” program and the Detroit mobilization of drug dealers must be 2 of the virtually countless additional frauds which must be exposed.

G)  A complete ban on ” ballot harvesting;” a process which allows political party hacks/lackeys to turn in bundles of formerly illegal votes in order to turn an election from its true winner.

H)  A return to previous standards for mail-on ballots ( MIB ); i.e.; a rejection of the new requirement for universal MIB which allows for, and encourages, massive vote fraud.

I)  The defeat of H.R. 1; a House of Representatives bill designed to permanently enshrine/”  legalize ” every possible corrupt voting practice so that the ultra corrupt/evil Democrat Party, the Official Party of the Plantation Masters, will never lose another election.

The Constitution Party of California declares its complete and unconditional opposition to not only all corruption in the current/recent Presidential election process but also its continuation in the slightest possible form in any future elections.  This treasonous crime against our Republic must be immediately exposed and ended with all participants criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

Recommended Actions –

Form an ” Arrest Biden ” organization in your county.

Form a ” Real News ” organization in your county to expose MSM ” Fake News.”

Form a ” Honest Elections ” organization in your county.  Implement all of the above noted actions to secure honest elections and voting.

Expose all individuals and organizations which support corrupt voting and The Coup.

7)  Make America Great Again (MAGA) – Make America Constitutional Again (MACA)

With the Democrat Party of Death yet again falsely attempting to impeach President Trump, now as part of their campaign to legitimize a completely corrupt and stolen election, the totally spineless and cowardly Republican Party ( referring here to its legions of ” RINO’s ” – Republicans In Name Only – including countless wimps/rodents such as Mitt Romney, George Conway, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liz Cheney, Kinsinger, etc. and also known as the ” Establishment ” ) is doing exactly what can be expected of them – not only betraying the President by refusing to challenge the utterly corrupt voting process and ” result ” but also quickly jettisoning basic principles/themes of the President inclusive of ” Make America Great Again ” ( MAGA ) and ” America First.”

The unfortunate motivation and reality behind such betrayal is that the Republican Establishment –

A) is minimally in agreement with and, despite any surface pretense, has no objection to the anti-Christian principles, beliefs, religion, philosophy, and policies of the Democrat Party; i.e.; they are both ” owned ” by the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP;

B) does not, despite any surface illusions or protestations to the contrary, believe that America is or was ” great;”

C) believes in the complete opposite of ” America First;” i.e.; merging the united States into being a subdivision of a United Nations designed ” New World Order;” also known as ” Agenda 21.”

Bottom Line – their allegiance and loyalty is first and always to the previously referenced Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP and their Satanic/Humanist religion; NOT the foundational Christian principles of the nation inclusive of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Hence since the Republican Establishment is embarrassed by, and more than happy/willing to discard, the slogan of ” MAGA ” and all that it stands for and represents the Constitution Party of California is more than happy to lift up, and proclaim as our own, the fallen banner of ” MAGA ” so stupidly rejected and trashed by the Republican Establishment.

We believe in and completely support the MAGA concepts inclusive of –

A)  the Constitutional Republic of the united States was a great nation; i.e.; it was created as such;

B)  it has lost its greatness;;

C)  it can be, and must be, restored to greatness;

D)  a vital and indispensable component of that restoration is to put ” America First;” i.e. we are a sovereign nation first and always and must never place our needs and principles below, or in second place to, the international community and/or ( especially ) the United Nations or any other One World Government entity.

Hence the Constitution Party of California enthusiastically and forever unapologetically supports and endorses :

A) let us Make America Great Again ( MAGA );

B) let us always place ” America First;”

C) let us Make America Constitutional Again ( MACA ).

Since the Republican Party Establishment is busy trashing and rejecting these principles we declare that we completely support these fundamental ideas for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

They are now Official Mottos of our Party.

Recommended Action –

Oppose and reject the Republican Party Establishment.  They will NEVER stop appeasing and groveling to the outright insanity and evil of the Democrat Party.

Support the Constitution Party of California in defending The Republic and our Christian cultural and societal foundations.

8)  ” White Supremacy ” starts and ends with Planned Parenthood.

As documented at, Planned Parenthood ( PP ) has killed more than 20 MILLION blacks; i.e.; it is the biggest killer of blacks in the history of our nation and the biggest killer of blacks in the history of the world except for the religion of Islam ( via its history as the engine of the African slave trade ).

The true history of PP, never exposed and always carefully hidden by the Plantation Master/Elite controlled MSM, is a story of the Satanic/Humanist religious promotion of ” Eugenics,” i.e.; ” Race Science;”  the ” scientific ” claim that different ” races “/skin colors of people were/are genetically superior or inferior to one another.

Specifically this religious belief, hiding behind a ” cover story ” of being ” science,” developed from the Darwinian Satanist/Humanist Religion of Evolution.  Here, the ” English translation ” of the phrase ” survival of the fittest ” meant that the monetarily richer caucasian founders of the Religion/fake science were automatically more ” fit;” i.e.; genetically superior; than not only non-caucasians ( referred to in our time as ” persons of color – POC ) but also chosen caucasians, such as the Irish, who were labeled as ” white trash.”

The Satanist/Humanist religious action plan of these self-proclaimed genetic ” Superiors ” was hence the answer to a simple question – Since our genetic Inferiors only know how to breed and multiply like rabbits and are too stupid to grow food and/or simply care for themselves then how do we protect our genetically Superior selves from being numerically overrun by our genetically Inferior opponents/enemies?

Planned Parenthood was the answer to this question of how to solve ” the white mans burden ” of the Superiors.

For Margaret Sanger, the Founder of PP who personally declared that blacks are ” human weeds,” immediately recognized the value of Eugenics and was a ” foaming-at-the-mouth;” i.e.; rabid; supporter of Race Science.

Hence, behind the cover story of ” womens health ” the real agenda of PP from the 1st second of its existence was to destroy the genetically inferior enemies of the self-proclaimed ” Superiors;” an action plan which continues to this second.

The end result by our current moment is a beyond spectacular success for the Plantation Master/Elite creators and controllers of PP and not simply for the ” success ” of having literally killed/shredded over 20 MILLION of their sworn enemies.

For while the ” Cuisinarting ” of black babies is of extreme importance to the Plantation Masters/Elites simply for the numerical number of their dead enemies 2 additional ” happy by-products ” are also of extreme importance :

A)  the fact that the shredding death of one baby stops all future possible descendants of the child; i.e.; kill one and you kill that birth line; and ( especially )

B)  you can train ( Socially Engineer ) your targets to kill themselves.

The spectacular success of B) is demonstrated across the nation by the general collapse of the black family unit as demonstrated by the exponential growth of out of wedlock children and unwed mothers.  Hence by programing the destruction of the black family unit into their genetic forever enemies ” The Superiors ” can happily observe the expected and desired result – the black community decimating itself via black-on-black violence; i.e.; blacks shooting and killing each other in both staggering and ever increasing numbers.

While the promotion of A) above leads directly to B) the entire process is accelerated, protected, and enhanced by an ingenious, and absolutely vital to them, creation of Sanger, PP, and the Plantation Masters/Elites – ” The Negro Project ” ( TNP ).

Guided by Sanger, who stated ” We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” the core element was to; via social prestige, monetary payments, and/or any other method; ” flip ” the allegiance of key black community leaders so they would minimally not oppose and preferentially openly support Planned Parenthood; irregardless of its genocidal attack and mass murdering results upon the black community.  Via Social Engineering this has been a fantastic and spectacular success by its production of untold numbers of ” House Negroes.”

A black friend of this author informed me that ” House Negroes ” were the ” intersection ” between Plantation Masters and their slaves with the main duty of neutralizing and ending any manifestation of slave opposition to their living conditions.

And so it is still in our time and to this very moment.

For despite the shredding/Cusinarting death of over 20 MILLION black children and the literal 100 year + War of the Race Science/Eugenics Elites upon the black community the Democrat Party ( founders of the KKK ), as a Party filled to the brim with groveling-before-their-Masters ” House Negroes,” continues to betray the black citizens of our nation to both their literal and Socially Engineered deaths.

The bitter truth is that an Army of House Negroes; inclusive of Barack and Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and countless others; are all diploma carrying graduates of ” The Negro Project ” – richly rewarded with prestige, riches, and worldly honor by their Plantation Master/VPP/Elite Controllers for selling out/betraying/backstabbing the black community both now and for generations to come to their self-considered genetically Superior enemies.

The Religion of Race Science/Evolution as expressed via the genocidal Action Plan of Planned Parenthood is hence the true and absolute expression of ” White Supremacy “/” White Superiority ” in our nation.  They have produced, implemented, and literally daily operate a program designed to physically destroy black children and to train the black community to destroy its own family and community structure(s).

Thus show me a supporter of Planned Parenthood ( here’s looking at you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and countless other betrayers ) and I will show you a White Supremacist.

Hence the Constitution Party of California, in recognition of the continuing monstrous genocidal attack upon the black community by Planned Parenthood as a front group powered and motivated by the religious belief of so-called ” White Supremacy ” ( a branch of Satanism/Humanism ), calls/strives for the following actions :

A)  a total defunding of Planned Parenthood by all government entities of any size – federal, state, or local.  No government funding of even one cent should go to such a monstrous, vicious, mass murdering, and genocidal organization.

B)  an open and complete public renunciation of PP by all communities in which its facilities are physically located.  All political parties and their members should join in complete and unqualified condemnation of PP inclusive of its history, objectives, and actions.

C)  continual demonstrations at all PP facilities demanding their complete and permanent shutdown.

The greatest expression of ” White Supremacy/Superiority ” in the history of the world – Planned Parenthood – must be stopped.

The greatest corporate enemy, and killing machine, of blacks – Planned Parenthood – must be stopped.

True ” racism ” starts and ends with Planned Parenthood and its supporters.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY state Party standing in defense of the black community against their Plantation Master created and controlled genocidal mass murdering enemies.

Recommended Action –

A)  Form a ” Whites Against Racism – W.A.R. – Alliance ( a creation of the author ) chapter in your county ( even if you have no county PP killing center ).  Plantation Master/Elite/VPP and MSM support for Black Genocide is extremely powerful ( they get hundreds of millions of government $$$$$ every year ).  Every citizen will be needed to stop the institutionalized/government sanctioned killing of our black brothers and sisters.

B)  Organize against/fight the ” White Supremacy/Superiority “/true racism of Planned Parenthood at every opportunity.  Challenge and expose the truly racist supporters of PP.

9)  ALL Lives Matter but Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) are Enemies of Humanity and Enemies of Blacks

As demonstrated via their original website, despite now being partially sanitized in response to exposure of their profound evil, BLM is a Marxist/Communist organization ( note that Marx despised blacks ) which is dedicated, among many other attacks on the black community and humanity as a whole, to the destruction of the nuclear family as part of their attempt to destroy the Christian foundations of the nation and hence America itself.  Its rabid hatred of men ( especially of their main target – black men ), including their war cry of ” destroy the patriarchy,” comes naturally from its 3 self-professed lesbian Marxist founders who openly promote the spectrum of LGBT pathologies now being used to attack The Republic inclusive of their black community target.

Hence the anchor-given-to-a-drowning-swimmer ” help ” of BLM is the last thing the black community needs as their family unit has been deliberately shattered by Planned Parenthood ( via the genocide of 20 million+ Cuisinarted and the Negro Project, see above ) and many other weapons of the Plantation Masters resulting in a catastrophic wave of black-on-black violence.

The superficial cover story genesis of BLM was the death of George Floyd; who actually died of a drug overdose the reality of which was lost in the hysteria fueled by the dumb actions of officers at the scene and (  especially ) the following ” narrative ” promoted by the Plantation Masters via their MSM stooges/hacks.  In reality the Socially Engineered manipulation of the black community to do exactly what they are told to do; as with riots, looting, etc.; has been a result long ago planned for, Engineered, and desired by The Elites who then sit back and proclaim ” that is just the way they are.”

For make no mistake – BLM is a total sock-puppet which is an integral cog in the Plantation Masters War against America, specifically by promoting racial hatred.  Over 1.5 BILLION dollars in corporate funding for BLM is only a partial measure of how important it is to The Elites to Socially Engineer hatred of whites/caucasians into both the black community and the culture and society of our nation as a whole.

The MSM fantasy not only promoted the lie of ” mostly peaceful protests ” to sanitize BLM rioting, looting ( including the destruction of countless black businesses ), and deaths/murders ( including retired officer David Dorn in St. Louis ) but the underlying claim that whites, including but not limited to police, were, everyday, ” hunting ” blacks.

Such outright lies are part of the now exploding Social Engineering attack of the Plantation Masters, via their BLM connected and supporting surrogates/lackeys, to build a continuous and never ending claim of ” white superiority/supremacy/privilege;” etc.; i.e.; that all caucasians not only automatically spend all day every day suppressing/oppressing blacks but that they can do it without even thinking about it.  The intentional permanent demonization of all caucasians serves The Elites by both attacking whites ( as, discussed elsewhere, surrogates for their real target of Christianity ) and permanently ( even more than before ) producing ever more retarded black citizens.

For the black fool/lab rat, be they male or female, who accepts their Social Engineering training regarding ” white supremacy,” etc. proclaims ( is trained to believe/parrot ) that they are held back in life; every day, every moment, and in every way; by caucasians who are automatically ” racist ” simply by being born and who themselves spend all day every day planning and working for the demise of all blacks.  Their trainers coincidentally never discuss the mass murder/genocide of 20 MILLION+ blacks Cuisinarted by themselves via abortion or even their support for the slaughter.

The Socially Engineered result is an army of blacks who make excuses for their own failures and dumb/stupid/idiotic/evil choices by forever blaming whites/caucasians; a perfect recipe for the production of a permanently retarded society and culture which produces, forever and by intent, no men and women but oodles of inferior, defective, broken, and shattered males and females.

We hence urge our black brothers and sisters –

Don’t be stupid chumps.  You have the ability to develop your full capabilities and potentials.  It is an outrageous Plantation Master insult to suggest that you can’t and it is totally idiotic/stupid of you to support and promote their insult/lie in the slightest possible way.  Anyone of any color who promotes/endorses/spreads that lie is a stupid backstabbing rat.  No one, especially any caucasian/white, is ” holding you down ” but YOU by the chains/shackles/lies in your own mind.

YOU are the one holding you down; via virtually countless ways but with the most universal/common one being YOUR OWN HATRED; i.e.; if Satan/Lucifer ( yes, we/you are in a spiritual battle ) can trick you into hating/resenting whites/caucasians and/or even your own parents ( his/Its most universal and common trick ) then you are an instant slave who has put on your own shackles by choice.

If you don’t wake up ( for REAL ) and stop being a stupid nitwit your Plantation Masters and their lackeys, the ultra evil power/engine behind BLM, will have the last and well deserved laugh over you.

Hence my black friends –

A)  do the complete opposite of BLM and go back to build solid black families ( restore your men ) such as you had long ago before the Plantation Masters decided to destroy you via destroying your family ( by destroying your men );

B) don’t let the soul poison of ” Feminism ” destroy your culture/family just as the Plantation Masters ( who created it ) want to use it as a weapon against everyone;

C) the multiple front war of the Plantation Masters/Elites against blacks includes shattering your society and culture via the soul poison of the LGBT pathology.  They have spent literally millions of dollars building entire organizations like the National Black Justice Coalition ( NBJC ) which is totally dedicated to

Socially Engineering the black community to accept, endorse, and promote sodomy; i.e.; to finally and completely destroy the Christian foundations of the black family and community.

IMPORTANT!!!!!! – The Plantation Masters have long targeted black men/masculinity for destruction.  DESTROY ( ” buck break ” ) THE MEN AND YOU DESTROY THE COMMUNITY!!!!!

There is a REASON that the Plantation Masters have formed and funded ( with a blank check ) the NBJC.

There is a REASON that young black males are mutating into ” transgenders.”

There is a REASON that the Plantation Masters and their MSM weapon are promoting the sodomite ” rapper ” Lil Nas X; i.e.; he/it is designed, and funded, to target black children, specifically boys, for soul destruction/shattering.

There is a REASON that Sanger and friends created ” The Negro Project.”

There is a REASON that so many ” House Negroes ” will betray their black brethren and support their genocidal killers.

There is a REASON that blacks have been trained to kill each other and/or anyone else.

There is a REASON for the avalanche of black-on-black crime.

These events/occurrences are NOT accidents.

Don’t let the Plantation Masters, as surrogates for their god of Satan, shatter, and rule over, your very soul.

Bottom Line – BLM is totally dedicated to ” buck-breaking “/effeminizing black men.  It is an anti-Christian and anti-family front organization dedicated to using the black community as chumps/tools in service of their behind the scenes Plantation Master true Controllers/creators – caucasians all – to destroy humanity permanently including all blacks.  The BLM fake public hierarchy ( as ” House Negroes,” see elsewhere ) will be/are richly rewarded for their total back-stabbing betrayal of both blacks and humanity as a whole.

My black friends – BLM totally despises the natural nuclear family; i.e.; they want to spiritually castrate black men and destroy them as leaders of the family; i.e.; to make sure that boys have no fathers and will hence be unprotected so that they will be shattered.  They are hence the perfect surrogates of the Plantation Masters; the engine behind The Negro Project and every other campaign to destroy you.

My black friends – BLM totally 1,000%+ supports Planned Parenthood – the greatest killer of blacks in American history.

If you don’t care about that then you are as sick as they are and deserve your slavery for selling out humanity.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party which will work to defend the black community from the complete and monstrous evil of Black Lives Matter.

Recommended resources – – Brotherhood of a New Destiny

Jesse Lee Peterson – Rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man

Jesse Lee Peterson – From Rage to Responsibility

Peterson – Scam : How the Black Leadership Exploits Blacks

Peterson – The Antidote : Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood

Jason L. Riley – Please Stop Helping Us : How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

Recommended Action(s) –

Oppose the evil of BLM whenever possible; i.e.; defend the Black Community from the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP who are using their sock-puppet of BLM to attack and destroy them.

10)  White Nationalism – A) We love our country; B) We don’t apologize for that; C) Caucasians have nothing to apologize for; D) Racists must apologize to Caucasians.

Nationalism – noun : identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

A)  The Constitution Party of California declares that the Constitutional Republic of the united States was at its founding the greatest nation in the history of the world.  As additionally discussed below ( It’s more than OK to be white ) the founding of The Republic ( NOT a ” democracy ” ) was a seminal event in a long historical process leading to many wonderful developments for humanity as a whole inclusive of the virtual elimination, excepting for current incidents in Islamic controlled areas in Africa, of slavery.

B)  The engine of the historic slave trade out of Africa consisted of Islamic armies who conquered and enslaved their black targets and then drove them to the coastal areas where they were sold into slavery; literally killing millions through starvation and monstrous cruelty in the process.  In fact the Islamic religion driven process of Africa slavery is literally the greatest killer of blacks in the history of the world.

It was the defeat of the Islamic ” Barbary Coast Pirates ” by the fledgling Constitutional Republic of the united States; i.e.; BY CAUCASIANS representative of Western Civilization; that was one of the events in a long battle BY CAUCASIANS representing Western Civilization, founded upon Christianity, to end both the slave trade in Islamic African and worldwide as a whole.  Hence in this instance as in many others CAUCASIANS fought, and died, to stop both blacks from enslaving and killing blacks and the slavery phenomenon as a whole.

C)  While we believe that our Constitutional Republic has been overthrown, replaced, and long negatively controlled by the ” Plantation Masters ” ( who – TO THIS DAY – promote REAL racism and killing blacks such as through Planned Parenthood ) we still believe in the Christian foundations and principles upon which our nation is based; i.e.; we love our country; i.e.; we are hence automatically ” nationalists;” and celebrate that throughout its history its principles have brought health, prosperity, and abundance to more people; inclusive of ” People of Color ( POC ) i.e.; primarily blacks; than any other nation in history.

Hence we do NOT ” apologize ” ( and never will ) for having a deep love for the religious principles upon which our nation was founded; principles which have blessed and advanced all of humanity and continue to do so.

D)  President Trump is not, and never has been, a racist.

We use him a a singular example of the greater collective phenomenon of Caucasians being increasingly accused of racism despite both current reality and documented history.

We present that the Social Engineering phrases of ” white supremacy,” ” white superiority,” etc. are code words for the real target – Christianity; i.e.; whenever you hear the word ” white ” used as a pejorative ( adj. – expressing contempt or disapproval ) simply substitute ” Christian.”

The reason for this, extremely condensed but with our attached challenge to demonstrate and debate any claimed inaccuracy, is as follows –

Within the major monotheistic religions off the world; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity; there are many subdivisions.  For Islam these consist primarily of Sunni and Shiite divisions.  In Christianity the spectrum spans from Unitarianism to Catholicism with many other branches.  In Judaism a similar range includes Orthodox, Reform, and others.

Such ” others ” include ” Talmudic Judaism,” a branch of Judaism which does NOT have the Bible, or even the Torah ( 1st 5 books of the Bible ), as its authoritative text.  Instead for this branch of Judaism primary motivation and guidance are found in the ” Talmud,” considered as the oral ( not written as with the 10 commandments ) statements of Moses which are passed on by rabbis through the years and also accumulated with commentaries added.  Of the 2 primary Talmuds the Babylonian is considered more authoritative than the Jerusalem commentary.

