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The Constitution Party today sent the following update to its email subscribers.

National Committee meeting in Michigan

The Semi-Annual National Committee meeting of the Constitution Party was held in Corunna, Michigan, on April 23rd and 24th. It was well attended and the speakers delivered some very timely and powerful messages which were well received. It was encouraging to see a growing number of young people attending. The US Taxpayers Party (the CP state affiliate in Michigan) did a remarkable job of hosting the event. The fall meeting is scheduled for North Carolina. Further details will be forthcoming shortly.

Some Thoughts on the Covid-19 Pandemic

The news media has covered the Covid-19 pandemic extensively, but news about what has occurred in countries outside of the USA seems to have been bypassed. To learn more about the pandemic in other countries takes some research on the internet, but what can be found is most interesting.

For example, Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation in the world has an estimated population of 270.6 million people compared to the USA which has 328.2 million people (being the third most populous nation in the world). In summary, Indonesia has 82.5% of the USA population. According to information found on the internet, the United States has had 34.93 million cases of the disease (10.84% of the population) while Indonesia has experienced 2.78 million cases or 1.05% of the population. There have been 624,615 deaths from the covid-19 reported in the US vs 71,397 in Indonesia.

India has a population of 1.366 billion people and is the second-most populous nation in the world. According to Google, that nation has had 31.3 million cases of covid-19 with 420,038 deaths. Combining all of those figures, those two nations which account for 1.637 billion people, experienced 491,397 deaths. The United States, on the other hand, experienced 34.9 million cases and yet reported 623,615 deaths. That is 203,577 more deaths than those other two nations combined and yet they have 1,278.9 billion more people. Neither of those countries are industrial countries nor do they have access to the top-notch medical facilities that we have in the United States.

Indonesia declined to follow the recommendations advanced by the World Health Organization but relied on medications: i.e. hydroxychloroquine and other medications.

India depended on Ivermectin with good results. Neither country had the financial resources available that the US has. All this makes one wonder if the medications used in those nations were more effective than what was promoted in the USA or if the number of deaths reported as covid-19 deaths in our country was deliberately overstated. If the above figures are correct, the medical sources used in those nations are more effective than those used in the USA. One would never know that from following the main street media here. It makes one wonder if the elite who run our government were in cahoots with big pharma to make an incredible financial gain at taxpayer expense. In any event, the tremendous loss of American lives is deeply sobering.

In view of this, the reluctance of Americans to buy the media hype is very understandable. It is encouraging to see a growing number of professional medical authorities and other respected news media sources begin to question the accuracy of what is being fostered on the Americans. Such news outlets as Epoch Times, NTD News, News Max, and many others are doing a respectable job of reporting both sides of the issues. They are doing a great service in spite of the fact that they are being banned by YouTube and other media.

The National Party needs your financial assistance.

If the Constitution Party is to continue to grow and attract a growing number of young people, it is going to require additional financial help. Each state is assigned an annual state assessment of $1,000.00. These funds are used to cover the operating expenses of the national party. The most effective way to support your state, as well as the national party, is for you to make a regular donation to the national party and earmark it for your state’s national assessment. That takes that financial burden off your state and also helps cover the needs of the national party. Covering the $1,000.00 state assessment also gives your state greater voting rights at the national committee meetings which is very important. Click the link below to make your much-needed and appreciated financial support.


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    A fundraising appeal as a news article. Where’s the news? What transpired at the National Committee meeting in Michigan? This isn’t newsworthy.

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