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Former President Carter Declares He Will Not Start a New Third Party

Following reports that former President Trump will not start a third party after all, the only other ex-president who is eligible to run again, Jimmy Carter, has also felt compelled to deny the many swirling rumors that he will run again as a third party candidate in 2024, when he will turn 100 just over a month before the election. Carter did not rule out a primary challenge, citing concerns over Biden’s youth and inexperience. “If former President Trump does run as the Republican candidate in 2024, on inauguration day in 2025 his age and President Biden’s added together will be 160. That is just way too young,” says Carter.

According to wikipedia, currently the world’s oldest leaders are Queen Elizabeth II (age 94) and Raul Castro (89). Some past leaders held office until age 96, 97, and 98 in other nations, most recently Hastings Banda, President of Malawi and Prem Tinsulanonda, Regent of Thailand, who both made it to age 96 in office. Carter believes it’s time for the US to take the gold in this contest, and says if a quality candidate with enough age and experience can’t be found, he just may have to do it himself.

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  1. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman April 2, 2021

    Still a fusion ticket with Trump would really bring the nation back together.

  2. April June Carter April June Carter April 2, 2021

    I agree, for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and generations not yet born, a Carter-Trump or Trump-Carter ticket is the only way to save our country and everything we hold dear.

  3. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy April 3, 2021

    Perhaps a Carter-Dole fusion ticket? Could offer voters two full centuries of experience!

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen April 3, 2021

    “Carter-Mondale 2024: Best Two Out of Three”

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 3, 2021

    I should hope the April Fool’s joke would be obvious.

  6. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy April 3, 2021

    One would hope.

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