The relevance to our current political situation is as follows :

A) the Talmud declares that Jesus Christ was a sorcerer;  B) it claims that Christ did NOT die on the cross but instead was hung by the Jews; C) it claims that the Jews were/are GLAD that Christ was hung; D) it claims that, because he was a sorcerer, Christ is sitting in hell in boiling feces at this second; E) it claims that Mary was a prostitute; F) it claims that her liaison with a Roman soldier produced Christ.

Bottom Line – Over 2,000 years ago, and as documented in the Bible, the Jews of that time ( inclusive of those known as the Sanhedrin and Pharisees ) killed Christ.  Their following and never-ending hatred of Christianity, primarily due to the loss of their exclusive ” Chosen People ” status when Christ extended salvation to include Gentiles ( everyone else ), has continued to this moment, primarily through the Judaism subdivision known as ” Sabbatean Frankism.”

The result for our time is that the War Against Christianity is both financed and implemented by the tag-team religions of Satanism/Humanism and the Sabbatean Frankism ( SF ) division of Judaism.

It is from these religious War roots that we see the cultural manifestations of –

A) the War on, and the media attack on, Christianity;

B) the abortion/Cuisinarting War on the unborn;

C) the War to destroy the traditional/normal/natural/healthy/sane family of man, woman, and children;

D) the War to support/legalize sodomite/homosexual marriage;

E) the War to promote the psychosis of ” transgenderism;”

F)  the War to claim that there are more than 2, and in fact an infinite number of, genders;

G)  the War to claim that every caucasian is automatically racist;

H)  the War to claim that caucasians must apologize for their ” privilege;”

I)  the War to claim that everyday all caucasians work, from dawn to dusk and beyond, to oppress all black people;

J)  the War to claim that ” systemic racism;” caused and maintained by caucasians; is a daily threat to, and attack on, blacks;

K)  the War to claim that ” White Nationalism;” i.e.; caucasians who love their country; are a national security threat ( also referred to now as ” domestic terrorists” );

L)  the War on women and femininity known as ” Feminism;”

M)  the War on men and masculinity inclusive of ” toxic masculinity;”

N)  the War on men via the production of pornography ( see below );

O)  any attack upon any manifestation of the Christian foundations of our nation; here inclusive of Christopher Columbus, public statues, etc.

” We Jews.  We are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers.  Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs.  We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”  Maurice Samuel; Jewish author of ” You Gentiles.”

” If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live.  You are a cancer, you’re a disease…”  Noel Ignatiev, Communist and Jewish philosopher.

” The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed.  Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”  Noel Ignatiev

” The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”  Noel Ignatiev

” The white race is the cancer of human history.”  Susan Sontag, Jewish writer.

Make no mistake – these and countless other expressions of The War Against Humanity are manifestations of the religious War between Christianity and its enemies of SF Judaism and Satanism/Humanism.

Criticism of the hatred of Sabbatean Frankist Judaism against Christianity and for its actions from A) through O) as noted above will draw a standard Social Engineering charge of ” anti-semite ” ( semite – noun : a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs ).  Our criticism here is not of an entire group; i.e.; Jewish people as a whole; but rather an extremely venomous/evil religious sub-group which is the engine behind virtually countless attacks upon the foundations of Western Civilization inclusive of the current Wars/campaign against anything ” white ” whether it exists or not – superiority, supremacism, nationalism, privilege, etc.

Our criticism/challenge of our noted Evil is hence not of Judaic brethren who wish to live in harmony with humanity but rather the Judaic division which seeks to destroy its self-proclaimed Christian enemies via the mass destruction of humanity as a whole with its own installation as rulers over the rubble created by their attack.

This religious sub-group is at the same time the engine ( including especially financial ) behind, and motivating force of, the genocidal ( over 20 MILLION ” Cuisinarted ” ) War of Planned Parenthood against blacks.

Bottom Line(s) –

1)  the very people proclaiming that ” White Supremacy/Nationalism ” is a ” national security threat ” are the engine behind the monstrous genocidal War Upon Blacks by Planned Parenthood; i.e; they are ” racists ” in the truest sense of the word;

2)  these same people totally despise the Christian foundations of our society, culture, and nation.  The attack against ” White fill-in-the-blank ” is hence in fact part of an extremely organized Social Engineering attack to demonize Christianity in order for its mortal enemies of Satanism/Humanism and SF Judaism to succeed in destroying the Life Religion base of our nation.

The Constitution Party of California hence declares that ” White Nationalism ” is not only a defense of caucasians and their contributions to humanity via Western Civilization, not only expressive of our love of our nation, but even more so is expressive of Christianity – the religious foundation of our nation and the Religion of Life upon which all men are Brothers in Christ.

We hence, as White Nationalists; i.e.; as caucasians who love their country; stand –

A) in defense of, and love for, our country;

B) in Christian defense of all of humanity against its Death Religion opponents; and

C) in defense of our black brethren against their genocidal attackers.

It is they who must apologize to us and humanity as a whole for their profound evil(s).

Recommended resources –

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ( Authors comment – this document is NOT ” fabricated.”  It is an authentic document regarding the War Against Humanity. ). – News and Commentary regarding opposing Communism and defending caucasians and humanity as a whole.

Marching to Zion – documentary regarding Sabbatean Frankist Judaism.

11)  The LGBT War Against Humanity

A)  There is no such thing as ” gay.”  The acronym stands for ” Going After Youth ” and is in fact a Social Engineering/Marketing/Advertising term to sanitize, and promote social acceptance of, the real actions of those afflicted by the condition who are properly referred to as ” sodomites.”

B)  There is no such thing as ” transgender.”  It does not exist.  See our discussion below.

C)  Homosexuality is a soul pathology produced by hatred/resentment of parents; most especially of the father.  Participation in and/or acceptance of the pathology occurs by, and is produced by, the initial emotional soul poisoning followed by acceptance of and allegiance to the religion of Satanism/Humanism; i.e.; the breaking and enslavement of the target soul.  There is no such thing as a Christian homosexual; i.e.; a REAL Christian who participates in and/or supports homosexuality in any way.  There are only ” recovering ” Christian homosexuals who no longer support and/or participate in their former affliction.

D)  Satanism/Humanism is the religious base and motivation of the LGBT War Against Humanity as well as the singular afflicted person identifying with and within the afflicted group.  That War is dedicated, in every action which they do, to the complete destruction of Christianity; in particular the nuclear family, men, women, children, and all moral, cultural, societal, and national expressions of Christianity.  All so-called ” Pride ” parades are in fact Satanism/Humanism religious celebrations and festivals whose purpose is to Socially Engineer the populace to reject Christianity and to accept their own demise via cultural and societal dominance of the anti-Christian Death Religion.

E)  The automatic/” natural ” expression of the religious base of Satanism/Humanism is to attack Christian sexual mores which oppose sexual deviancy with the knowledge that participation in such pathology virtually automatically, via soul trauma, assures at least minimal allegiance to the religion of Satanism/Humanism; i.e.; sodomites must convert their targets from Christianity in order to successfully poison/enslave/destroy them.

While Christianity promotes Christ as its inspirational standard bearer and subsequently develops social mores and laws which protect and promote the natural nuclear family, especially inclusive of women and children such as laws against incest and child molestation, the standard bearer of the LGBT War Machine is the Marquis De Sade whose religious dedication was to ignore, overcome, and destroy ” taboos,” i.e.; moral prohibitions against sexual pathology/deviancy.

Such ” taboos;” i.e.; Christian suggestions, mores, and even laws which oppose and prohibit their opposite of sex with anything and anyone at any time and for any reason; are hence automatically at war with the core goal of the LGBT War Machine – to eliminate Christian sexual perspectives, and Christianity itself, from having any influence upon our culture, society, and nation.

As sodomite philosophers have concisely addressed their problems and goals they state that homosexuals can NEVER be ” free ” until ALL children are ” free;” i.e.; that children, at ANY age, can have sex with anyone at any time and for any reason with NO legal, societal, and/or cultural impediments/opposition of the slightest degree.  In conjunction with United Nations declarations that children are sexual beings FROM THE MOMENT OF BIRTH ( a declaration from Alfred Kinsey ) the English Translation of the Sodomite Declaration is that all laws impeding any sexual actions by sodomites in any way must be overturned and eliminated.

This is why the full legalization of child molestation, referred to as ” intergenerational sex ” by the LGBT War Machine, is an ultimate aim/goal of their Movement; a victory already planned for via the now dead carcass of the Supreme Court; i.e.; a Court which refused to oppose massive election fraud but will, at the appropriate time, enthusiastically hear a case intended to ” legalize ” an ultimate dream of the sodomite War Machine.

For just as sodomite marriage was ” legalized ” by an anti-Christian Satanist/Humanist religion dominated Court and Court system, with the rise of “The Junta ” to rulership of the nation via the fake election of Fake President Biden so also will child molestation be legalized via the claim that each child has a ” civil right ” to sex at any age and for any reason.  The same philosophy, religion, and legal process/precedents which ” legalized ” sodomite ” marriage ” will declare that a child of any age can mutilate themselves into a transgender ( ideas fully supported by Fake President Biden ) and will then be simply transferred over to complete the relatively simple process of legalizing ( claiming a ” civil right ” ) child sex.

Child sex, with the claim that it is the desire/” choice “/” civil right ” of the child, will be reclassified as a ” sexual orientation ” and ” sexual preference;” a process already near virtual completion by the LGBT War ( against humanity ) Machine.

The Socially Engineered populace, inclusive of armies of Undead man-hating Feminists and limp-wristed ” beta ” males ( see below ), will not have the slightest peep against this crime against humanity simply because it is ” framed ” to be accepted by their conditioning – How can you deny a ” civil right ” of children to have sex when they want?  Answer – the degenerate populace and the Supreme Court will declare that you can’t.

A populace Socially Engineered to parrot/repeat the world wide motto of child molesters – ” Love is Love ” – will, as planned and designed, gradually forget/ignore all current laws protecting children from attack and allow their replacement by ” sex-positive ” laws which promote the ” new understanding ” of how what was previously considered evil/sick ( but only because of religious ” bigotry ” ) is now understood to be liberating and enlightening by truly ” progressive ” people.

The entire purpose of ” Drag Queen Story Hours ” and every other action of the LGBT War Machine is to Socially Engineer/soul poison the populace to fully accept, endorse, and promote their ” trilobite ” ( see below ) of legalized child sex.

Hence a Satanist/Humanist stacked deck Court will easily ” legalize ” the catastrophic attack upon humanity of child sex legalization and a Socially Engineered populace, inclusive of the entire Democrat Party, will both not make a peep against and will enthusiastically support legalized child sex.


To stop the LGBT War Machine Juggernaut from annihilating the Christian cultural and social foundations of the nation, including countless generations of children to come, citizens must overcome their own ongoing everyday Social Engineering and do what they are being trained not to do – to say NO to the LGBT War Machine.

Such resistance requires true love; i.e.; telling the truth to homosexually afflicted persons that their actions are due to a soul pathology.  The ever diminishing possibility of this occurrence results from recognition by the Plantation Masters of the need to infiltrate and destroy the Christian church in order to neutralize and eliminate opposition to their ultimate Socially Engineered Satanic/Humanist victory.

Hence by exploiting both the ” natural ” overwhelming human tendency to protect their ego/image by not fighting back against attackers; i.e.; ” go along to get along;” and the warping/collapse of American Christianity from a true Church into a business far more concerned with ” nickels and noses ” than Salvation the Plantation Masters via their lackeys have set the Socially Engineered stage for the cultural collapse of the nation via the ultimate legalization of child molestation/sex.

Unless you say NO.

The Constitution Party of California – the last Party which will, via true love, say NO to both the legalization of child molestation/sex and the LGBT War Machine/” Trilobite ” ( see below ) in its attack upon humanity.

Recommended Resources –

Health Hazards of Homosexuality – Mass Resistance

Note # 1 – Mass ( short for Massachusetts ) Resistance was formed years ago in response to a Planned Parenthood elementary school presentation/attack which, inclusive of their standard ” Don’t tell your parents ” coaching, instructed students in the common sodomite practice known as ” fisting;” i.e.; insertion of a closed fist into the anal cavity.

Planned Parenthood is in complete allegiance to, and is an action arm of, the LGBT War Machine in its attack against humanity with their ” speciality ” ( separate from Cuisinarting/shredding children ) being the soul destruction/shattering of children via Social Engineering; i.e.; inducing emotional trauma to warp/break the target child.

The purpose of the ” fisting ” class was to emotionally shatter/break the target children via the moral depravity/sickness/trauma/degeneracy of the soul shock produced by the presentation.  The intent is to produce a pathological cascade through the targets; i.e.; the freshly broken children would produce a pathological wave of sickness/degeneracy through all other children extending through society as a whole.

The Action Plan of the LGBT War Machine, working through its PP demon soldiers, intends to attack ALL children of our nation with this same, and many other forms of, depravity.  Their goal is to soul break/shatter the children of America.

Will Americans have the courage to save their children from such outright evil or will they be Socially Engineered to sacrifice their children on the LGBT/PP altar?  Will Americans be Socially Engineered to be far more concerned about their ” image ” than the souls of their children?

The Constitution Party of California stands with the current and future children of our state and nation against the monstrous depraved attack upon them by the LGBT War Machine.

We invite our opponents to publicly expose themselves as Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism supporters of the soul death of the children of our nation via LGBT War Machine attack.

Recommended Action –

Host a Straight Pride Parade in your town/county.

Note # 2 – The author is the Founder and Director of the National Straight Pride Coalition; found at

We organized the 1st Straight Pride Parade/Event in the history of our nation on Sat. Aug. 24th, 2019 in Modesto. CA with a 2nd event being held in Aug. 2020.

Our 3rd Straight Pride Parade will be held in Modesto on Sat. Aug. 28th, 2021.

Our Mission is found on our front web page – to save the noted babies ( representing all future generations ) from the soul death attack of the Satanist/Humanist LGBT War Machine.

Our Straight Pride Event/Parade hence represents the exact opposite of a Sodomite Pride Parade –

We celebrate Life –

We celebrate masculinity ( real men, not sodomites ) –

We celebrate femininity ( real women, not lesbians ) –

We celebrate children born and unborn –

We celebrate the natural nuclear family of man, woman, and children –

We celebrate all people and all races –

We celebrate Western Civilization –

We celebrate Christianity.

Our motto is – ” Normal, Natural, Healthy, Sane.”

We celebrate Life.  Our opponents celebrate death.

This fact is illustrated by our Event ending point – the Modesto Planned Parenthood office; the local killing center of the world-wide genocidal anti-humanity War Machine of the Plantation Masters inclusive of 20 MILLION + blacks shredded/Cuisinarted in America alone.

Our opponents – motivated by the religions of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism – are the foot soldiers/orcs/demons of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP.  They completely despise our Celebration of Life and everything which it stands for.  They completely support everything which our Contract opposes.

Dear Citizen – Our culture, society, and nation of Life is dying.  It is under unrelenting attack.

We invite you to join us in the counterattack by celebrating Life in your community and restoring the Celebration of Life to our nation.

We invite you to join us in defense of The Republic and humanity.

Note # 3 – The LGBT War Machine is currently seeking passage of the so-called ” Equality Act;” i.e.; the legal enshrinement of every current and future LGBT pathology/sickness into legal superiority ( NOT ” equality ” ) in EVERY area of our society, culture, and nation.

Current pathologies – every LGBT sickness which our discourse/essay addresses such as full legal recognition of the transgender pathology inclusive of legal requirements ( on threat of fines/jail time ) that you address the psychotic with their chosen pronouns; she/her for fake/mutilated dude ” women,” etc.

Future pathologies – ( currently not promoted for obvious public relations reasons ) public recognition of, and full legal recognition of and protection for, ” coprophagia ” ( ingestion of feces ), a common sodomite practice, as a ” civil right ” ( also a ” sexual orientation ” ); only 1 of many intended.

ALL of these pathologies will have full political ( Democrat Party ) and legal support to be forcefully indoctrinated into ALL children via the public school system.

Bottom Line – There is no limit to the evil, sickness, and depravity which the LGBT War Machine has planned for The Republic; most especially their main target(s) of children.

Passage of the ” Equality Act ” will be a massive victory in the LGBT War Against Humanity.  It will lead to the soul decimation of countless children.

12)  Save children from the soul molestation of ” transgender.”

There is no such thing as ” transgender.”  It does not exist

What does exist are broken/shattered people who pretend to be the opposite sex and even mutilate themselves in a psychotic attempt to rationalize and legitimize their soul poison/pathology; primarily their hatred/resentment of their parents. This includes children who are used as pawns by extremely vicious, degenerate, and evil/monstrous people to advance an anti-Christian religious agenda against our nation.

In our Constitutional Republic we have a right to be psychotic as long as we do not hurt ourselves or others.  But we have no right to teach children that a psychotic condition such as ” transgenderism ” is normal, natural, healthy, or sane in the slightest degree.  To do so is a form of child molestation.

The Plantation Masters/VPP/Elites who rule our nation have implemented a massive and monstrous multi-billion dollar Social Engineering attack upon humanity to normalize the soul pathology of ” transgender.”

The reason for this is religious; i.e.; the Bible proclaims that God made man and woman while Satanism/Humanism proclaims that there is no God and that humans make themselves.

That is why the psychotic/ultra evil LGBT War Machine can claim that there are an unlimited number of genders.  It is also why after ” transgenderism ” is ” normalized ” via Socially Engineering the next insanity/attack will be ” trans-species ” ( I proclaim myself to be a squirrel/elephant/dolphin/zebra/etc. ) followed by ” trans-planet ” ( I proclaim myself to be from Mars/Venus/Krypton, etc. ).

All of these insanities will eventually be legally/mandatorily taught in the public schools to children at the youngest ages ( kindergarten and earlier ) as normal, natural, healthy, and sane – the exact opposite of reality.  Societal affirmation and mandatory support for these obvious insanities will be politically organized by the Democrat Party leading to passage of laws requiring promotion of such pathologies and countless other LGBT sicknesses.

Hence the Constitution Party of California, as the last political party which will actively and openly work to protect children from the LGBT War Against Humanity Machine, demands the following actions :

A)  An immediate permanent suspension of all public school programs which in any way support teaching that the soul pathology of ” transgenderism ” is normal, natural, healthy, or sane in the slightest way possible;

B)  an immediate permanent suspension by all state government agencies of any type of any suggestion that there are more than 2 biological genders;

C)  an immediate permanent suspension by all governmental agencies of any type of any support in any possible way for the promotion of ” drag queens ” as anything other than a pathological state of existence;

D)  an immediate permanent suspension of all medical programs which attempt in any way to support children being physically mutilated, either outwardly or inwardly via biochemistry, into their opposite sex;

E)  an immediate permanent suspension of all laws requiring pathological usage of pronouns; i.e.; no law shall require a citizen to use language, inclusive of pronouns, to affirm, support. and/or promote pathological conditions such as ” transgenderism;”

F)  an immediate permanent suspension of all laws claiming a biological possibility of more than 2 genders; i.e.; drivers licenses, birth certificates, and any other documents will be prohibited from giving options for 3rd or other genders such as ” X,” etc.  Only the gender options of man/woman and boy/girl will be allowed on all governmental and legal documents.

To reiterate : the promotion of ” transgender ” has a very specific purpose – to break children by Socially Engineering them to accept, support, and then promote total insanity so that the overall country will be broken.  Break the children and you break the country.  This is why the Democrat Party of Death, working with Planned Parenthood, is ( starting in Illinois ) promoting sex education for all children across the nation starting in KINDERGARTEN.  It is one attack of many designed to collectively, and eventually, shatter and destroy the Republic by destroying its Christian foundations via destroying/shattering the children.

The Constitution Party of California; the last political party which will fight to defend children, humanity, and the future against the insanity and complete evil of the LGBT War Against Humanity Machine.

Resources –

When Harry became Sally – Ryan Thompson

Irreversible Damage – Abigail Shrier

Note # 1 – The extreme importance to the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP of promoting the soul sickness of transgenderism is demonstrated by the recent MSM Time Magazine cover story regarding Ellen Page; a psychotic/broken female actress who has self-mutilated herself ( cut off her breasts ) and now claims to be male with a name of ” Elliot.”  The Time article is intended to certify, endorse, and promote the current Socially Engineered national hysteria of teen age girls permanently mutilating themselves in a useless attempt to escape their soul poisoning; i.e.; their hatred/resentment of their parents, most specifically of their father.


For the multiple reasons which we discuss throughout our Contract text inclusive of –

A)  the Plantation Masters drive to destroy masculinity and feminity ( the core of a natural, normal, healthy, and sane nuclear family; i.e.; the best family for raising children )  by downgrading/soul breaking men into their inferior male copies/counterparts and women similarly into females ( break the men and/or family and you break/destroy/conquer the nation ); and

B)  the Plantation Masters drive to replace Christianity ( God made you – you don’t/can’t make yourself ) with Satanism/Humanism ( there is no god and you can make yourself into transgender/species/planet or anything else ).

Be assured – the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP have a blank check written ( whatever billions are needed ) to destroy the very idea of man, woman, boy, or girl; i.e.; to normalize insanity.

They are doing this to achieve a very specific goal and they will sacrifice endless numbers of broken Ellen Pages to achieve their ultimate Satanic victory – the death of the American Republic by breaking the souls of its children.

Will you sacrifice your own child on the Aztec altar of transgenderism?

Will you stand by and not oppose the demonic psychotic attack of LGBT transgenderism upon the souls of the children of our nation?

The ” soul poisoning ” which broke Ellen Page, and which breaks any child into the countless soul sicknesses which are possible, was her hatred/resentment of her parents and more specifically of her father.  This is the never-to-be-escaped-without-repentance spiritual soul hole/wound which is the driving force behind both her current self-mutilation and her future even more shattered no longer life but now simply existence to come.

The Plantation Masters KNOW THIS.  They are CULTIVATING this soul poison via Social Engineering and many other ways.  They know that they can soul break the children of the nation, YOUR CHILDREN, by using broken Ellen Pages and Bruce Jenners as battering rams against the children of the nation/Republic.

How to stop them and save our children and The Republic?

Simply do what our citizens are being Socially Engineered NOT to do – tell the truth.

Tell Ellen Page and any similar psychotic – No, you are NOT a male.  You are NOT ” Elliot.”  You are Ellen.  Now stop hating/resenting your parents and especially your father..  You can then be healed.

Tell Bruce Jenner and any similar psychotic – No, you are NOT a female.  You are NOT ” Kaitlyn.”  You are Bruce.  Now stop hating/resenting your parents and especially your father.  You can then be healed.

Telling the truth to the afflicted in Christian Love.  The Truth which no one else ( because they are loveless ) will tell them.  Because you are the only person who is truly honest with them.  The only person who will show them true Love.

Only Christian Love, true Love, can stop the LGBT/Transgenderism War Machine nightmare dictatorship ” deacon ” ( see below ) planned for rulership over the dead body of The Republic; over the shattered children.

You will find that the corporate Christian church has, due to LGBT War Machine attack, largely collapsed in its ability to even find, much less apply, Christian Love.  They will sacrifice/support the soul sickness of endless Ellens and Bruces to protect their public ” image;” their most important possession.

Hence the battle to save the children of the nation from annihilation by the LGBT War Machine/” Trilobite ” ( see below ) is largely now left to the singular Christian Warrior.

The Constitution Party of California stands with you in defense of The Republic and humanity as a whole.

Recommended Action – boycott everything involving Marvel Comics and the Disney Company.

As discussed below Disney, the formerly Life promoting company founded by Walt Disney, is now under complete control of the tag team anti-Christian and anti-Life religions of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism.

This is the driving/motivating reason why they can have their sub-company, Marvel Comics, produce a teenage sodomite Captain America character for the specific purposes of –

1)  continuing and accelerating the breakdown of masculinity throughout our culture and society; i.e.; there is no such thing as a homosexual man, only males ( defective/deficient/broken men ) are homosexually afflicted; and.

normalizing the soul pathology of homosexuality both in teenage boys and throughout the culture and society.

Socially Engineering the downgrading of men into males and women into females via breaking the children of America is now, despite any surface appearances to the contrary, the, albeit slowly emerging, Plantation Master assigned purpose and mission of Disney; i.e. their Life affirming and supporting original idea/purpose is gone.

Hence Disney/Marvel; as a tool/weapon of the Elites/VPP and as with any other anti-family and anti-Republic manifestation of the Death Religion(s); must be challenged and defeated.

We must boycott/starve their Evil.

Note # 2 – CNN psychotic reporter writes ” not possible to know person’s gender identity at birth.”

English translation – The pinnacle of Evil in the MSM is sending the latest Social Engineering orders/instructions from the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP – we make your reality and no matter how stupid, insane, or sick it may be it is truth if we say it.  We will teach you that there is no such thing as a boy and/or a girl and you will not only believe it but you will parrot it.

Dear Citizen. – Your children and, especially, grandchildren are going to be attacked by this insanity.

Are you REALLY going to allow that to happen???

Do you really need any more demonstrations to know that demons in human form really do exist?

13)  Save the children – abandon the public school system.

While singular teachers can valiantly battle to protect students from and within the public school system the unfortunate and tragic truth is that the ” Education Establishment ” ( EE ) is completely controlled by the Teachers Unions ( TU ); i.e.; by the sworn and deadly mortal enemies of all children.

For. as documented by award winning teacher John Taylor Gatto in ” The Underground History of American Education,” the true purpose of public schools has never been to actually educate students so that they may achieve their greatest singular and individual potential but instead to crush them into conformity with what the Plantation Masters/VPP/Elites creators of The System refer to as ” The Hive.”

That is why poor academic abilities of children in the most basic catagories; i.e.; reading and mathematics scores after even 12 years of mandatory attendance; while considered failures by dismayed parents, are considered ” success ” by the EE.  This total betrayal of both students and parents is more than ever accelerated and represented by the TU’s.

As well demonstrated and documented in recent ” scamdemic ” school shutdowns across the nation, TU’s, led by those in California, call for defunding police, ” systemic racism ” school district classes and requirements, and virtually endless other nitwit ideas which have absolutely nothing to do with true education and everything to do with Socially Engineering children to be obedient ” Widgets ” who will obey without question any and all orders from their Plantation Master/VPP/Elite Controllers/trainers.

Bottom Line – Teachers unions could not care less about true/real education for students.   They are deadly enemies of all students.

The unfortunate reality is that the EE; consisting of the TU’s, School Bureaucrats ( SB’s ), and the Political Establishment ( PE, and primarily of the Democrat Party ); have established a death grip on education in California.  It is far far far more important to them that children be indoctrinated into accepting and performing sodomy than learning to read.  It is far far far more important to them that children be indoctrinated to believe in ” systemic racism,” i.e.; that white people are all, automatically, and always, ” racist;” than to learn basic mathematical skills.

As documented by Gatto, the primary desire of the EE, ever since its beginning by John Dewey and other lackeys of The Elites/Plantation Masters, has been to break the connection between parents and children with public school teachers becoming ” change agents  ” who would replace the values of the parents with the values of the EE.  The specific change in values would be the elimination of Christian values and their replacement by the values of Satanism/Humanism.

The death of public schools has occurred because, despite any and all claims otherwise, the Christian foundations of education in our nation have been replaced by the values and beliefs of Satanism/Humanism.  The result is that docility, stupidity, gullibility, and plain ignorance are the intended and prized results of a System; spanning through its highest levels; i.e.; universities; which promotes, and rejoices in, the intellectual and curiosity death of its children targets.

Hence the Constitution Party of California, in full recognition of the War on Children being waged by the teachers unions and the entire EE, recommends that all parents withdraw their children from the purposely failed public school system.

Only when parents withdraw their children from the public school system can the children escape the curiosity crushing forced conformity of ” The Hive ” and retain any semblance of their natural ability to learn.  And only when the vampire ultra corrupt teachers unions are starved of their blood/cash flow can there be any chance of saving public education in the slightest degree.

Well over a century of deliberately dumbing down the populace decisively demonstrates that teachers unions are the mortal enemies of the intellectual development of children.  No possible solution to the educational strangulation of our nation and the deliberate intellectual murder of our children is possible unless and until the Medusa of the Educational Establishment – the teachers unions, the School Bureaucracy ( SB ), and the Political Establishment ( PE ) – is destroyed.

Only an ” Exodus ” of slave students from the ever tightening mind chains of the public school system can lead to an intellectual, cultural, and social Renaissance of citizens freed from the Socially Engineered, and other, chains of the Plantation Masters/Elites.

We must save our children, and hence our nation and future, from their planned ” shooting fish in a barrel ” intellectual death as intended for them in the public school System by the monstrous TU’s.

Recommended resources –

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – Charlotte Iserbyt

N.E.A. : Trojan Horse in American Education – Samuel Blumenfeld

Is public education necessary? – Blumenfeld

The New Illiterates and how to keep your child from becoming one – Blumenfeld

Dumbing us down – John Taylor Gatto

Weapons of Mass Instruction – Gatto

Why Schools Don’t Educate – Gatto

Underground History of American Education – Gatto

14)  Save Women – Stop the attack of Feminism.

Among the many Social Engineering battles in the War Against Humanity one which has caused ( and is intended to continue and intensify ) profound and virtually endless tragedy and suffering is known as ” Feminism.”

The multi-billion dollar and multi-decade campaign/War of Feminism against Women has purposefully produced :

A)  literally tens of millions of women/girls shredded/Cuisinarted by abortion;

B)  the collapse of marriage and family development as expressed in the staggering rise of both single parent households and unwed mothers and the accelerating decrease in marriage rates;

C)  statistically documented increases in unhappiness and despair among women;

D)  exponentially increasing numbers of men who will properly have nothing to do with Feminism poisoned women; i.e.; females.

The secret history of Feminism includes early seed money funding from the Rockefeller Foundation as part of their policy/plan to destroy the family unit via Social Engineering in order to achieve their population reduction/collapse goals.  The ” cover story ” of defending women/females hid the real Feminism purpose of stopping them from loving and having children; i.e.; breaking and enslaving their soul.

As a measure of the power and desire of the Plantation Masters to destroy the natural family unit of man, woman, and children by Socially Engineering females to hate men the CIA payroll included Gloria Steinem who declared that ” women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.”  The Deep State long ago declared War on women and their betrayers like Steinem were richly rewarded.

The practical result is that behind its cover story of producing ” equality ” for women its real purpose of Socially Engineering women and females to hate/resent men in order to justify and achieve population reduction has been a fantastic success.  The proliferation of ” Womens Study Courses;” i.e.; how and why to justify hating men; has produced a bumper crop of men-hating females who have accepted the Religion of Feminism Theology that A) success in life is found by choosing a name plated cubicle/office over children who are considered to be disposable/flushable garbage which get in the way of ” freedom ” and ” finding yourself;” and ( especially ) B) that happiness can NEVER be achieved without killing/Cuisinarting/shredding/aborting children; the number of which is infinite; i.e.; there will, and can, never be a time when Feminism declares that enough children ( imagined/desired by Feminists as ALL being men/boys ) have been shredded/Cuisinarted/killed.

Feminism has hence produced not only literally tens of millions of shredded children/boys and girls but legions of soul shattered females who have self-poisoned themselves with the ” Jonestown Kool-Aid ” of man-hatred/resentment; especially of their father.  It has diligently worked to train males to treat females just as females are trained to treat unborn children; i.e.; throw them into the trash.

The Bottom Line is that the Feminism lie ( as just one of countless ) that women and men are the same has produced, and will continue to do so, ever increasing tragedy, heartbreak, sadness, despair, sorrow, and loneliness for literally millions of women.

Hence the Constitution Party of California, in recognition of the great evil against women which the Social Engineering phenomenon of Feminism produces, declares that, completely contrary to the claims of Feminism, –

A)  being a wife and mother is in no way ” slavery ” but is in fact an indispensable path to happiness based upon the design by God of men and women; and

B)  children are not a curse but rather a blessing.

We completely renounce the claim of Feminism that children are disposable/flushable trash/garbage and urge females to challenge their own Social Engineering training that proclaims this to be true and that men are their enemy instead of their natural partner.

Ladies – the very people who are teaching you the Religion of Feminism ( a branch of Satanism/Humanism ) are in fact your deadly soul enemy.  They are lying to you to justify their own hatred/resentment of men; specifically of their father; i.e.; they are ( in their soul; heart of hearts ) broken and instead of desiring healing they want you to be, permanently, as broken/bitter as they are.  They are hence soul vampires and may be referenced as The Undead.

The formerly living now Undead mutants have been transformed by the soul poison of man-hating/Feminism into emotional cripples ranging from stone-hearted Lamborghini desiring Planned Parenthood child mutilators discussing how to preserve profitable body parts while shredding their target to garden variety females rendered unable to bond ( emotionally retarded/broken ), much less care or love, because of body count and Feminism induced soul death.

In complete opposition Christianity, the Religion of Life, declares that it is OK ( and in fact more than OK ) to be a woman, wife, and mother.

We proclaim that you will never find happiness; only sadness, despair, anguish, heartbreak, misery, loneliness, and regret; in aborting/Cuisinarting children and in hating/resenting men and males.

Let your feminist Satanic/Humanist Undead teachers wallow in their own self-chosen permanent misery and despair.  Don’t drink their ” Kool-Aid ” of hating/resenting men and males, especially your father.  They are trying to poison/kill/murder your soul; i.e.; change you into ” The Undead ” ( ” living ” dead ).

We urge you to come back to the natural God created happiness of being a woman; inclusive of being a wife and mother if you choose and if circumstances permit.

You have the potential of giving birth to a human life; an awesome and tremendously fantastic gift from The Creator.

Don’t believe the demonic lie which tells you to flush that wonderful gift down the toilet; i.e.; to find ” happiness ” by Cuisinarting/mutilating/shredding your child.  Please realize that Steinem and her fellow demons will never share your sorrow, heartbreak, anguish, loneliness, and despair.  That will be their permanent ” gift ” to you ( the only thing which they can, and will, ever give to you ) but it will be your ” curse “/responsibility for listening to and following them.

The author long ago lost count of the despairing/shattered women and females he encountered who bitterly lamented the deaths of their unborn children; an endless soul anguish spit upon by their Feminist ” sisters ” who proclaim them to be ” weak ” and screech to them to ” Shut-up and take it like a man!!”

Please don’t let the anti-life, anti-humanity, and anti-woman Social Engineering plans of the Plantation Masters drag you into their intended living hell of despair and heartbreak.

You can find your own heaven by rejecting their hell.

Our own exposure of the true nature of Feminism will occur by many methods inclusive of our inauguration of our ” Bride of Frankenstein Awards;” i.e; our recognition of the 1st known recorded/documented Feminist who, characterized by Elsa Lancaster in the 1935 movie, was a, also manufactured, template and trail-blazer for her countless soul poisoned female sisters who have followed.  Her attitude and verbal response toward men are the standard behavior of Feminists to this day.

Bottom Line – Behind the cover story of attempting to achieve ” equality ” Feminism is a massive and monstrous Social Engineering attack upon women and females which has produced untold misery and despair while Cuisinarting/shredding literally millions of girls.

Our contribution to the fight against the evil of Feminism will include not only exposing it as an attack upon, and not defense of, women and females but a call for a complete revision of divorce court which the MGTOW Movement ( see below ) views as completely unfair to men; i.e.; its institutionalized injustice actually harms women and females by increasingly and exponentially driving men from marriage.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party which declares that A) women and females can/will NEVER find happiness and fulfillment through Cuisinarting/shredding children; and B) ” womens’ rights ” includes ” the right not to be lied to ” regarding the reality of Cuisinarting children; a ” choice ” which the Abortion Industry, courtesy of the Plantation Masters, has continually denied to women and females to this day.

We stand in defense of these true, and indispensable, ” womens’ rights.”

We stand in defense of women and females against their Feminism/Feminist attackers.

Recommended Action –

Contact the Constitution Party of California with your recommendation for feminists who deserve a ” Bride of Frankenstein ” Award.

Note – Plantation Master usage of Feminism to shatter culture, society, and nation by Socially Engineering females to despise and reject children is only one manifestation of their War Against Women; a War which claims to help women and females while in fact being an attack against their deepest nature; i.e.; soul.

A second is Divorce Court which is the genesis of a developing counter-attack by men which translates into a complete rejection of marriage in order to avoid being ” divorce raped;” i.e.; being treated monstrously unfairly in courts which are considered to be completely biased because of the poison of Feminism.

Hence the collapse of marriage resulting from men fighting back against Feminism attack will unfortunately fulfill the Plantation Master goal of shattering marriage to destabilize the family unit and reduce population; i.e.; Socially Engineering females so that they, as an intended end result, hurt themselves.

We present that Feminism additionally attacks women and females with a 3rd method – cultural promotion of ” anti-women;” a form of Social Engineering consisting of 2 parts.

Part 1 is to attack men/males who are attracted to perceived female physical beauty/attractiveness by claiming their actions to be both degenerate and harmful to women; i.e.; that men are ” objectifying ” women .

Part 2 is the complete reverse where zero/negative talent ” artists ” such as Cardi B and Megan Stallion are paid millions by the Plantation Masters and promoted on national television to perform actions intended not simply to objectify women but especially to train young girls to copy and amplify their behavior; i.e.; poison the culture and society.

The resulting claimed ” female empowerment ” is actually a demonstration to, and seen by, men as/of the virtual total collapse of marriageable females/women; i.e.; the purposeful development of ” anti-women ” who ” inspire ” men to, ” if that is all there is,” have nothing to do with marriage and children no matter how much they may desire them as they know that such females are programmed/Socially Engineered to blow apart/detonate/destroy/shatter any marriage irregardless of any amount of pain produced to children or husband.

Bottom Line – the Plantation Masters use/train/program females, via Feminism, to not only hurt themselves but, especially, to break down/shatter society and culture around them.

We present that one of the key elements for improving the condition/status of women and females in all areas of our society and culture is their, hopefully growing, recognition that Feminism is a weapon being used to destroy them.

Such recognition ( which can be cultivated and enhanced by our recommendation in 25) below ) can ideally enable women and females to oppose, challenge, and defeat Feminism Social Engineering which produces so much intentional endless tragedy and despair in its targets..

15)  Save Men – Stop the production of ” Betas.”

In tandem with the Social Engineering program/attack of Feminism; i.e.; man hating; which seeks to destroy women via their indoctrination into, and acceptance of, the Religion of Satanism/Humanism; a War upon Men is similarly working to destroy the masculine paradigm ( noun – a typical example or pattern of something; a model ) in our society, culture, and nation.

From screeches of ” toxic masculinity ” to television commercials uniformly portraying men as buffoons to entire corporations/companies, inclusive of Gillette and many others, attacking men our Socially Engineered COVID-1984 Twilight Zone ” New Normal ” is just as dedicated to destroying men as it is to destroying women and for the same purposes – A) to convert those who accept the Satanist/Humanist Religion foundation of the attacks from freedom loving and protecting true individuals into Undead and unthinking zombie drones who will happily, and permanently, give up their freedoms and very lives in exchange for crumbs from the table of their Plantation Master Elite rulers; and B) to reduce population by destroying the man side of the foundational nuclear family.

Hence the basic plan is to make women/females hate and betray men while making men react negatively to such hatred and betrayal by rejecting women.

The plan is having fantastic success.

Evidence of this is the MGTOW ( Men Going Their Own Way ) Movement where men rightfully and logically see, and react to, the poison of Feminism and its murderous effects upon women and females; i.e; their induced lemming training to destroy men, children, and marriage.  The practical result is that – A) men will rightfully and logically avoid females and marriage in recognition of the destruction of both the nuclear family and simple everyday ” dating ” by the Medusa of Feminism; and B) marriage rates are plummetting/collapsing.

Compounding the problem is the collapse of the man paradigm which leaves young boys struggling to survive the Social Engineering War/onslaught/attack of the Plantation Master Elites which seeks to turn them into ” betas ” – i.e.; deficient, broken, confused, and retarded males/permanent boys instead of mature, grown, and real men.

The result is that our society, culture, and nation is suffering from a catastrophic loss and collapse of men.

We present that the key question regarding this issue is ” What is a man?” and that the answer to this question is of 4 parts – A) just because you show up with male body parts does NOT make you a man; i.e.; being a man is 1st a spiritual quality;  B) each man must, as his life task, answer this question for himself;  C) it is easiest to start with what a man is NOT; and D) boys need actual MEN as templates upon which to build; ideally NOT ” betas,” ” males ” ( broken/deficient/retarded men ), or man-hating females; except as examples of what to avoid.

In this regard we refer to a key element ( one of many ” bullets ” ) in the Social Engineering attack/War of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP upon men – pornography.

Bottom Line – porn is not real.  It is a fantasy world of images within your head that gives you a lie that you are a man.  It dehumanizes both you and the females involved.  It is designed to destroy both of you – but especially males.  In becoming a man – a REAL man – you must learn to live in reality.  Not fantasy.  That is where betas ” exist ” – not, and never, live.

You must realize – WHO made the porn you watch?  WHY did they do so?

Answers – secondarily for money but primarily to break you into a ” beta;” i.e.; a slave to their images.  Just as a chicken pecks along a trail of corn ending in the loss of their head or a cow follows a leisurely cattle drive to the slaughterhouse so also porn, which you stupidly think is benefitting you, is taking you from reality and real life ( and possible real manhood ) and vampirishly sucking out your life.  It is doing what it is designed to do – spiritually castrate you.

Fantasy is where ” betas ” exist; not live.  And that is exactly why the Plantation Masters make porn – secondarily for the money but primarily because they can reduce armies of potential men, who could potentially oppose their corruption and free humanity from their iron rule/slavery, into permanent retarded boys who can’t face reality and hence never live but rather exist in fantasy inside their head.

Porn is hence an adult pacifier and spiritual castrator which reduces potential men to forever children.  And the chumps, like chickens and cows, are too stupid to see and/or understand their slavery.

The Plantation Masters/VPP/Elites are counting on you remaining forever retarded.

The result?  California is enslaved to, and destroyed by, ” betas ” such as Gavin Newsom and an army of similar soul retarded replacements who form public policy according to their anti-man Satanism/Humanism base philosophy/religion.

” They ” grow stronger by making you weaker.

Accordingly the Constitution Party of California, the only Party which will work to save boys and males from the relentless Social Engineering attack upon them, encourages men/males to do what is perhaps the most difficult thing they will ever do – stand back and calmly observe the truth that they are slaves/chumps ruled by porn or any other emotional/soul pathology which is destroying them.

Only when you recognize that you are a slave will you ever be able to find your freedom.  Your life.  Your – true – manhood.

The enemies of our nation – enemies of humanity and of life itself – are counting on you never escaping their trap; a quicksand of the soul and mind.  They are counting on you being a ” beta ” – forever.

We extend a hand of friendship to our struggling brethren that they may escape the soul quicksand in which they are trapped.  See # 25 below.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party which will oppose the manufacturing of, and support the healing of, ” betas.”

The ONLY Party which opposes the War on Men.

Recommended Actions –

1)  Follow the advice in 25) below.

You have to be able to clearly see your slavery in whatever form/way it manifests.

Even more importantly you have to want to see the truth.

It is your choice if you want to be a permanent chicken/cow/retard/male/wimp/beta.

2)  Boycott and bankrupt Gillette and its parent company of Procter & Gamble.

The author remembers ” the old days;” i.e.; when the primary purpose of a company was to sell products to make a profit/money.  It was known as capitalism.

The new Plantation Master created Social Engineering purpose of business is, as demonstrated by the fantastically idiotic/moronic/nitwit commercial(s) of Gillette, to produce armies of ” betas ” by attacking masculinity and promoting the Satanic/Humanist religious view that men are ” born broken ” and must be ” reeducated;” i.e.; spiritually castrated.

Why would Gillette attack their main, and really only, customer base as inherently broken??  Why would they attack, warp, and distort masculinity??

The author presents that the answer is very simple – they were ” given an offer that they can’t refuse.”

To wit –

Representatives of the Plantation Masters contacted Gillette and said – ” You will run this ad campaign.  Yes, it will attack your customers and hurt your business very severely but don’t worry/think about that.    We will cover/compensate any losses which you incur.”  The no-need-to-be-spoken remainder of the message was – you don’t want to find out what will happen if you don’t agree/obey.

Hence, just as with Colin Kaepernick and Nike where the message to be sent is how evil/” racist ” America is, the attacking company is recruited as a Social Engineering weapon against the chosen target, be it The Republic or men/masculinity, and dispatched to send the appropriate message no matter how insane/inane/nitwit/stupid it may be.

The Bottom Line is that, for the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP, it is VERY important that men and masculinity be both redefined/reengineered and destroyed.

Their ultimate ” success;” i.e.; implementing their planned/desired permanent Hell on Earth; depends on destroying, shattering, and totally redefining the very paradigm/idea/concept/understandings of what it means to be a man.

Hence every ” beta “/sodomite/wimp/poodle/male which they can produce/manufacture is one more obedient slave on their planned and permanent Plantation.

Don’t become a poodle.

Find what ” They ” don’t want you to find – how to be a man.

3)  Join ” The ( REAL ) Resistance;” i.e.; the Battle for Humanity/Life; in whatever way that you can.

The Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP have developed a massive billion dollar + Social Engineering program to crush men and true masculinity via the production of overwhelming numbers of ” betas;” i.e.; spiritually castrated men now mutated into inferior male copies/fakes.

If, by the Grace of The Creator, you are restored to The Journey of becoming a man we present that you have a moral obligation to return to The Battlefield and fight for Life and Humanity against their opponents.

We present that Divine Intervention will guide you in your recovering path of discovery.

16)  Save Humanity – Stop the Lizard People

A recurring claim/story of recent years/decades is that shape-shifting ” lizard people ” are in fact ruling/controlling the world.

As fanciful and amusing as such a tale may be we present that it has a truth within it which has grave consequences for, and is a deadly threat to, humanity as a whole.

Specifically we refer to the Biblical account of creation, inclusive of Adam and Eve, which introduces us to ” Satan;” i.e.; Lucifer, a fallen angel who rebels against God and, via the form of a serpent/snake, induces the fall/break between Adam and Eve and God our Creator.

Hence we present that an actual existence of ” lizard people ” is irrelevant because the world, and our nation especially, is instead threatened by a far worse problem – real ” Lizard People;” i.e.; human beings who have dedicated their souls/spirits to, and serve in allegiance to, the ” lizard ” known as ” Satan/Lucifer;” i.e.; they are believers in the religion of Satanism/Humanism.  We may refer to them collectively as ” Team Lizard ”

We present that virtually all conflicts within, and attacks upon, our nation can be ” boiled down ” in their essence to the conflict between the principles and goals of Christianity vs Satanism/Humanism.

In essence, and among countless expressions, Satanism/Humanism promotes :

A) abortion; the shredding/mutilation/Cuisinarting of minimally unborn children based on their philosophical/religious anti-life reduction to the status of trash/garbage;

B)  the ” LGBT ” War Machine Against Humanity which seeks, via exploitation of the soul shattering resentment/hatred of a child toward their parents, to shatter/warp both singular males and females from their God given natures and the natural family from its basic foundational principles of protecting and nurturing children;

C)  the collapse of our Christian based Constitutional Republic and its ” Borg assimilation ” into the Satanist/Humanist ” New Normal “/”  New World Order “/” Agenda 21.”

In complete contrast, the Constitution Party of California, declaring itself to be an openly expressing Christian political Party, stands for principles which are completely opposite of Satanism/Humanism inclusive of :

A)  the singular and unalienable right-to-life of all persons from conception to natural death; i.e.; we denounce the ” niggerizing ” of children ( their religious/philosophical reduction to a less-than-human status : ” clump of cells,” ” uterine contents,” etc.; which is used to justify their extermination/Cuisinarting/shredding/abortion );

B)  recognition that ” LGBT ” represents persons afflicted with a soul pathology/wound; i.e.; they are broken in their spirit; resulting from hatred/resentment transferred from and/or against their parents;

C)  recognition that ” Agenda 21,” ” The Great Reset ” and the ” New World Order ” are Satanist/Humanist religious expressions intended to destroy the Christian foundations of our culture, society, and nation.

We hence declare that as religious beliefs/motivations are the fundamental driving force behind political differences of expression in our society, culture, and nation the Constitution Party of California declares itself to be an explicitly Christian political organization based on Christianity – the Religion of Life – and in unalterable opposition to the opposing Religion of Death known as Satanism/Humanism.

We declare that only Christianity and the full expression of its principles can, and will, bring freedom, happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment to both singular citizens and our nation as a whole.

We additionally declare that Christianity will be the foundational motivation and organizing force behind our policy objectives and principles.

For the survival of our nation and all generations to come we must, motivated by the Religion of Life, defeat the Death Religion, and all of its political manifestations, of the ” Lizard People ” known as Satanism/Humanism.

Recommended Action(s) –

1)  read the Bible.

follow the recommendation in 25) below.

Clear ” soulsight ” will allow your guidance by Divine Intervention.

17)  It is more than OK to be white.

As discussed above, ” white supremacy,” ” white superiority,” and ” white privilege”  actually do exist but only in connection with their foundations – Darwin, the Religion of Evolution, Race Science/Eugenics, Margaret Sanger, the Negro Project, the Plantation Masters, and their monstrous genocidal love-child of Planned Parenthood – the 2nd greatest killer of blacks in the history of the world.

Yet in a masterpiece of Social Engineering the Plantation Masters are currently, and ever increasingly, promoting ” white supremacy ” and ” white superiority ” as ever present “boogymen ” which negatively affect all black people everyday while continuing and even accelerating their PP genocide of black society, black culture, and the black family; i.e; they are accusing the people working to stop them of exactly what they themselves are doing.

Reality is as follows :

A) Slavery has existed throughout history and even to this day.  Christianity, and its cultural manifestation of Western Civilization ( which has been promoted predominantly throughout history by caucasians ), has been – and is to this moment – the greatest enemy of, and greatest force for stopping, slavery and any manifestation of white ( or any other ) superiority/supremacy ( such as Planned Parenthood ).    Christianity declares that ALL are brothers and sisters in Christ.

B)  Literally hundreds of thousands of Americans i.e.; caucasians; died in fulfilling the process of ending slavery in our nation.

C)  The only caucasians who literally attack blacks everyday ( including TODAY ), via both Cuisinarting them and working to destroy the black family unit, are those involved in, and in support of, the Planned Parenthood Eugenics War Machine.

D)  A key link in the slavery chains of blacks is that they have been Socially Engineered by the Plantation Masters to hate whites/caucasians and to ignore, and even support, their PP genocidal killers.

E)  The very people who call whites racist are themselves the racists; i.e.; the white supremacist Southern Poverty Law Center is completely controlled and funded by the genocidal Plantation Masters.

F)  Blacks who promote the existence of white supremacy and superiority ( and never mention Planned Parenthood ) are ” Negro Project ” Plantation Master lackeys/House Negroes who betray/backstab the black community for their own ” 30 pieces of silver.”

G)  The ludicrous and outright evil claim that ( separate from Planned Parenthood ) ” white supremacy/superiority ” are cultural and societal phenomenon which oppress black citizens each day from the moment they awaken to the moment they sleep is a Social Engineering trick/attack by the Plantation Masters and their race-baiting lackeys to permanently enslave the black populace; i.e.; they will be forever crippled by excuses in their head to blame whites/outside forces for adverse life conditions which have been produced by their own choices.

In other words the Plantation Masters use the lies of ” white supremacy/superiority ” to permanently ( and purposefully ) mentally and ( especially ) spiritually retard/cripple the black community by injecting their souls with a permanent hatred of white people.

Dear black citizens – the Constitutional Republic of the united States, founded upon Christian principles and as a manifestation of Western Civilization, has produced a cultural and societal environment where you may, IF YOU CHOOSE, reach the full development of your own greatest potentials and aid your family to accomplish the same objective.

ANY person who claims otherwise; i.e.; race-hustlers of any color who claim that you are daily oppressed by ” white supremacy/superiority;” are lying to you; i.e.; they think that you are – permanently – stupid.  And you are a stupid chump for believing them.

“Systemic racism ” occurs ONLY in the context of the Plantation Master/VPP/Elites War Upon Humanity via Planned Parenthood.  Any other claim is a lie designed to make the accepting listener/target slap on their own permanent mind/soul chains and become willing slaves and stupid participants in their own destruction.

Our black friends – When you accept your training/indoctrination and hate white people you are accepting the Satanist/Humanist religious motivation of your attackers.  ONLY when you repent of your foolishness/stupidity in believing their lies can you; i.e.; your soul; be healed by The Creator.  ” They ” know that your induced hatred makes you their completely controllable slave.

The Constitution Party of California hence extends a hand of friendship to our black brothers and sisters that you may –

A)  escape from and then finally stop the genocidal War against you by Planned Parenthood and its Plantation Master/VPP/Elite Controllers;

B)  escape and be healed from the soul poison of hating white people which the Plantation Masters seek to inject into you via the silly and stupid fantasies of ” white supremacy/superiority.”

Bottom Line – Who is LITERALLY killing blacks EVERY DAY??  Answer.- Planned Parenthood.  Who controls Planned Parenthood?  Answer – the Plantation Masters; i.e.; the people with the motive, means, and opportunity to commit a genocidal crime against the black community ( now surpassing a length of 100 years and a body count of 20 MILLION + ) and then double back and claim that they are doing a favor for the community by killing them.

That is part of the monstrous crime against the black community that race hustlers/” House Negroes ” screeching about ” white supremacy/superiority ” are assigned/hired to cover up.

My black friends – stop being so dumb. The Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP are laughing at you.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY political Party which will fight and expose the horrific genocidal attack upon the black family, culture, and society by the Plantation Masters.

The ONLY political Party which will tell the truth – that , Christianity, the Religion of Life, naturally unites blacks and caucasians against their anti-life religious enemy,  Satanism/Humanism, which seeks to divide and destroy them.

The ONLY political Party which will say – ” It is more than OK to be white ” because Evil is not in the God-given skin color but in the self-chosen religion.

Recommended Action(s) –

1) Pray.

Hatred of caucasians/white people ( or anyone else ) is a soul poison which can only be neutralized and removed by The Creator; i.e.; the God that made you.

His choice to heal you by His Grace cannot be forced by you; i.e.; you can’t tell God what to do; but it can never occur unless and until you do the impossible – admit that you are wrong.

18)  The American Independent Party of California-utterly corrupt-to-the-bone and beyond.

The conservative, constitutional, rational, and sane principles and policies outlined both in this essay and in the platform of the national Constitution Party are of vital importance to our nation but in the political arena expression of such ideas can be stopped in many different ways.

In California such principles have traditionally been expressed by the pro-life division of the Republican Party and even more recently by what can be called, and considered as, the Trump faction of the Party; such having a strong overlap with the pro-life faction.  These groups are opposed within the Party by the ” pro-choice/death ” believing Party ” Establishment.”

With the massive election fraud which has now apparently elected Fake President Biden the response of the Republican Establishment, both nationally and in California, has been, increased over even previous actions, a virtually immediate attack upon, and repudiation of, pro-life, conservative, and constitutional groups and persons within the Party.  The Republican Establishment ( Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and countless other rodents ) did not wait a second to stab President Trump in the back.

Bottom Line – any lingering ( or temporarily revived by Trump ) conservative and constitutional perspectives within the Party are in effect dead.  The Establishment controlled shell-of-its-former-self Party has ” morphed ” into ” Democrat-Lite ” and is simply a poodle at best in the dig-eat-dog world of politics.  Long ago the California Establishment decided that their greatest enemy was not the Democrat Party and its Satanist/Humanist religious base and policies but rather the pro-life; i.e.; Christian; division and beliefs of the Party.  With the fake defeat of Trump they have now embarked upon an even more ambitious campaign to sterilize and end all Christian influence right out of the Party.

With the impending complete demise of conservative and constitutional principles and policies out of the Republican Party the only current WELL KNOWN apparent California alternative is the American Independent Party.

There is only one problem – the American Independent Party ( AIP ) is A) utterly and completely corrupt-to-the-bone-and-beyond; and B) totally controlled and run by the ” Deep State;” i.e.; the sworn-to-the-death enemies of our Constitutional Republic and the Christian foundations of our nation.

Quick history – in 2008 the Constitution Party ( CP ) was the 3rd largest in the nation and posed a potential threat to the Republican Party of drawing an ” exodus ” of true Republicans who were totally sick of ” RINOS ” ( Republicans In Name Only ) and wanted a Party which truly expressed their principles.

What could the Republican Party Establishment do??  Answer – it could send spies/moles into the AIP ( then the California branch of the national CP ) who would destroy it from within.

And that is exactly what they did.

This author was the last legally elected Chairman of the AIP and both viewed the Republican Establishment attack ” up close and personal ” but also documented it at

Hence If you trust Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, ” AOC,” and the Democrat Party then you will have no problem with the monstrously and completely corrupt Plantation Master lackeys/leadership/controllers of the AIP.

The Deep State take-over of the AIP was intended to produce a ” honey trap ” which on the surface displayed an image intended to lure conservatives/constitutionalists in but would then DO NOTHING; i.e.; deliberately waste their efforts and motivations to produce frustration and become the political equivalent of the public school system where student failure is actually considered ” success ” according to the real purposes of the controllers of The System.

The AIP is a political quicksand where ” They Live ” ( we recommend that you see the movie ) operatives/monsters; i.e.; completely different in reality from appearance; lure the well meaning citizen into their trap.

This author can only warn you that A) EVERYTHING about the AIP is fake including their website; and B) their leadership, whom I know and whose actions I have documented, are among the most corrupt people in politics or simply the country as a whole.  They are ” Enemies of Humanity;” i.e.; ” Lizard People ” ( see our earlier discussion ) of extreme evil and malice.

Bottom Line – with the suicide of the Republican Party the Constitution Party of California is the last and only true conservative and constitutional Party in the state.

We warn you of the quicksand, ” swamp ” and utter corruption of the AIP; a political ” Potemkin Village;” i.e.; total fake.

We ask/invite you to join us in the battle/War to save our society, culture, and nation.

We invite you to a Christianity, Constitutionally, anti-Swamp, anti-Deep State, and anti-Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP based political Party; i.e.; the complete opposite of the hidden/secret reality of the AIP.

Recommended Resource –

Recommended Action(s) –

Investigate.  Ask questions.  See for yourself.

If you are registered in the AIP then sponsor an AIP vs.  CP debate.  We will be happy to debate/expose the Deep State corruption of the AIP at any time.

The same applies to the state/Establishment GOP – we will be happy to debate/expose their groveling weakness at any time.

19)  Recall Newsom – a King Rat in the Rat Army

The complete contempt of Governor Newsom for his subjects ( formerly known as ” voters ” ) has extended from his reign as San Francisco mayor when he declared that sodomite/homosexual marriage would be imposed upon the citizens ” whether you like it or not.”  This was in reference to the then citizens campaign to preserve/save/defend traditional/natural/normal marriage known as Proposition 8.

After Proposition 8 passed the Plantation Masters quickly initiated a greased skids ” legal ” process for overturning 8 to demonstrate to the citizens that A) they had voted wrong; and B) their bad choice would be overturned; i.e..; they must stop being ” uppity ” ( displeasing their Rulers ) and learn to obey/vote correctly.  Hence Newsoms accurate proclamation was simply a demonstration of A) his knowledge of what the Elites/VPP intended for their slaves/subjects; B) his status as an advanced lackey/goon in their service; and C) his total allegiance to the Satanist/Humanist religion of his Masters.

The Constitution Party of California hence fully supports the current Recall process which seeks to remove him from office.  The progressive and accelerating catastrophic collapse of the state produced by his policies should be stopped by such removal.

But it won’t be.

This unfortunate reality is due to 2 primary factors : A) irregardless of his personal corruption Newsom is a ” cog-in-the-machine;” i.e.; any Democrat Party replacement will have the same Satanist/Humanist anti-Christian base motivation philosophy since that is the religious foundation of the entire organization.  Hence ANY Democrat Party replacement will, because of personal belief and Party discipline/organization; i.e.; no one advances in the Party without being anti-Christian and the Party allows no one to advance without being anti-Christian; produce the same results as Newsom; and B) the primary ( and probable ) Republican Establishment supported fake ” opposition ” ( either Grennel or Faulconer of San Diego at this moment ) has the same anti-Christian philosophy/religion as the Democrat Party; i.e.; The-Sky-Is-Falling ” ( Climate Change Religion of Doom!! ), pro-LGBT/Transgender psychosis/insanity/pathology, total contempt of business ( despite any other pretend/fake image ), fake pretense of defending ” the working man ” while deliberately impoverishing them, and all of their associated Death Religion corollaries.

Bottom Line – there is no difference between Newsom and any current possible replacement.  The valiant and truly necessary campaign to stop Newsom faces the unfortunate reality that he is only ONE of countless Undead who, as in the ” Walking Dead ” television series, is simply replaced by another ” brain-eater ” when they are stopped.

The ONLY true solution to the ” California Catastrophe ” is to replace/defeat not simply people, as with Newsom, but the entire motivating philosophy/Religion which is the true driving force/engine behind the ever deepening crisis/collapse – the Satanist/Humanist SF Judaism ( discussed above ) foundation from which springs the entire policy spectrum of the Democrat/Death Party and even its pretend opposition of the Republican Establishment.

The replacement Religion of Life will promote and implement the Christian based philosophy and principles which will not only restore/bring economic prosperity but heal and stop the deliberate cultural War which Cuisinarts children, attacks men via ” toxic masculinity and women via ” Feminism;” i.e.; man-hating; promotes the soul pathologies of ” gay,” ” transgender,” etc. which spring from hating/resenting parents; promotes soul molesting children via the attempted normalization of LGBT pathologies; promotes true racism via screeches of ” White Supremacy ” ( while both ignoring and promoting the genocidal Planned Parenthood War against blacks ), and countless other attacks upon the foundations of both our nation and humanity itself.

Bottom Line – even the noble idea of removing an ultra corrupt Plantation Master lackey/stooge such as Newsom will be simply a cosmetic change.

To save both California and the nation as a whole the underlying cancer of Satanism/Humanism must be challenged and defeated.

All else is window dressing on the coffin of California.

Recommended Action –

If you are a member of the Democrat Party – leave it.

It is simply the main political party tool of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP to impose their pro-death/anti-Christian and anti-humanity Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism agenda upon the Republic; i.e.; to destroy it.

It is the Party of Slavery – personally and nationally.

They created the ” old slavery ” of the Klan ( they supported slavery during the Civil War ) and they support the ” new slavery ” of ” The Great Reset ” and ” Agenda 21;” i.e.; the death of The Republic.

They completely support the never-ending genocide/War ( now totaling over 20 MILLION Cuisinarted ) of Planned Parenthood against our black brothers and sisters.

Their motivating religion(s) are Satanism/Humanism and Sabbatean Frankism Judaism.

They are literally the Party of Death.

20)  No ” Unity ” with Satan/Demons

Let us be very clear – the base motivating religion of the Democrat Party is the combination of Satanism/Humanism and Sabbatean Frankist Judaism.  Each and every policy of the Democrat Party and of Fake President Biden is founded upon these base religious beliefs with the most fundamental being anti-Christianity of the most extreme possible form.

From this religious base/belief system we see the attacks upon –

the economy via the lie of ” climate change ” ( catastrophic job loss and permanent crushing poverty – just like Venezuela but far worse – is the intended/dreamed of purpose/result );

children via the lies of “transgender,” more than 2 genders, ” Drag Queens,” etc. ( attacking/destroying children – breaking their souls – at the earliest possible age );

Christianity via demonizing white/caucasian people ( promoting hatred to attack Western Civilization as a whole );

patriots via demonizing Trump supporters while promoting Antifa and Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) violence, riots, looting, and murder;

love of The Republic/America via demonizing ” nationalism;”

election integrity via blocking any investigations into the massive election corruption/fraud;

unborn children via massive new promotion of their abortion/Cuisinarting;

humanity via mass death as celebrated and promoted by their ” Georgia Guidestones;”

the nuclear family of man, woman, and children via promotion of Feminism & “toxic masculinity;” i.e.; ( as previously discussed ) teaching women to hate men ( including Cuisinarting their own children ) and men to react defensively against such attacks producing broken families and the desired result of less children.

Truly, through these and countless other expressions, the Democrat Party expresses its complete and utter hatred and contempt for Christianity; the mortal enemy of its own motivating religion(s).

Let us hence be crystal clear – there can NEVER be a ” peace treaty ” between Christianity and Satanism/Humanism/S.F Judaism.


The scorpion plea for ” Unity ” by the Fake President is simply a teleprompter platitude courtesy of his Plantation Master Controllers to lull his targets with the fake dream that the Hit Men/Murderers of The Republic ( advanced descendants of the Bolsheviks ) will not torture and kill as they have already pronounced, and demonstrated, that they shall.

Be assured – the Plantation Masters have dreamed of, and plotted for, the death of America, their Christianity based mortal enemy, for literally generations/hundreds of years.  After numerous other attempts have failed they will now make certain that A) this golden opportunity to utterly smash/shatter/annihilate our nation is not lost; and B) they completely savor and enjoy each and every dying scream and squeak from their terrified mouse targets.

Hence the only way to avoid the complete annihilation of The Republic, much less ever possibly restore it, is to challenge and defeat the Engine of our enemies – the combined religions of Satanism/Humanism and Sabattean Frankism Judaism.

Such defeat can only be accomplished by directly challenging each attack upon our culture, society, and nation by this religious tag team.  The Life Religion vision of prosperity, advancement, and ( especially ) personal happiness for all of humanity ( found through recognition of The Creator ) must be contrasted at every moment with the death, devastation, and destruction which Satanism/Humanism always delivers.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12.

There is no such thing as, or even possibility of, ” Unity ” with evil/death.

Now are the last hours of The Republic.  We stand at the edge of ” The Chasm,” the Hell on Earth where the Enemies of Humanity want to crucify all who reject their Religion of Death.

Death or victory.  The only options vs Satan and Its earthly Demons.

Recommended Action –

Don’t compromise with Evil in your personal life either.

We present the concept that Evil –
A)  exists; and

B)  is a ” consciousness;” i.e.;  it is an ” It ” that ” thinks.”

The ” happiness ” of ” It ” is hence pain, suffering, anguish, heartbreak, despair, misery, poverty, starvation, and death.

If ” It ” can break you personally then ” It ” can, while savoring your pain, control you as a weapon to attack everything else; i.e.; people, culture, society, and nation.

In reverse fashion, if those institutions are broken and controlled by ” It ” they can be used to attack and break you.

We suggest you win ” both ways ” by investigating the information in 25) below.

When you can see/observe clearly you can be shown/trained how to be impervious to both internal and external attack.

21)  The Religion of Evolution – a key to Social Engineering

There is ZERO evidence to confirm the so-called ” science ” of evolution; beginning with its fundamental ( if simply always implied ) claim that a single living cell ( much less the trillions of cells which comprise a human being ) ” evolved ” from nothing.

Bottom Line – as demonstrated via the book ” Science vs Evolution ” ( found at ), simply from the consideration of mathematical possibility, irregardless of other approaches reaching the same conclusion, evolution is absolutely impossible.

Human beings did not, and could not, evolve ” from goo to you.”

You, a single cell, all human beings, our planet, and our universe were created by God.  Period.  End of story.

We invite/challenge any and all who howl in distain at our statement – Debate.  Don’t be a typical evolution supporter coward.  Get some guts.  Defend your position publicly.

Our prediction – No one will accept our challenge for the same reason that no one will debate ” global warming ” or any other manifestation of Social Engineering.

Fear.  Fear of exposure.  Fear of ones self-image being stained/hurt/damaged by the finally realized truth that you have been fooled into believing a complete fantasy/fairy tale.  Fear, by any possible debater, of being publicly exposed as a fool.

Hence the only response to our challenge; be it regarding the stupidity of evolution, the lie of global warming, the soul pathology of LGBT, or any other topic; will be ” crickets ” – the silence which comes when chattering parrots, such as regarding the Religion ( not science ) of Evolution, reaffirm to each other the validity of their fantasy but flee as vampires before sunlight or the cross before defending themselves outside of the protection of their academic/intellectual zoo/cage.

We here challenge the Religion of Evolution ( ROE ) since it is a key beginning of any following Social Engineering via its early introduction into the student/target by the public school system.

Once the target/student accepts without question the silly/stupid base premise of the ROE the stage is set for their unquestioning acceptance of all of the curiosity and intellectual crushing programming which will follow.  The public school system hence starts at the earliest ages to lobotomize their targets; i.e.; prepare them for their smooth entry into, and forever retention by, ” The Hive ” ( see our public school/teachers unions discussion above ).

The acceptance of the ” gateway drug/lie ” of the ROE by the child produces the adult who drinks, and even seeks out, the lies/” Kool-Aid ” which their Plantation Master/Elite/VPP Controllers gleefully provide – such as ” Climate Change,” ” gender fluidity,” Cuisinarting children, etc.

Hence we present that a critical element in defeating the Plantation Masters and saving/restoring The Republic involves waking up the citizens from their ” Blue Pill ” existence/slumber to the ” Red Pill ” life; a foundation of our entire ” Contract.”

A key to your possible ” Red Pill ” Life is to see – clearly – that you are a created – by God – being.

Contrary to the current psychotic use of the term, by your realization of this reality you will begin the process of being truly ” woke.”

Being ” woke ” to the reality that you are a created being will begin the process of neutralizing the sleep inducing poison of Social Engineering by which the Plantation Masters exert such fantastic control over their targets.

We hence present that you, our reader, are far far far more than a mobile bag of random chemicals as proclaimed by the ROE but are in fact a ” living soul ” as described in the Bible.

It is this perspective which underlies our claim that the differences regarding the political issues discussed in our ” Contract ” are at their core religious expressions of The War between Christianity and its Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism opponents.

We hence seek to clearly illuminate both the noted War and the only true solutions which can benefit all of humanity.

When you can calmly observe how totally, absolutely, and completely impossible it would be for you to ” evolve ” – how could red blood cells evolve?” Why? They would have to have arteries and veins to travel in.  Why would they evolve?  Travel where?  Lungs.  Why would lungs evolve?  To get oxygen?  Why?  To give energy to the cells.  Why?  How could cells evolve?  And on and on and on – you can begin the process of ” waking up.”

Bottom Line – your entire body had to be ready to go just like a car at the end of the assembly line.

And then The Creator ” turned the key ” and Adam started.

The Constitution Party of California – the only ” Red Pill ” Party and the ONLY Party working to wake you up instead of putting you to sleep.

Recommended resources –

“Science vs Evolution ” – Vance Ferrell

Recommended Action –

Roll 2 dice.

Question – How many times in a row can you roll an even number (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) in a row?

>The book explains that to get just ONE positive mutation ( and it could also – by 50/50 chance – be negative ) – out of the literally trillions needed to make a human body – would require the minimal equivalent of rolling 100 evens in a row; a task which would be required of EVERY ( of trillions needed ) ” positive ”  – improving the organism – mutation.

Bottom Line(s) –

1)  Evolution is absolutely impossible..

2)  You were made by Intelligent Design; i.e.; God.

3)  Don’t be dumb.  Don’t be fooled by the Religion of Evolution.

22)  The Main Stream Media ( MSM ) – Enemies of The Republic and Enemies of Humanity

This author was very ill during many childhood years and so passed the time by reading an encyclopedia set from start to finish.  In retrospect it was by this method that I developed both a great love of my country and a belief that we would lead all of humanity to great achievements in the years to come.

I also came to believe myths which were/are completely contrary/opposite to current reality – such as the honor, and honesty, of the press/media.

For where in a prior time there could have been real life equivalents of a Jimmy Stewart movie – intrepid and brave reporters fearlessly and relentlessly seeking out and exposing truth despite all odds – at our current moment, with the informal Coup/overthrow of The Republic and the beginning reigns of our coming long line of Caesars/Bidens and Caesarettes/Harrises, such an idea, at least regarding the MSM, is the equivalent of a Niagra Falls in the Sahara Desert fantasy; i.e.; journalism in America is not only dead, dead, and ALMOST dead but has come back to ” life ” as an ” Undead ” Plantation Master/Elite/VPP sock-puppet vampire dedicated to the promotion of everything this/our Contract with California opposes.

The ” ALMOST ” which I reference is the last ” Alamo ” physical newspaper/Jimmy Stewart equivalents/slivers of actual journalism which, resisting annihilation by the Plantation Masters, ” carry the torch ” of honest and truthful investigative reporting.  The Epoch Times is certainly the most notable of such survivors with the Washington Times deserving an honorable mention.  Others may exist but, at least to this author, they are drown from general public awareness in comparison to the vampire controlled Undead anti-America/Republic/humanity publications such as the New York Times ( NYT ) and Washington Post ( WP ).; i.e; gushing fountains of ” Fake News.”

The internet provides ( at least to this moment ) a wealth of ” Real News ” websites far beyond the authors ability to remember them all.  Messano News ( as a beginning replacement for the Plantation Master controlled Drudge Report ), the Unz Report,,, and are just a few sites among many which, by providing accurate/honest information and simply different uncensored opinions, are fighting back against censorship by the Elites/VPP.


Name the topic – the stolen election with massive vote fraud, the lie/scam/fraud/hoax of COVID-1984, the lie/scam/fraud/hoax of ” Climate Change,” the lie/scam/fraud/hoax of ” Russian collusion ” by President Trump, and the list goes on and on and on – and nothing but ” Fake News;” complete cover-up and/or total fabrication/lies; is produced by our Plantation Master press.

The horrific end result of having a wonderful 1st Amendment for 200+ years is seeing the Satanic/Humanist Army of Corruption; including the NYT, the WP, and their armies of ultra beta and feminist ” reporters;” endlessly attack The Republic and its Western Civilization foundations.

Hence, separate from the survivors mentioned and inferred from above, the MSM is currently an action arm of The Junta; i.e.; they will not only cover up the stolen election but will, completely and without question, support every anti-Republic, anti-Christian, and anti-humanity attack which this Contract opposes.  The author knows of no remaining state metropolitan newspaper which is NOT Plantation Master/Satanism/Humanism controlled and actively opposing each point of our Contract.

And their corruption is just barely beginning.

For the Plantation Masters are already working rapidly to consolidate their complete control over a ” 1984 ” Internet; i.e.; only pro-Junta/Emperor/Empress news and commentary will be allowed as ” Big Brother ” ( the faceless Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP; our true Rulers/Masters ); will be worshipped, eventually, 24/7.

In television the most outright Satanic is CNN, followed closely by MSNBC and then ABC, CBS, and NBC with the NYT and WP being newsprint equivalents of CNN.  Singular demons include Stephanopoulos, Wallace, Todd, Cuomo, and, as with the print industry, swarms of other beta and feminist Undead.

Satanic Plantation Master media control extends throughout the film industry with the most disheartening collapse being that of Disney.  The long ago life affirming beginnings of Disney are now a distant memory and current mirage ( a complete ” Potemkin Village ” fake ) as the company is now a Death Religion subsidiary of the LGBT War Machine; increasingly coming ” out of the closet ” via attacking children with pro-sodomite/anti-family programming.

Walt Disneys’ vision is dead.  His company is now a cultural ” Trojan Horse ” within our nation; i.e.; completely controlled by the Plantation Masters and completely dedicated to the replacement by Satanism/Humanism of our Christian/Western Civilization foundations.

Bottom Line – The MSM ( inclusive of print, television, and film ) is under 99% Plantation Master control.  Any remaining fantasy of it simply, accurately, and factually reporting ” news ” is part of the Social Engineering lies which it is dedicated to produce.  Its allegiance is completely to its Satanist/Humanist S.F. Judaism controllers and their anti-humanity/family/man/woman/children/Christianity message/religion.

Such allegiance applies also to Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other internet platforms which are also ” coming out of the closet ” to expose their complete control by and/or obedience to the Plantation Masters in their developing 1984 police state.

They are ALL dedicated to A) the death of The Republic, and B) their Satanist/Humanist religion.  Their belief in B) is why they are dedicated to, and will do everything needed to achieve, A).

We hence urge citizens to recognize that the MSM is a sworn to the death enemy of both The Republic and humanity as a whole.

We urge all citizens to reject our noted enemies; i.e.; ” cancel ” the MSM; and support both our noted friends and all other fellow Life supporters whom you discover in the battle.

The MSM is a powerful Plantation Master tool for evil.  It is totally dedicated to the death of The Republic.  It must be stopped.

The Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party fighting against the horrific, monstrous, and utter corruption of the MSM.

Note : The monstrous evil of the MSM is further evidenced by the continued censorship of President Trump; an action which not only continues after The Coup but will continue permanently.

Such censorship is only a small foretaste of/regarding all political discussion/commentary in The Republic from this moment forward; i.e.; The Junta will control all political opinions as it will allow only ” Empire/Plantation Master approved ” messages/information to be disseminated.

” 1984 ” is here.  All permissable discussion topics and opinions of the 2024 Presidential campaign and election have already been decided.

Such is the death of The Republic

Unless YOU decide to fight back.

23)  As our Constitutional Republic, including California, is murdered so dies the world.

As a cultural representation of the death of the Constitutional Republic of the united States, inclusive of California, we refer our reader to a YouTube sub-clip entitled ” Engineer vs. Trilobite ” of the 2012 movie entitled ” Prometheus.”

The trilobite monster emerging from the laboratory and its attack is a perfect visual representation of the real life attack of the Satanist/Humanist Sabbatean Frankist Judaism War Machine upon both the Republic of the united States and humanity as a whole.  The resulting production of the ( not shown in the clip; see the entire movie ) ” deacon ” as a result of the attack is the intended end result of the religious War against The Republic; i.e.; the total and final decimation/annihilation of Christianity and its principles and the total success/victory/replacement by/of their opposites.

The current informal establishment of the Banana Republic of the united States will hence bring countless, and very intended, deaths to millions throughout the world; not only of our own nation but inclusive of the nation of Taiwan.

For a greater understanding of this horrific unfolding tragedy we provide the following short history discussion which the reader is encouraged to both challenge and supplement :

The Bolshevik Revolution was funded, via American banks, and primarily executed by Sabattean Frankist ( S.F. ) Judaism adherents whose primary motivations included the ( starting in Russia and then extending worldwide ) destruction of Christianity.  This was the reason for exterminating the Romanov family as visible Christian representatives.

The coordinators of this planned worldwide anti-Christian Revolution eventually became the engine behind the Peoples Republic of China; i.e.; the genocidal Communist Party of Mao Tse-Tung which slaughtered over 80 million chinese.  The key advisors/coordinators of Mao were Sabattean Frankists whose hatred of Christianity is the motivating engine of the Chinese Communists to this day.

“Some call it Communism.  I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Weiss.” Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.” – Jewish Voice, July/August 1941.

S.F. Judaism commentaries themselves have leaked these truths but predominantly these facts, along with countless others, have been sterilized from public knowledge throughout our society whether it be via Plantation Master controlled academia or media; i.e.; Fake News.

Via betrayal by our own S.F. infiltrated and controlled State Department at the end of World War II the anti-communist Christian Nationalist Chinese government of Chiang Kai-Shek was forced to abandon mainland China and retreat to the island of Taiwan where they now await their final enslavement.

For the Plantation Master/Elites controlled gradual abandonment of Taiwan by the united States, starting with Richard Nixon representing ” The Establishment;” has reached its zenith with the ” election ” of Fake President Biden; an ultra corrupt wholly owned subsidiary of China.  The practice flight of Chinese bombers over Taiwan within the first 3 days of the Reign of President/Emperor Fake portends the soon to be fulfilled Reunification Attack of mainland China against Taiwan; an attack and resulting slavery springing directly from Communist knowledge that ” the Free ( Western Civilization, Christian ) World, as represented by Fake President Biden/Harris, is too ultra pathetically, and intentionally, weak to defend freedom/humanity.

It will be this same neon sign pathetic weakness, broadcast via the acceptance of sodomites and ” transgenders ” into military service, which not only emboldens the Communist Trilobites against Taiwan but gives them certainty regarding their ultimate victory over the sworn to the death enemies of their S.F. Judaism Satanism/Humanism Controllers.

Hence after Taiwan is enslaved it is only a matter of time before the sock puppet of Chinese Communism is sent to achieve its ultimate, and so long planned for, objective – the military defeat and conquering of the united States.

The hollowing out of America – the corruption of its males ( no longer men ) from drugs, porn, and LGBT soul death; the death of its females ( no longer women ) via abortion/Cuisinarting and Feminism; the collapse of the Christian church due to their love of ” nickels and noses ” over Salvation – leaves only a thin veneer of apparent technological strength/superiority which our Satanist/Humanist enemies know will vanish in an instant when our now Banana Republic is defeated; such as when the USS Teddy Roosevelt is sunk and destroyed.

Hence the Death of California, an immense tragedy by itself, will be an extremely strong contributing factor to the Death of The Republic from which Dominoes of Death will fall around the world.  The horrific nightmare-yet-reality of our national defeat and virtual permanent slavery, with its worldwide permanent consequences, will have only barely begun.

Such will be the horrific price which our nation, and the world itself, will pay for accepting Satanism/Humanism and Sabattean Frankist Judaism as our replacement religion, both personally and nationally, for Christianity; a slavery which will endure, at best, for centuries.

The Constitution Party of California – fighting in defense of humanity in our state, nation, and around the world.

Recommended Action(s) –

A)  oppose the Satanist/Humanist S.F. Judaism driven/motivated Communist Chinese government at every opportunity;

B)  support the Taiwan government at every opportunity.

Note – the religion/practice of Falun Gong, along with Christianity, is heavily attacked/persecuted in Communist China.  Believers/followers of both are subject to extreme torture inclusive of having their organs harvested while they are ALIVE.
The classical Chinese dance and music company Shen Yun is affiliated with Falun Gong.

We recommended that you investigate and support them if possible.

C)  Subscribe to the Epoch Times.
They are one of the last true newspapers in America and provide excellent coverage of the corruption of the Communist Chinese Party.

24)  The planned, and permanent, suspension of the Constitution.

As with all other aspects of this “Contract” we invite/challenge opponents/naysayers to public debate

Have the guts to openly backup your challenge(s).

The author writes these comments with the hope that the following described “Event” does not happen and the belief that the best way to accomplish this is to speak out and expose this narrative at every possible opportunity.  As described, even within the very beginning days of our rulership/slavery under Emperor Biden ( our “Great/Maximum Leader ” ) and  ” The Junta,” we can already see the following scenario being created.

We must hence work as never before to stop its monstrous intended result.

A historical background is needed to fully understand the extremely strong forces which are already in motion to ensure that the ” Event ”  will occur –

Historical precedent number 1 –

The historical address of President Franklin Roosevelt to Congress that ” this is a day which will live in infamy ” regarding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a total lie.

Abundant historical sources confirm that Roosevelt and our government wanted the Japanese to attack, knew the Japanese government would attack, knew exactly when they would attack, knew exactly where the Japanese fleet was at all times, and disabled our military defenses to allow the attack to succeed.  They needed Japan to successfully attack America first in order to justify their desire to enter WW II against Germany.

Bottom Line – The United States government sacrificed literally thousands of lives in a public relations/marketing/advertising; i.e.; Social Engineering; campaign to justify and promote entry into a war.

Prior to the war ( on Dec. 6th ) a majority of citizens were strongly opposed to war due to fresh memories of the horror of WW I.  On Dec. 8th, after the public relations spectacle/scam/sacrifice of Pearl Harbor, America was instantly ready to go to war.

Successful “optics” (burning and destroyed ships) were needed to success fully psychologically manipulate/control/Socially Engineer the nation.

“Success.”  As planned, it only took a few thousand deliberately sacrificed lives to shift the entire country to support the desires of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP; lives which they were/are more than willing to sacrifice in the achievement of their goal(s).  As the classic saying goes – ” You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”

Historical precedent number 2 –

2 planes took down 3 buildings on 9/11.

We refer you to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for (putting it mildly) extremely strong evidence that all 3 building were brought down by explosives; i.e.; NOT by fire.  Please view their outstanding documentary ” Seven.”

We additionally present that the Pentagon was NOT struck by a passenger jet but rather by a missile.  We challenge our detractors to disprove the mountain of evidence in support of this claim inclusive of no plane wreckage.

Shortly prior to 9/11 a “thinktank” openly wrote of the need for a ” new Pearl Harbor ” to form the public sentiment needed to propel United States involvement in new Middle East wars.  How convenient that 9/11 fulfilled that need a short time later.

On 9/10 the average American would have said “Where is that?” when told we must invade Afghanistan and “Who is that?” when told we must capture/kill Osama Bin Laden.  After the public relations spectacles/scams/sacrifices of 9/11 America was more than ready for war on 9/12.

Successful “optics” (totally collapsed – not simply burned – towers) were needed to successfully psychologically manipulate/control/Socially Engineer the nation.

“Success.”  As planned, it took only a few thousand deliberately sacrificed lives to shift the entire country to support the desires of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP; lives which they were/are more than willing to sacrifice in the achievement of their goal(s).  As the classic saying goes – ” You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”

Please note that with both “Events;” most especially with 9/11;, the MSM (as to this moment) was under complete Plantation Master control in producing the Wall/Avalanche of Lies which they presented to the public.

Cognitive dissonance – noun – the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Part of the spectacular success of Social Engineering comes from ” cognitive dissonance ” (CD) – you/we have been trained like Pavlovs dogs to accept, believe, and promote anything supported by the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP – no matter how sick, insane, or illogical.

I know : to imagine that the United States government – OUR government and ANY part of it – could deliberately kill/sacrifice ANY amount of people for a political reason??  We don’t want to believe it.  And we will not allow ourselves to even consider it.  This author has been/was there.

But our refusal to see the truth – to see what is right before our eyes – is exactly what the Elites/Plantation Masters/VPP are counting on.  That they can do something so fantastically monstrous and utterly evil that the citizens will refuse to believe/accept or even consider that the actual criminals committed the crime.  This is direct evidence that the citizens have been successfully Socially Engineered.

Investigate Bertrand Russell and “Black Snow.”  This is what is intended for YOU and has in fact already been accomplished.

The “success” of both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 hinged on the need for adequate ” optics ” to produce the level of psychological shock/trauma/dissonance necessary to motivate the citizens/mice/lab rats.

Burning/smoking ships and piles of rubble/totally collapsed towers produced the level of shock not obtainable by no sailor deaths and/or 100 story burnt out hulks.  The ” visuals ” of ships and shattered towers were absolutely essential, as they will shortly be used yet again, to produce/Socially Engineer the level of fear and panic needed to motivate the mice/cattle.

“Cognitive dissonance” produced by the shock of the enormity of the crime provided the national paralysis which allowed not only that the crime succeeded but that the perpetrators escaped both detection and justice.

That is how they did it before and that is how they will do it again.  It is a tried and true formula.

With this background we present that our current now Banana Republic ruling “Junta” has a specific objective to achieve for its Plantation Master/Elite Controllers – the formal end of the/our Constitutional Republic via permanent suspension of the Constitution; i.e.; by the establishment of permanent martial law – the rule/Reign of The Empire.

The permanent suspension of the Constitution is the way for the Plantation Masters to, by one stroke, overcome everything which blocks achievement of their ultimate goal – the end/shattering of their Christian based Constitutional Republic mortal enemy.  Suspension of the Constitution guarantees that the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment, will no longer and never again be an obstacle to their permanent Reign (of Terror) over America and humanity as a whole.

Hence we will have “The Event ” –

“We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a Special Bulletin.  Breaking News – There are reports of a catastrophic explosion in Dallas.  Preliminary reports indicate there are massive casualties.  We have lost communication with the city.  Our reporters are in route and we will have immediate updates as soon as possible.   The White House has announced that President Harris will speak shortly.”

President Harris is now speaking – My fellow Americans.  Within the last hour our nation has suffered a catastrophic terrorist attack.  Radical white supremacist nationalist extremists have detonated a nuclear weapon in the city of Dallas.  Preliminary reports indicate that immediate fatalities number in the hundreds of thousands with even greater numbers of wounded. We expect these numbers to at least double in the days ahead.  The city is gone.

The white supremacist domestic terrorists have used what is known as a ” dirty bomb.” They have not only completely destroyed the city – as pictures show over 95% of it is gone – but they have deliberately released massive amounts of radioactivity which will blanket both the city and the countryside making a vast area uninhabitable for decades at minimum.

My fellow Americans – as you know, this administration, building on the courageous foundation started by President Biden, has worked tirelessly to expose and stop the endless domestic terrorism and violent extremism of white supremacy.  Sadly this horrible attack upon our very heartland clearly demonstrates that white supremacy and its Nazi roots will stop at nothing in their blood lust to destroy our democracy, subjugate our citizens to a new slavery, and establish a New Confederacy on the ashes of our democracy.

We are already receiving reports from all 52 state capitals that white supremacists are rioting, stealing government arms supplies, and attacking and killing state legislators.

My fellow citizens – we face an organized insurrection of hate never before openly seen in our nations history.

For centuries white supremacy has attacked the world bringing poverty, disease, death, and destruction to untold millions wherever it went.

But it is now attacking our democracy as never before.

We must respond.  We will respond.

My fellow Americans – to save our democracy from this grave attack I will shortly address Congress and will ask for the temporary suspension of our Constitution; an action which must be taken in this War which we must fight.

At this grave hour we must have a full and decisive military response to our white supremacist Nazi/New Confederacy enemies.  We will give no quarter to racism.

We ask that you give full cooperation and aid to our military forces in the days ahead.  It is well known that white supremacists are very skillful at hiding among our populace.  We will need the assistance of every citizen to expose them if we are to finally eliminate the shadow of white supremacy from our land.

My fellow Americans – Let us not let those killed in Dallas to have died in vain.  Let their deaths be an inspiration to us all that the evil of white supremacy will be finally eliminated from the planet.”

And that, my friends, is how it will ” play out.”

Texas will be sacrificed both because of its Christianity and being considered a Republican (R) “Red State.”  Florida, by being considered as too much “R,” is also an additional possibility while New York and California, being solid Blue/Democrat (D) states, have nothing to worry about as they are completely ruled by Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism; the religion(s) of the attackers.

Why would the Plantation Masters/Deep State kill their friends?

Eliminating Texas will be the “cherry on top of the sundae “highlight to permanently seal/protect/extend the massive Democrat/Deep State vote fraud unveiled in our recent Presidential election/Coup so that “They,” The Empire/Junta, will never again lose an election.

My friends – do you REALLY think that the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP would NOT kill/massacre literally hundreds of thousands and far far far more to finally achieve their greatest dreams of both eliminating Christianity from our nation and ruling the world via their ” Great Reset/ New Normal ” United Nations One World government?  After the Death of Dallas the MSM via Social Engineering will portray caucasians and Christians to be 1,000× worse monsters than it already does.

Stalin killed 60 million+.  Mao killed 80 million+.  They both had the same Satanism/Humanism religious beliefs as the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP/Junta.  Their lead advisors (including the Chinese Communist leaders to this second) were believers of S.F. Judaism.

The Plantation Masters, via the Satanism/Humanism sub-division of Feminism and its action arm of the Abortion Industry/Planned Parenthood, has “slowly” killed/shredded/Cuisinarted over 60 million children since Roe vs Wade in 1973.

With total victory so close to their grasp would they, as mass killers of millions, suddenly have a spasm of ” conscience,” which they are otherwise totally allergic to, and refrain from killing literally more millions?  The answer is obvious as to do so they would have to renounce their Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism religious beliefs; i.e.; the reason why they breathe.

You may be suffering from a common human frailty – you don’t believe that someone will do to you what you would never do to them.

My friends – the MSM, the voice/sock puppet of the Plantation Masters, is ALREADY using the terms ” white supremacist,” “white superiority,” “white privilege,” “Nazi,” “domestic terrorist,”insurrectionist,” “rioter,” yada, yada, yada..

Why?  Because you are ALREADY being Socially Engineered to brainlessly accept by word association; i.e.; being trained like Pavlovs dogs; the lies which the Plantation Masters/Junta will tell you after they have “made their omelette;” i.e.; sacrificed hundreds of thousands/countless people to achieve their monstrous dreams including your PERMANENT slavery.

The Death of Dallas will be instantly be blamed on “white nationalists/supremacists;” code words to justify attacking Christians and Christianity.  The MSM/”1984 Ministry of Truth” will reproduce the recent total lie/hysteria of claiming that all state capitals are threatened with imminent attack.

Permanent martial law will hence be easy to maintain as the MSM/Ministry of Truth will forevermore use the Social Engineering boogymen of “white privilege,” “extremists,” etc. to justify their ever increasing iron rule inclusive, eventually, of the, as with their Bolshevik brethren, extermination/killing of their opponents.

The Death of Dallas will be the assassins bullet which officially changes our Constitutional Republic into a permanent dictatorship by The Empire/Junta.  Long will they reign

There are 2 sides in this battle :

A)  the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP/Junta –

Motivated at each second by the religions of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism (Religions of Death) whose every minute goal, objective, and burning desire is to utterly destroy their mortal enemy of Christianity in every possible way – from singular ( Cuisinarting children, mutilating them via transgenderism, destroying the family, destroying females via Feminism, destroying males via porn, destroying both and children via the LGBT/Sodomite War Machine ) to societal ( inclusive of destroying the economy via the complete The-Sky-Is-Falling lie of ” Climate Change ” to destroying the nation via massive vote fraud ).

B)  the Constitutional Republic of the united States of America; a crowning achievement/manifestation of Western Civilization and standing in defense of humanity as a whole –

Motivated at each second by the religion of Christianity, the Religion of Life, in defense of the singular ( individual freedom, human life at all ages, cultivating true men and women – instead of males and females, the natural nuclear family ) and societal ( ever increasing economic prosperity for all and the restoration of free and fair elections to The Republic ).

The Constitution Party of California stands for the defense of The Republic.   We stand as representatives of the Religion of Life.  We stand in defense of Western Civilization.  We stand in defense of humanity as a whole.

Only our intervention and opposition; i.e.; by “pre-publicizing”/exposing it; can prevent the already long planned and now operational “Event” from occurring.

Only citizen intervention can stop the Deep State from celebrating its crowning/greatest achievement.

The respective Armies of Life and Death are aligned on the field of battle.  Both their Commanders and their objectives are clear.

The reader will choose their allegiance.

Recommended action – The more citizens are introduced to this ” Contract ” the greater will be the exposure to the public of this warning.  Even 100% ridicule/rejection will still spread public awareness which at a critical level can thwart/alter the perpetrators ultimate plans which depend on complete surprise and overwhelming/catastrophic shock for their Social Engineering success.  To permanently eliminate the Constitution “They” must produce the proper ” optics;” i.e.; mass devastation; which will produce permanent mass surrender and unquestioning compliance/obedience.

Bottom Line – You must realize that “They” will not have the slightest hesitation in, or regret for, killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.  They view humans just like the founders/Controllers of Planned Parenthood – you are no different from roaches and can be simply sprayed for or stepped on.

With the victory of their Coup/election fraud “They” now have control of the machinery/instruments needed to accomplish their greatest goal.  Only millions of people/roaches stand in the way of the achievement of their greatest dream/desire.

The ONLY thing which they fear is exposure; i.e.; to be exposed as the demons which they are instead of the ” respectable ” cover story which they hide behind.  They don’t want to be exposed/remembered as the greatest criminals in human history.

As the MSM demonstrates, they are already busy ” making their omelette.”

You can stop them.

Recommended Resources –

Robert Stinnett – Day of Deceit : The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Investigate ” Operation Northwoods ” – a Joint Chiefs/military developed government coordinated ” false flag ” terrorism proposal presented to, and rejected by, President Kennedy.

25)  The future and what shall we do –

With the current faked electoral victory of puppet Emperor Biden and the seizure of power by his Junta/Empire Controllers the Constitutional Republic of the Founders has been informally, yet virtually permanently, overthrown and is very rapidly being hollowed out and reconstructed into the Potemkin Village/” deacon ” replacement so desired by the Plantation Masters.

The bare beginnings of the Mass Surveillance State ( MSS ), based upon the Communist Chinese Social Credit Score/System ( SCS ), can be seen emerging via ” cancel culture ” where opposition/disobedience of any form in/to the desires of The Mutants/lackeys of the Plantation Masters results minimally in social ostracism and advances to job loss and business closures.  This ” toe-in-the-water ” bare beginning will be accelerated and intensified by countless orders of magnitude as our police state develops.

The early Empire ” optics ” of Washington filled with troops and razor-wire to defend The Elites, formerly ” Representatives,” from The Peasants/Deplorables will be permanently continued as a base for the ever expanding ” narrative ” that all caucasians who refuse to give immediate, open, and groveling allegiance to Emperor Biden and his every Decree/Command are ” domestic terrorists,” i.e.; ” Nazis “/” White Supremacists ” who forever and always will be the greatest threat to the nation.  Note that the ” narrative ” of the ultra corrupt FBI Director regarding ” domestic terrorism ” does not include factual/documented Antifa and BLM rioting, looting, and killing but only vague accusations against caucasians.

Hence as we are moving along a well, and long, planned ” greased skids ” path to our demise, inclusive of the ” Event ” described above, what can be done?

First, we ( defenders of The Republic and of Western Civilization itself ) must clearly and correctly assess our strategic position in The War.

The Constitution Party of California presents, and reiterates, that all of the conflicts which we see before us are physical manifestations of a spiritual War.  Many apparently different issues/War fronts have a common tap root – the War between The Religion of Life, Christianity, and the Religions of Death, Satanism/Humanism and Sabbatean Frankist Judaism.

The War produces, as manifestations of Social Engineering ( the weapon of choice for our enemies ) —

1) a populace stupefied by both The Religion of Evolution and public school education in general so that the Church of Pharmaceuticals can indoctrinate them with the stupidity of ” Germ Theory ” to produce both their forever running from ” bugs ” and forever worship of next-to-worthless vaccines/poisons rather than wonder at, and develop and use, the miracle of their own immune system ( beat any ” bug ” without self-poisoning with a vaccine );

2) a populace, completely motivated by both jealousy and ( especially ) envy, which can support a political party which is dedicated not to individual economic freedom but collective economic slavery; even when this results in the citizens own impoverishment and destruction;

3) a populace which declares itself ” free ” but which has been denied ( and too ” dumbed down ” by the public schools and MSM to notice it ) knowledge and understanding of even ” money ” itself and how they are being perpetually swindled;

4) a populace which has been Socially Engineered to poison itself via drugs/pharmaceuticals and vaccines while calling that ” health care;”

5) a populace which has been dumbed down enough to, rather than do their own research, believe parroting ” experts ” that ” The Sky Is Falling ” and destroy their own prosperity, and that of all generations to come, as a result;

6) a populace which can be weakened enough to vote, and allow/promote fake votes, for a Regime/Dictatorship dedicated to completely destroying every principle upon which the nation was founded;

7) a populace which, despite all contrary evidence, believes that the nation was never great and despises the very idea and possibility;

8) a populace which can be Socially Engineered to defend a caucasian founded ultra-racist mass murdering genocidal organization while being ultra-racist against all caucasians;

9) a populace which supports a fake black organization controlled by caucasians which is dedicated to destroying the black community;

10) a populace trained to hate their own country and an entire populace within it;

11) a populace trained to accept, and even cultivate, not only the warping of men and women into males and females by hating their parents but to attack children with the same pathology;

12) a populace where children are being trained to mutilate themselves;

13) a population where the mission of the schools is not education but to attack the souls of children;

14) & 15) a population where males and females are trained, behind their own noses, to hate and betray each other;

16) a populace controlled by religions dedicated to their extermination;

17) a populace protesting racism while promoting racism;

18) an utterly corrupt Deep State/Elites political party completely controlled by anti-Christians which pretends to be Christian;

19) a political leader, and his entire party, that has complete contempt for the citizens;

20) a call for ” unity ” from those dedicated to destroying their opponents;

21) teaching fake ” science ” that deliberately ” dumbs down ” its targets;

22) a Main Stream Media which deliberately and continuously lies to the public in a campaign to destroy both the Constitution and The Republic.

Each of these is a manifestation of the Religious War, its deadly weapon of Social Engineering, and each is a portion of the overall objective.

Antonio Gramsci, a communist philosopher, recognized that ( at that time ) the United States could not be militarily defeated but that it could be, given enough time, culturally defeated.  The Frankfurt School was founded by the Plantation Masters to wage the needed cultural War to accomplish that objective.

Moving in 1933 from its founding location of Frankfurt, Germany to New York City this Satanism/Humanism Sabattean Frankist religion motivated/driven organization developed the philosophical foundations of the Social Engineering attacks which form the base of our above noted War results.

Fast forward to our current moment and we see a staggering and sweeping defeat of the cultural and societal institutions of The Republic – education, media, finance/business, religion, family – as they mutate from predominant control by the Religion of Life to the Religion(s) of Death; i.e.; the driving forces of the Frankfurt School.

John Adams Christian admonition/reference – ” Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – is hence both an acknowledgement of our current demise and the 2nd most important key to any possible survival of The Republic.

For the Satanism/Humanism Sabbatean Frankist religious alliance/tag team is the motivational engine of both the collapse of The Republic and its conquering by The Junta and each of the noted attacks addressed by our Contract.

Only a spiritual response can thwart, stop, and reverse a spiritual attack; i.e.; we are being defeated because we are no longer a Christian predominated spiritual and moral people.  Our spiritual defeat/collapse to Satanism/Humanism rulership is followed by our defeat in the temporal world.

That is why the Constitution Party of California places the noted religious War at the forefront of our discussions; i.e; the real world collapse of America, both institutional and singular, springs from a spiritual cause/War.  It cannot be stopped by simply secular means but only by actions founded upon a Christian religious base.

The severity of our peril springs also from the Frankfurt School planned and accomplished Social Engineering demise/destruction of the American Christian church as can be noted by its collapse before the LGBT War Machine among virtually countless other wounds.

Relating to our earlier ” Red Pill ” commentary the Church has morphed/degenerated from its leading role in the American Revolution to a 98 pound weakling status far more concerned with ” nickels and noses ” than God and Salvation.  Pastors are shackled by their own seminary training, reenforced by their Board of Directors, which follows the Social Engineering of our society and culture – protect your ” image;” i.e.; don’t oppose evil because its proponents/supporters can make you ” look bad.”  The withering eye of Satanism/Humanism dedicated donors and ” public opinion ” turns possible resistance to evil into pablum prosperity gospel sermons lest the dollar stream dry up.

John the Baptist, Saul/Paul, and Peter – believers who changed the course of history – are no match for the power of the current descendants of their former enemies/killers who run circles around befuddled modern Socially Engineered pastors who are easily neutralized by Plantation Master created public opinion.  Biblical lions have morphed into poodles/chihuahuas.

Yet the completeness of the attack of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism upon humanity does not stop with the soul crushing of as many human targets as possible but extends to EVERY battlefield of life inclusive especially of conceptual ideas upon which humanity is based.

Where Christianity celebrates and values every human life as a gift from God Satanism/Humanism declares each human life as equal to a cockroach – which its believers are happy to step on.  The Christianity singular value of human life extends to the promotion of scientific and technological progress so as to bring glory to The Creator by advancing all of humanity, an advancement which the Satanism/Humanism complete lie of ” Climate Change “/” The Sky Is Falling ” hysteria is designed to permanently stop.

That is why the ” long-game ” of the Plantation Masters regarding COVID-19 ( referenced in 1) above ) is found in 2 places among many –

A) the ” Georgia Guidestones ” where the Plantation Masters desire for a mass extermination of humanity is openly expressed; and

B) Bill Gates ( investigate his India vaccine program ) ; whose father was on the Board of Directors of the mass genocidal/homicidal/murdering Planned Parenthood; the ” Raid ” can of humanity.

Bottom Line – where Christianity investigates creation with wonder and awe, seeking to ever greater understand the majesty of, and bring glory to, The Creator so as to advance all of humanity to ever greater heights of prosperity and happiness, Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism declares A) that there is no God; i.e.; that its followers are god; and B) that life and creation itself are nothing special; i.e.; children can be Cuisinarted, mass murder in support of the Georgia Guidestones can be performed, and, as their ” Pest Control ” company of Planned Parenthood promotes, humans are equal to roaches.

That is why the Twilight Zone episode ” To Serve Man ” is so relevant to our time; i.e.; the mRNA vaccine so touted for our survival is actually a pesticide against humanity; i.e.; the religions of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism view humanity ( except for themselves )  as equal to roaches; an ” infestation ” which they intend to eliminate/control.  The unfortunate accuracy of this observation will be demonstrated over the many coming years of autoimmune diseases which will be experienced by vaccine recipients.

We hence present the need for a return to a comprehensive Christianity based ”  Life ” vision of man to replace our current Socially Engineered ” Death ” Religion(s) which are being injected into our citizens.

The Life Vision need only return to a previously traveled ( if only just barely started ) course :

from the understanding that we are created beings we can find the vision of the restoration of the inherent and inalienable value of human life; and the value of technological and industrial progress founded upon the unfolding exploration of creation and its application to the advancement of humanity.  Such Life Positive concepts have been sterilized/Socially Engineered out of the consciousness of our citizens and replaced with their Death Positive opposites; i.e.; everything which this Contract opposes.

These simple spiritual beliefs, reestablished as the predominant foundational motivations of our nation, will be the ” vaccination ” needed to to reverse the tide of Death Religion Social Engineering indoctrination by the Plantation Masters.

We hence present that the Socially Engineered collapse of cultural opposition, inclusive of the Christian Church, to the Death Religion(s) of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism leaves Religion of Life; i.e.; Christian; ” refugees ” to seek to reform and save afflicted/poisoned institutions and/or form new, and as yet undefined, replacements where needed.

We present that as The War is spiritual at its core only those individuals who are ” vaccinated ” by The Religion of Life will survive in the battles ahead as our formerly Christian based Republic is ” fundamentally transformed ” into the permanent slavery for all of humanity so desired and dreamed of by the Plantation Masters.  Hence the singular choice to ” take the Red Pill,” or not, will determine the life or slavery of the individual.

Social Engineering is designed as a ” Blue Pill ” pipeline wherever it attacks.  As a temporal extension/manifestation of Satanism/Humanism it poisons its targets with an anti-human/life religion/philosophy which manifests politically; i.e.; ” They ( evil ) Live(s)” ( see the movie ).

We hence present that the most important key for the survival of The Republic is the individual chosen Red Pill allegiance to the Religion of Life.

Make no mistake – EVERY action of the Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP via their mutant/rodent ” orc “/demon followers/servants is dedicated to the ultimate eradication/elimination/annihilation of any and all expressions/whispers of Christianity in any possible manifestation.

We hence invite you to join the Constitution Party of California – a surviving political/religious outpost of Christian Red Pill sanity in a Republic fighting for survival.

Based upon our battlefield assessment of opposing the Plantation Masters/Junta we present that all other political parties in California range from brothers-in-arms ( the remainder of the decimated pro-life faction of the Republican Party ) to Deep State/Swamp fakes/pretenders/betrayers/back-stabbers ( AIP ) to Plantation Master country club lackeys ( Republican Establishment ) to ( at best ) 98 pound weakling mice ( Libertarians ) to outright traitors against both The Republic and humanity as a whole ( Democrat, Peace and Freedom, Green ).

With the California Republican Party under the iron control of its ” Establishment ” and with the AIP as a complete sock-puppet of the Deep State/Swamp only the Constitution Party remains as a state opponent of our Plantation Master planned cultural, social, and national murder.

We invite you to join our growing “Freedom Army ” in defense of our state, our Republic, and humanity as a whole.

In extending this invitation we present a vision of the  future which is both in harmony with that of our Founding Fathers and expressive of our core principles  –

The core of the Battle/War for Humanity springs from both our singular religious beliefs and that we are spiritual beings either existing or living in a physical world.

An understanding of our reality includes that EVERY human being/person has some form of a belief in God; i.e.; even the claim of an atheist that there is no God is  itself a belief ( even if negative ) in God.  Hence there is no such thing – ever – as ” separation of church and state ” as each person will ALWAYS express their religious belief and can NEVER not do so.  The practical result is that those screeching for such ” separation ” in our nation are simply ” front men ” for Satanism/Humanism who desire the replacement of the last national dregs of Christianity, the Life Religion foundation of The Republic, with their own Death Religion.

We approach this theological consideration in its practical application to our nation –

A) ” but that which you have already, hold fast till I come;” ( Revelation 2:25 ); i.e.; we will carry the banner of Life to victory and will minimally hold our battlefield positions until a Second Coming of our Creator; and
B)  we are currently ruled by an anti-Christian ”  theonomy;” i.e.; a Christian form of government hijacked/stolen by Satanism/Humanism enemies of humanity and God Himself.

We hence stand, in allegiance to The Creator, in defense of His creation against the War Machine of His enemies.

Let it be said by future generations that because of our sacrifice humanity was both saved from a future of total death and brought into a renaissance of freedom and prosperity.

Let us also remember that – John 15:5 : … apart from me you can do nothing.”

Just as the enemies of our Republic and humanity as a whole are motivated and animated by their Satanism/Humanism S.F. Judaism leader so must we seek life from The Creator of Life.  ” Of yourself you can do nothing ” recognizes our total incapability to win The War by ourselves.

Only by Divine Intervention may not only ourselves but our Republic be saved.

Recommended action – We present that Social Engineering is simply a temporal/worldly expression/advancement/enhancement of a spiritual phenomenon – when you are emotionally upset you can be controlled by an external force.

“Climate Change “/” The Sky Is Falling ” liars know that their targets can be motivated by ( and are then controllable by ) fear; no matter how silly, stupid, or nitwit their claims are.

The LGBT War Machine knows that citizens can be slowly molded to accept, endorse, and then promote ANYTHING ( any pathology/sickness including child sex ) because of fear; i.e.; concern for their ” image ” – What will people/my neighbors/my friends think of me?  That is why they know that when the time for legalization of child sex comes the Socially Engineered mass majority of citizens will offer no resistance lest their ” image ” be tarnished.

We present that emotional upset/discord is similar to sitting on a spinning top – no clear focus or understanding can be obtained when you are overwhelmed by endless images and sensations; i.e.; clarity and clear sight can only be attained when your top is slowed to zero miles per hour.

In this spirit we recommend that the citizen investigate a ” 7 minute meditation ” exercise found at ( Foundation of Human Understanding ).

The observation exercise will, given adequate time, allow the participant to objectively ( instead of subjectively ) observe emotional conditioning; both that already present and Social Engineering attempts from external sources.

When the citizen can no longer be successfully targeted/controlled by emotional distress their singular freedom/happiness can be discovered with such results manifesting in the political, cultural, and social structures of our nation; i.e.; you recover/are healed and the nation recovers/is healed.

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    Shock me that it’s you.

  3. Not Important

    On the one hand, yes, it’s batshit insane. It’s 14,000+ words of Grundmann – what did you expect? Grundmann is a one man crank operation whose party isn’t ballot qualified, and if I cared enough to sign up and post articles, he wouldn’t be my choice of what to cover, other than perhaps on April Fools Day. On the other hand, I do not see the problem in Saturn choosing to post it, either. No one is obliged to read it, comment on it, or do anything except scroll past it. The storage space, as far as I know, is not an issue. It could even prove historically significant. I won’t say under what circumstances, because I don’t want to give the original author any ideas. Anyone who cares enough to leave griping comments, much less also separately email the site owner, ought to post some better articles instead.

  4. SocraticGadfly

    And, Austin responded with an “oh geez,” Saturn. Something’s going to be done, even if he doesn’t plan to delete this.

  5. SocraticGadfly

    And, Saturn calling Anastasia a “Karen”? Both wrong and sexist.


    Not Important: Wrong. “Goes to image, your honor,” to riff on a legal phrase. In other words, makes the whole website look more crappy and like it’s in the tank for the Constitution Party, which is why I contacted Austin in the first place. That being Austin Cassidy, owner of the site, which Saturn is NOT. Ergo, it’s not ultimately Saturn’s call. Saturn, fill your own site with this dreck in the future.

  6. Don Grundmann

    Mr. Saturn : I want to thank you for posting my Contract With California for multiple reasons but most especially as an expression of free speech; a rapidly dwindling occurrence in our nation highlighted by the screeches in this thread which attack you for your audacity in presenting another opinion and perspective.

    I have viewed comments on this site periodically but had refrained from posting due to my expectation of being censored/” cancelled ” by other moderators so it is very both refreshing and heartening to see your stance in favor of the 1st Amendment; especially with the anti-free speech commentaries which have sprang to the attack of both the principle and yourself.

    Such comments include the completely nitwit ” in the tank for the Constitution Party ” but I have noted very few CP articles recently in contrast to a large amount of postings regarding the Libertarian Party. Hence I am additionally thankful for this reason for your promotion and support of the 1st Amendment.

    Please forgive my technical deficiency but when I access my article on your site I am unable to scroll past # 6 to reach the entirety of my commentary. I ask not simply for myself but especially for afflicted commentators/critics who can be aided by Issue # 15. I am sure that your knowledge of the simple solution to the problem will be of great benefit to both technically deficient people such as myself and, especially, those afflicted by the pathology noted in # 15.

    Lastly I note that my Contract has produced howls/squeaks of name-calling from my opponents but no concrete commentary; i.e.; I disagree on Issue A for Reason B, etc. I hence, again ( separate from the Contract ), encourage my opponents to not be so outright and openly cowardly; i.e.; state your SPECIFIC complaint and, especially, WHY.

    BACK IT UP ( for once ).

    Hoping this note finds you well and in great appreciation of your defense of the principles of our wonderful nation,

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C., Chairman, Constitution Party of California; the last Party in California ( and perhaps the country ) which will unapologetically defend Western Civilization without qualification.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Fine. Specific complaint? The screed references a work of fiction (the “bible”). I don’t let my fellow Libertarians get away with quoting “Atlas Shrugged” in a political manifesto, so likewise the “bible” holds no water as a basis for political positioning.

  8. Don Grundmann

    So the entire Bible is ” fiction?” A ludicrous claim. Can you cite specifics?
    I will take the lead – # 21 above refers to the Religion of Evolution. Would you claim that the Bible refers to ” fiction ” regarding God creating the Universe including YOU? Will you claim that the Religion of Evolution is fact??? Will you debate such a claim/fraud?? I place my bet that you are an anti-Christian atheist who promotes the nitwitery/stupidity of Evolution. Am I wrong?

    Your own atheism; i.e.; your Religion; is the foundation/bedrock of your own ” political positioning.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California – the last Party in California that will challenge and oppose insanity.

  9. SocraticGadfly

    LMAO at Saturn and his lies. At least Austin put the “read more” break link in, as I presume you did NOT. And, I’m sure you know how to use it.

    Oh, how’s the re-elected President Trump doing, Saturn?

    Double LMAO.



    I’m wasting time citing chapter and verse on every example of COVID-denialist pseudoscience, let alone the bible.

    You’re wrong. You’re a nutter.

    Deal with it.

  10. William Saturn Post author

    Nobody needed to add “Read more” because it was always there. It’s on every article. But if it makes you feel better to believe you did something by speaking with the manager, congratulations.

  11. SocraticGadfly

    It wasn’t there when it was first posted, Saturn. I’m sure Anastasia would say the same, hence her reaction as well.

    Nice try, but #fail, on attempted gaslighting.

    Also, it’s not there again now. And … screengrabbed as proof.

  12. SocraticGadfly

    OK, to be precise, the “read more” is there on the home page, but not on an individual post when you hit its URL. BUT ….

    You can insert it for an individual post, as well, I think, just like Blogger. There’s a tool for that on the toolbar.

    I’m sure Saturn knows that, and chose not to insert the “read more” break for the individual post. Others can do the same, of course, even if they write 15,000 words instead of 14,000.

  13. SocraticGadfly

    Let me see if I can get close to one-syllable words, Saturn. (Sidebar: Postulating Bayesian ethics as a parallel to Bayesian logic/probabilities, I am likely to interpret you less charitably with each additional comment and action you make or do.)

    WordPress, at least on this site, AUTOMATICALLY inserts a “read more” link on the HOME PAGE of the blog into EACH post, past its 50th word or whatever.

    FOR EACH POST AS A SEPARATE POST, it does NOT automatically do that. For instance, as you and I are commenting on this post RIGHT NOW, there is NO “read more” link. (That said, on Blogger, as I know from my own blog, it unfolds the whole post, too. I don’t know if WordPress can be set to override it.)

    But, if Austin’s OK with 14,000 words, I assume he’ll be OK with 15,000. Gooses, ganders and all that.

  14. SocraticGadfly

    Oh, also, by AP Style, Grundmann ain’t a doctor.

    Hey Grundmann, do you BOTH claim COVID doesn’t exist AND that you can heal COVID by manipulating subluxations or whatever?

  15. Don Grundmann

    Gadfly – A) English translation of your comment – You are too lame, intellectually lazy, and just plain stupid to attempt any rational discourse/response to the Contract. I will run circles around you and intellectually annihilate you in my sleep. B) in the Contract I address REAL racism and its REAL causes; i.e.; something a twerp like you would, and will, NEVER do. You and your whole damn Party are too pathetically gutless to stop, as just one example, the attack of Planned Parenthood on blacks; i.e.; killing over 20 million of them – something an ultra wimp like you doesn’t give a damn about. We have done more to attack REAL racism than a freak like you will ever do. C) I am a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic; something you are too stupid to understand. It is a profession far beyond your utter stupidity ability to understand. We help countless people regain their health each day. A moron like you can and will do nothing to aid the health of a single person.. The COVID commentary is WAY beyond your ability to possibly comprehend it. D) You are an ” Exhibit A ” of why the Libertarian Party is so lame and will do less than zero to stop the collapse of the country; and that is because E) you are a giant neon-lighted ” Beta;” a perfect illustration regarding Contract point # 15 of an ultra pathetic scrawny retarded male.

    I am sick of ultra pathetic weakling cowardly Betas.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman Constitution Party of California; the ONLY Party that opposes ( instead of cultivating ) ” Betas;” i.e.; we build MEN, not wimps and wusses.

    P.S. : I notice that you, as with all of your friends, are too cowardly/gutless to debate. Exactly as I predicted in the Contract. How ultra pathetic you are.

  16. William Saturn Post author

    The only person who seems confused about how the “read more” appears is you (“Socratic Gadfly”). Otherwise you would not have made such a comment as you did at 10:49 pm.

    Do you still feel you accomplished anything by “speaking with the manager”?

  17. Don Grundmann

    Gadfly – I bet you $10,000 that I am a licensed Doctor. I say that you are a coward and won’t take the bet. You stupidly flap your jaws but have zero ability to back up your insanity. How pathetically dumb you are.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; a Party that works to defend and advance The Republic and its citizens both economically and personally ( completely opposite the pathetic Libertarians )

  18. SocraticGadfly

    Grundmann: A real translation of you is that you’re a racist. And, no, not a doctor, and no, not taking your bet because you wouldn’t pay up.

  19. SocraticGadfly

    William Saturn, now that I’ve done googling I should have done 48 hours ago, there’s actually just one real question, no obfuscation, hand-waving, gaslighting or subject-changing:

    William Saturn, do you support racism or not?

  20. Don Grundmann

    Fly – A) Your comment simply confirms that you are 1) a coward; and 2) a giant beta; B) my Contract confronts the Genocide of the Black Community which you will not touch because you support the killers; i.e.; the Abortion Industry and, especially, Planned Parenthood.

    Hence you use the garden variety tactic of evil people in general – accuse others of exactly what you are doing.

    Bottom Line – we are opposing the genocide ( true and real racism ) which you support.

    Planned Parenthood has killed 20 MILLION + blacks by design and a rat like you supports them.

    Culmination – you are staggeringly stupid, an open coward, and a perfect example of a ” beta;” i.e.; a plague upon humanity.

    When our men mutate into a ” fly ” the nation cannot survive.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; the ONLY Party which opposes human flies and the s%#@ which they both love and spread.

  21. William Saturn Post author

    “do you support racism or not?”


    I’ve been doing my own research on you “Socratic Gadfly.” I can understand why you choose not to use your real name, though you don’t do a very good job of hiding it.

  22. Just Some Random Guy

    Why is the “united” in “United States” constantly left uncapitalized? It’s an odd typo to constantly make, and if it’s trying to make some kind of rhetorical point, I don’t see what it is.

  23. Jared

    “My black friends – stop being so dumb. The Plantation Masters/Elites/VPP are laughing at you.”

    With multiple black friends, how could anyone possibly allege that you’re a racist?

    “at the end of World War II the anti-communist Christian Nationalist Chinese government of Chiang Kai-Shek was forced to abandon mainland China and retreat to the island of Taiwan where they now await their final enslavement.”

    After he and his KMT perpetrated the Shanghai Massacre but before they perpetrated the 228 and Keelung Massacres. But I’m sure that’s just a CCP Satanist smear campaign. Chiang Kai-Shek wouldn’t have hurt a fly.

    “Yet the completeness of the attack of Satanism/Humanism and S.F. Judaism upon humanity does not stop with the soul crushing of as many human targets as possible”

    Those darn San Francisco Jews. Always attacking the human race. Somebody oughtta do something.

    “For the survival of our nation and all generations to come we must, motivated by the Religion of Life, defeat the Death Religion, and all of its political manifestations, of the ” Lizard People ” known as Satanism/Humanism.”

    Wait, so are the Luciferian humanist Lizard People from interdimensional space, as David Icke would have it, or are they from the same San Francisco neighborhood as the anti-human Jews? I’m trying to sort out the spiritual geography.

    “even the claim of an atheist that there is no God is itself a belief ( even if negative ) in God.”

    Wicked logic skillz. “To deny God’s existence is to affirm God’s existence–negatively.”

  24. Floyd Whitley

    Re: a work of fiction (the “bible”)

    It is my experience that wisdom is much like gold. It is where one finds it. And like scotch, often the older wisdom is sweetest and most potent. True, whether that wisdom is found new born, or in Iron Age philosophical treatises like Ecclesiastes, or the accounts of Ezra and Nehemiah being of a similar age and written at the cusp of the formal study of history; i.e. attributed to the Greek historian Herodotus.

    As for the Scriptures being “fiction,” that is certainly an overly broad characterization, or rather mischaracterization. For example,

    (1) In some instances, cities referenced in Scripture that were formerly dismissed as being “fictional” have subsequently been discovered by archeologists. (2) Anecdotal evidence of the accuracy of Scriptures may at times be corroborated by cross references; e.g. the contemporary price of slaves in silver stated in Genesis accounts, etc.

    As for creation, even in nuclear synthesis (if one accepts the “triple-alpha process”) the reality is that…a miracle must still have occurred in order to get where we are in this mortal realm of existence that we refer to as “the universe”. In other words, the “Big Bang” theory has some notable “bumps” in it.

    Merely my opinion here, but it is unfortunate that most proponents vs. opponents discussions never seem to “evolve” beyond the first chapters of Genesis. Is it allegorical truth? Perhaps some is. So yes. But that in itself does nothing to diminish its rich truths. Again, wisdom is much like gold…with wisdom being the far scarcer commodity and thus of much greater value, as Proverbs would say it.

    PS. As for “beta” males, I do not know what these may be. But by the gentleman’s connotation, I cannot help but think that Jesus would’ve been called one of those as well by the gentleman. Hmmm. Supposed “alpha” zealots and hypocritical priests chose a murderous Barabbas over an innocent healer Christ…so deficient were they in wisdom and understanding, albeit righteous in their own eyes however bankrupt.

    A stark difference in how one views kingdoms, truth, peace and eternity, perhaps.

  25. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    A) To deny God’s existence is a religious belief; I.e.; there is no such thing as ” separation of church and state ” as there is no such thing as a human who has no religious belief, even if negative, in God. Those who screech for such separation are simply Satanists who want to destroy Christianity wherever and whenever they can. B) In the Contract S.F. does not stand for San Francisco.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California: the last Party ( along with pro-life Republicans ) that is working to save the nation and not destroy it and enslave humanity.

  26. Floyd Whitley

    @ Grundmann

    Your disheveled screed above contains many conflicted and contradictory statements, in my view. On its effect, I doubt the benefit of your unnecessarily combative and inflammatory rhetoric. Do you accomplish any of your apparent goals by it? I would think the opposite is true.

    Sir, the New Testament is replete with examples condemning self righteousness and vicious zealotry. But let me ask.

    If God’s kingdom could be brought upon Earth by the sword do you not think that now, after two millennia of continual bloodshed and war, God’s will would already have long ago been done on this Earth? If by burnings at the stake salvation could be made, would we not all have life everlasting? Surely we have had centuries upon centuries of such fires.

    What lesson have you missed from the Garden of Gethsemane? “Put away your sword Peter.” And what lesson of Mary Magdalene? After all, who did Christ come to save? The self righteous? Nay. Not a one of them. They are already full with their presumptuous rewards.

    Your violent rhetoric now, in my view, is little different than those at Jerusalem who called for the heads of the prostitutes, drunkards, bureaucratic scribes, and the bloodlust to stone the adulteress. Will that violence bring peace? No sir. Only by love may peace be brought.

    At risk of your dismissal of me as a “beta” male, I tell you that following the path of mercy and forgiveness as laid out by Christ our guide is not a path to be taken by sissies. For it is sharper than a knife edge; it is bone achingly difficult to keep. It takes a real man–beta, zeta, alpha or rho–to walk it.

  27. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Floyd – A) Example of ” violent rhetoric ” = ? B) Is it ” inflammatory ” to expose evil and to ” call it out?”. C) If weak/broken males; I.e.; ” betas;” are a cause of the demise of The Republic is it not appropriate to challenge, expose, and stop them? Isn’t it appropriate ( true love ) to challenge the Social Engineering which seeks to deny their discovery of what it means to be a man and forever turn them into a ” beta ” without their realization and behind their own noses? D) I claim that it is ” love,” true love, to challenge our attackers for the evil motivations/driving force which has mutated them from their possible life to an existence which is dedicated to crushing humanity; I.e.; the cause of their anti-life Master. Christ threw the Money Changers out of the temple. Shall we claim that stopping the Enemies of Humanity, whose goals include our physical death but especially the death of souls ( training them to deny/reject God and Christ ), is ” violence?”

    Our nation is being attacked and destroyed NOW. What ” love ” will stop our attackers? Only AFTER they are stopped ( just as you would FIRST stop a physical attack on yourself or your family ) may you discuss ” peace ” with your attacker(s); I.e.; after you deny them their joy in killing you, your family, and all of humanity.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; the last Party ( perhaps in the nation ) that will resist the Social Engineering of the enemies of The Republic and humanity as a whole to surrender even their souls without a peep of resistance.

  28. Floyd Whitley


    I take Ecclesiastes. Nothing new under the Sun. My criticisms were intended to be constructive, not argumentative.

    Your comments pertain in large extent to the youth. You postulate that current dysfunctional American families (particularly males) are unfit role models or peer mentors for present day youth. Perhaps that is true…in some instances.

    So first, that is an overly broad brush stroke, unjustified. Second, and more importantly, is the questionable efficaciousness (if I read your “contract” correctly) of attempting to apply a political, and therefore a governmental, corrective solution–I doubt it will succeed as formulated. Thirdly, as to our youth being poorly taught by adults, that is not necessarily more prevalent today than, say, 150 years ago when ranchers, newspaper men, cowboys, saloon girls and even preachers spent their waking hours in saloons…and the children labored in industrial factories in filthy unhealthy slums in the east.

    To me, what you have written can definitely be expressed better. Animosity and caustic accusations do NOT need to attend your words. In fact, I find them to be obstructive to purpose. You can be more precise, and thus more persuasive. As carpet bombing has its limitations.

    Lastly, on education of our formative youth generally speaking, we have (or once had) two school types–public school and Sunday school. Those are separate, each having a different function and purpose. I submit that it is the failure of the Church that must be addressed. Yes, families have failed as well, in this material age. That too may be laid at the doorstep of the Church. None of that is going to be resolved by politics.

  29. Don Grundmann

    Floyd – I appreciate ypur critique/criticism(s) being constructive
    I believe that I noted at several points that the collapse of the Christian church is a key to the impending death of The Republic. That is one reason that I seek to make the CP of CA unique via openly declaring us to be a Christian Party.
    Every other Party is religious; i.e.; Satanist/Humanist; but simply pretends to either ignore the question or be ” secular;” an outright lie.
    Hence since the Church is, like the Alamo, being overrun ( in addition to their own surrender to The Enemy ) I am presenting the CP of CA as a religious outpost as our normal religious base collapses; i.e.; the Church no longer positively influences culture so we will ” pick up the fallen banner.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; one of the last remaining FIGHTING Christian parties.

  30. dL

    Those who screech for such separation are simply Satanists who want to destroy Christianity wherever and whenever they can.

    Hail Satan!

  31. Floyd Whitley


    “I am presenting the CP of CA as a religious outpost”. This is exactly what I am talking about. CP-CA is a political party, not a church. The construction that you propose attempts a fusion of two very different entities. It is unwise, or at least unworkable. Inefficacious and likely ephemeral, it will bear little if any tangible yield.

    More properly, these two entities are distinct. It’s kind of like keeping your fuel source distinct. If you do not, chances are you will misrun diesel in a gasoline engine, or vice versa. When boundaries are blurred by a fusion, and red fuel cans are mixed with green, you will create all manner of problems.

    By their work (or political solutions), one expresses one’s faith, or at least reflects it. One need not stand in the public square and yell and point fingers. A more effective communication, and indeed a more honest witness of faith, is done through actual legislative measures and alternative proposals. Things like community food kitchens to move agricultural surpluses, mental health counseling, drug rehabilitation, job opportunities in leading edge technologies or in public infrastructure.

    It is a “rising tide lifts all boats” sort of mindset…or perhaps heart-set. By example alone one can convert, and show strength of conviction as well. Incessantly hurling flaming Molotov’s, on the other hand, does little besides cause the crowd to run away from the incendiaries. A time and a purpose for all things, sir.

    It is time the CP put up cogent, clear and precise legislation in a step by step political process and address social issues of importance to the People in a framework of citizen led limited government. In other words, time to put up or shut up. As for religious faith, my belief is that that does not belong to a political party. That is mine, and mine alone. I jealously guard it, lest some false prophet connive schemes to seize it. We’ve had enough of those as well.

  32. NewFederalist

    “I believe that I noted at several points that the collapse of the Christian church is a key to the impending death of The Republic. That is one reason that I seek to make the CP of CA unique via openly declaring us to be a Christian Party.” – Don Grundmann, DC

    Then why not just call it the Christian or American Christian Party? The Constitution of the United States protects ALL faiths so it would seem incongruous to keep the name Constitution Party. BTW, I think the name Constitution Party should be Constitutional Party anyway.

  33. Don Grundmann

    Floyd – ” More properly these 2 entities are distinct.” In your ( and in everyone elses ) imagination.

    In reality each political party is motivated/driven by a predominant religious belief ( even the Libertarians ) which in our current culture and society is anti-Christian. They just don’t openly say that so they end up ” winning ” while we don’t mention Christianity and end up ” losing.”

    ” Clear and precise legislation in a step-by-step political process.”

    We are out of time. Look at the everyday hurricanes that just Trump faced. Look at the Social Engineering simply demonstrated on this site alone; i.e.; ” The Fly ” as just one example which can be multiplied by millions producing armies of ” The Undead ” stupid drones who are dedicated to the end of The Republic and the permanent enslavement of humanity.

    Just to get ONE CP legislator elected, much less the number required, will take enough time that by the time such is accomplished everything the enemies of our Republic want will be achieved – decimation of the economy, legalization of child sex, permanent suspension of the Constitution, banning the internal combustion engine ( permanent world poverty ), annihilation of the family unit, etc. The ( fake ) ” vaccines ” themselves will kill millions in the months/years ahead. Our society, culture, and nation will soon be ( by design ) permanently shattered.

    Hence we can only work to stop the rushing boulder from crushing as many targets as possible. That is why the Contract is designed to, among many other things, inflict the maximum damage on the Enemies of Humanity in the shortest time possible.

    Whatever political action that you do is motivated by whatever faith you have. No such thing as an action without a faith motivating/driving it.

    It is exactly the same for the Enemies of Humanity. They simply do their Satanic actions without announcing their motivation.

    We will do ” effective communication ” by changing culture; i.e.; defeating evil; FIRST. Then legislation will follow. NOT via the reverse.

    Hence the Contract is dedicated to exposing ” where angels fear to tread ” in our current ( sick ) culture; i.e.; our side is afraid of ” looking bad ” ( we are first of all concerned with our ” image ” ) and our enemies know this and easily exploit it. The zombies are coming over the walls and there is no time for ” tradition ” and/or ” proper.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; the last Party to defend Western Civilization in a dying America.

  34. Jared

    Don, you’re confusing Christianity with a particularly reactive, malignant strain of Protestant fundamentalism.

  35. Floyd Whitley

    @Grundmann: “there is no time for ” tradition ” and/or ” proper.”

    One thing I do know is that you, sir, are not in charge of God’s calendar. Nor His purpose.

    By your statements, you clearly advocate an abolition of the Constitution and common law, which you would then presume unto yourself under an alleged “emergency” which you presume to define.

    I do not agree with that. Nor do I accept your premise, or rather your excuse. In general, I find your words condemn YOU far more than anyone else. In any case, the road you have chosen does not lead where you apparently think it does.

    You are “shabiha” in all respects save the name. They too believe like you.

  36. Don Grundmann

    Floyd – A great part of the Contract is to challenge the cultural collapse of the nation and especially its causes. I cover covid, economic collapse, the FED, the sky is falling farce, The Coup. the fake of BLM, the genocide of Planned Parenthood ( killing 20 MILLION + blacks ), the attack of the LGBT War Machine, the sickness of the transgenders, the idiocy of evolution, the corruption of the media, the corruption of the AIP, how the Deep State will destroy the Constitution, how Taiwan and the world will suffer from our weakness, etc. —

    No one else ( or extremely few ) challenges these outright lies/evils. No one. Including, and especially, you.

    and then you make a totally blockhead nitwit idiotic comment that I ” clearly advocate an abolition of the Constitution and common law.”

    ??????? Wtf & wth??? What are you smoking??????
    Where???? How????????
    I ( NO ONE ELSE – ESPECIALLY YOU ) openly challenge the plan of the Plantation Masters to suspend the Constitution permanently and kill literally millions of people to ” accomplish ” that.

    I expose them. No one else. I am probably the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO EXPOSE THEM.
    NO ONE ELSE. Including, and especially, you.
    And then you turn around and ( even when I have written the total, absolute, and complete reverse ) say that I want to suspend the Constitution.

    ??????? Totally incredible. What idiocy##!!

    And you then top it off by tagging me to Islamic militias????

    Dude – take a long cold shower and wake the hell up. Your comments are far more idiotic than even ” Fly ” can produce.

    I will put out a standard request for examples of what you claim but I will not hold my breath for any rationality.

    Your commentary does provide a perfect illustration of why our side – sanity, especially and including Christianity – is losing.

    Fill in the blank for the issue(s) – covid, economy, Fed, I.e.; everything which I listed above and with greater explanation in the Contract – we will do nothing EXCEPT attack those such as myself who challenge any or all of the noted evils with utterly inane statements pulled straight from the playbook of the Enemies of Humanity; i.e.; ( straight from Alinsky ) blame your opponent for what you yourself are doing.

    But I am glad for your commentary as it additionally illustrates just how desperate the situation for our Republic really is.

    Can the collapse of The Alamo/our Republic, being overrun by the Undead/Zombie Army of Satanists, be stopped/reversed by the arrival of calvary reenforcements from Idaho under the command of General Whitley?

    No, I must tell my fellow besieged soldiers. General Whitley is here to help the zombies, not us. He will provide barbeque sauce for the cannibals but lift not a finger to prevent or slow their attack for even a second. He will instead sit in a lounge chair and cheer them on. GO ZOMBIES!!

    That is one of a thousand feathers on the camels back which will lead to the legalization of child sex and countless other Undead victories. Because we – ” Christians ” – will not fight back. Exactly as The Enemy expects and knows will happen.

    Lincoln was right – our betrayal and death will come from our own shores. From within us.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; the last truly awake political Party which hasn’t been replaced by the ” Body Snatchers.”

    P.S. – Floyd – Don’t be shy. ” Come out of the closet ” and let loose with the REAL reason why you made the ” shabiha ” comment.

    Let’s get to the core of the problem.

  37. Floyd Whitley

    @Grundmann: “Let’s get to the core of the problem.”

    I think that you’ve already made the “core of your problems” abundantly evident. I reject theocracy in any form. You demand it. Hence the name “shabiha” adequately defines you…that or “Legion”.

    Your purported understanding of constitutional civics is chaotic and contradictory. Worse, you abuse the Christian faith by your condemnation: “we – ” Christians ” – will not fight back”. What that tells me is that you do not understand the “fight”. Again I am compelled to ask a rhetorical question: What lesson from the Garden of Gethsemane do you fail to understand?

    You demand Barabbas, the Zealot, as your model of a Messiah. You lust for vengeance over all manner of perceived wrongs–real or imagined. In so doing, you condemn Christ to the nails. You do that, sir. For to you, Jesus is just “not Messiah enough,” not to slake your violent lusts. So, you discard Him. For you yourself have no intention of forgiving any trespass whatsoever. To the contrary. You demand Shylock’s pound of flesh.

    Your ignorance of the Christian faith, sir, is truly astounding given the number of times you profess to adhere to it. Worse, neither do you understand the manifestation of evil. True evil It is not from without, but rather from within.

    For edification regarding the “core of your problems,” I recommend the 1824 novel by Scottish author James Hogg, entitled “The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner”.

    Now go. Meet your fate, Shabiha.

  38. Floyd Whitley

    @Note to the General Readers:

    While Mr. Grundmann argues that the church and the state are inseparable and thus upon this false posit he would justify the establishment of a theocracy, his construction is nevertheless unorthodox. By way of proof, I offer an account from the New Testament:

    “Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?” Jesus replied: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

    Indeed, a separation does exist despite the gentleman’s bizarre verbal doodling.

  39. Don Grundmann

    Theocracy – noun : a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

    Floyd – We have a ” theocracy ” RIGHT NOW. Everything, each and everything, absolutely everything that Emperor Biden does is based upon and totally dedicated to the religion of Satanism/Humanism which itself is totally dedicated to the eradication of Christianity.

    One example of countless – transgender. AS I DESCRIBE IN THE CONTRACT ( and you don’t ) they are working to teach this sickness as normal throughout our culture and especially to all children. The base of transgender ( AS I DESCRIBE IN THE CONTRACT – and you don’t ) is religious; i.e.; Satanism/Humanism.

    ” Fighting ” is opposing and stopping – permanently – this attack upon humanity. But instead you attack me for opposing a REAL ( NOT ” imagined ” ) theocratic attack upon our society. Why?

    EVERYTHING – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – that comes from the administration of Emperor Biden is EVIL WITHIN MANIFESTING AS OUTER ACTION. They are attacking humanity NOW. They are attacking in obedience to their anti-Christian motivation/belief/desire.

    But when I call for action to oppose all of these evils you attack me and not the evils. Why? You throw piles of theology B.S. which are totally opposite of what I write. Why?

    You write that I want to suspend the Constitution when I write the total opposite. Why?

    If I call for people to organize and stop this monstrous ATTACK ON ALL CHILDREN.AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF OUR SOCIETY you counterattack that I am a ” shabiha;” i.e.; jihadist.” Why?

    ” Lust for vengeance.” Where?? Show where I have written that. Your claim is total bullshit. Why do you spout such total nonsense? Why?

    I give you, yet again, the opportunity to answer – why did you use the term ” shabiha?”

    I believe that the answer goes to the heart of the question of why you ignore the many evils which I attack and instead attack me.

    It is the answer to ” why?”

    Don J. Grundmann. D.C.
    Chairman – ” Undead to the right of them, Undead to the left of them, Undead ahead of them. Into the Valley of the Undead rode the – Constitution Party of California

  40. Floyd Whitley

    First, an admission of fault. In response to Mr. Grundmann’s phantasmagoric statements, I offered constructive criticism so that it might lessen further public ridicule of his hallucinatory miss-shaped rhetoric. I suggested a more effective approach.

    My fault (to which I readily admit) was that I did not heed the wisdom in Proverbs 19:19. “A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again.”

    The grandstanding gentleman has raved for well neigh two or three decades. Apparently, he has become addicted to the notoriety generated by his increasingly distorted statements. That mangled psychological metastasis has become self feeding–which is why I suggested the James Hogg novel mentioned above.

    Scripturally, another thing is true. By its fruits, the root is known. Rancor and insane polemics are literally all that the gentleman has effected; a factitious non-existent California party peopled by a handful of phantom registrations. Logically, if the gentleman’s approach held any merit particularly given his copious issuance of inflammatory rhetoric, then he ought to have the largest state Constitution Party in the nation. But he does not; nor anything close. He has nothing with which to “contract”.

    I do not wish to yield to the gentleman’s demented paranoia, which deforms all existence into his demon demarcated views. Still, I suggest he contemplate the meaning of Matthew 7: 22-23. Ah, but there I go again. Trying to save a madman from his self induced fury. Sorry. My bad. I repent. Mea culpa. Pardon me. Excusez-moi. Never again.

  41. wolfefan

    For a Christian, isn’t the whole earth the Lord’s and all that is in it? If so, then what is Caesar’s?

  42. Don Grundmann

    Floyd – It is interesting that you claimed to offer ” constructive, not argumentative, criticism ” but then immediately did a total 180 reversal with your screed that I want to ” suspend the Constitution and common law ” when I actually wrote the complete reverse; something which you totally ignore. Just as you wrote that I ” promote violence;” something which I never in any way did.

    In an open admission of my naivete I pictured a conversation between us –
    Floyd – You know Don, you are right. I reread your Contract and you really did say absolutely nothing about suspending the Constitution. You only wrote about protecting and defending it. I am sorry that I lied about you and attacked you so unfairly. I was wrong.
    Me – It’s ok Floyd. I am glad that you reconsidered and took the time to reread the Contract. No hard feelings at all. I hope that we can work together on so many things which our Republic needs.

    See how imaginative ( and stupid ) I was?

    You can see in this public confession how utterly stupid and foolish I really am. For no person on this earth will ever hear Floyd Whitley utter the words – ” I was wrong.”

    My naive stupidity presumed that members of the Constitution Party, of any state including Idaho, would naturally support the broad range of issues which I address in the Contract. I am hence glad to wake up to reality via knowing that you take the opposite view on everything.

    So much for possible unity.

    Of course I was also naive, very much so, regarding the depth of your personal hostility toward me; although I would guess that there are few people that you DON’T have contempt for, just having way way way more for myself than many many others.

    Being so naive I realize that I actually considered it possible to work with Idaho on a broad range of issues. I was actually ( and so stupidly ) looking forward to it. Hence you can see clearly how foolish I am/was as with your oceans of contempt for me such collaboration is in no way possible.

    My naivete still thinks that it would be ” good ” ( whatever the hell that may be or mean ) if you would ” come clean ” about the 2 REAL reasons that I am suddenly and permanently on your ” s#$% list.” I know what they are but public confession will be an extra way for you to attack me so I leave the option open for you as you clearly enjoy it so very much.

    It is such a loss for our Republic that the CP has been so neutralized by so many things – the attack of the Deep State against California but also your own sneering contempt which you are so ready to dispense as you are a perfect illustration of the ” Hawaiian crab ” story – you will attack and drag down ( and be happy doing it ) anyone else working to ” escape the bucket.”

    Thankfully I know numerous people in Idaho who will work with me to advance the principles of the Contract within the state completely separate from the Idaho CP; which I will judiciously avoid like the plague. Why work with people who completely oppose everything in the Contract and completely lie about it??

    We will all simply not be dragged down by your ” crab attack.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California; fighting on to defend and save The Republic no matter how many knives are put in our back.

  43. Don Grundmann

    Mat : A) Evolution is mathematically impossible. B) How did just one cell ( membrane, nucleus, DNA, and countless internal structures ) much less the entire body ” evolve?” C) How could male and female ” evolve ” for reproduction? D) Only stupid people believe/promote evolution.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California – the Party of REAL Science and Sanity.

  44. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Only stupid people believe/promote a magical all-knowing all-seeing fairy that created the world in six days, then spent the seventh smiting homosexuals, adulterers and various other non-compliant women, and those who eat pork or wear mixed fibers.

  45. Jared

    Anastasia’s characterizations of Christianity are about as fair and accurate Don’s characterizations of evolution.

    (Maybe it’s just me, but I find it ironic that the name “Anastasia” is as Christian in meaning as any name can be.)

    I hold religious beliefs that I consider reasonable. I also accept evolution as reasonable. I guess that makes me doubly stupid. Sucks to be me.

  46. Don Grundmann

    In truth the belief in evolution itself is actually a religion since there is no true scientific evidence to support it and mountains of such evidence to oppose/debunk it. It is simply a fairy tale for those who want to tell God to go to hell and proclaim themselves, as the created, to be better than and superior to The/their Creator. The absolute mathematical impossibility of evolution is actual applied science in comparison to simple rejection of such facts because, among virtually countless other reasons, feminists hate God simply for being a ” Him ” and must exercise/defend their ego claim that they are not only equal to but better than God. The practical result is that science ” deniers;” i.e.; the religious believers in and of evolution; will, just like believers in the Religion ( again, not ” science ” ) of so-called ” Global Warming ” ), not/never debate their challengers ( like myself ) because they know that they would be annihilated; i.e.; publicly exposed, shamed, and – rightfully – ridiculed as frauds. Hence these 2 religious beliefs ( that everything came from nothing and that ” the sky is falling!!! ) are used politically to both enslave humanity and produce mass poverty in the future.

    And the CP of CA is the ONLY Party ( excepting the pro-life Republican remnant ) opposing such current slavery and planned poverty. All others have surrendered to both support their own Religion of Satanism/Humanism and to receive a ” cut of the action.”

    Comparison, contrast, and discussion of religious beliefs is hence a vital necessity for the restoration and preservation of true freedom; both singularly and collectively via political expression as such beliefs are the core of any such manifestations.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California – the ONLY Party promoting true science to politically free The Republic and build a future of prosperity and abundance for all of humanity.

  47. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Ha, Mr. Saturn… I don’t have to even lift a finger to feel superior to someone who holds irrational beliefs in an imaginary being. You say “bigoted”, I say “rational”. Tomay-to, Tomah-to.

  48. Don Grundmann

    ” Irrational beliefs ” – written by a religious believer who A) believes in ” from goo to you ” which has zero evidence to support it; and B) writes out words via thought and hand bringing the image to a computer with zero explanation of how the person doing the writing came to exist in order to have the ability to write.

    This is simply an expression of the Satanic/Humanism hatred of Christianity which then leads expresses itself politically in endless anti-humanity.policies – ” The Sky Is Falling!!!” ( so-called ” Climate Change ” ), transgender psychosis/hysteria, sodomite promotion of child sex, hatred of men ( Feminism ), and endless other anti-human policies.

    All springing from humans protecting their precious image from the ego-killing truth of saying ” I was/am wrong.”

    They will sacrifice their own life – and countless others – to avoid saying those words.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California – the only Party which is Pro-Sanity.and Pro-Humanity

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