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Angela McArdle, AMA (tonight or tomorrow?), Campaign for LNC Chair Update

IPR received the following update from the LP Mises Caucus,, early today inviting us (and others) to a “Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow night (Thurs., Nov 17) (sic)” with Angela McArdle.

IPR has reached out for clarification to both the LP Mises Caucus and Ms. McArdle as to whether the AMA is to be tomorrow night (the 18th) or tonight (the 17th) – and will update in the comments below when we receive same.  (No events are listed (at the time of publishing this article) for the month of November on the public calendar at

The invitation also invites readers to contribute to a PayPal account to cover “increasingly expensive travel expenses” to (apparently unreimbursed) state party and other Libertarian events.

The full text of the invitation follows:

“As a certain Bill Weld lackey once famously said, “The party belongs to those who show up.” That’s why the Mises Caucus is organizing in every state and showing up to be a vital part of each LP state affiliate — we’re doing the work to make those affiliates more effective in promoting liberty through bold messaging and decentralized activism.

“No one is doing a better job of showing up and doing the work than Angela McArdle. As the Mises Caucus-endorsed candidate for chair of the Libertarian National Committee, she has been flying to state LP conventions for months now, and will continue to do so right up until the 2022 Libertarian National Convention in Reno, which takes place on Memorial Day weekend.

“But Angela does much more than just talk. She’s leading the effort in Los Angeles County to overturn the v*c*ine m*ndates (sic) there by a ballot initiative, an effort that has a real chance to succeed while introducing thousands of people to libertarian ideas.

“If you’d like to ask Angela how to get a similar effort started where you are, or just want to find out more about what she’ll be doing as LNC chair, be sure to take part in to (sic) her Live AMA tomorrow night (Thurs., Nov. 17) (sic) at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific on either the LPMC Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

“And if you’d like to help Angela with her travel expenses — which keep getting more expensive every day thanks to the Federal Reserve — you can do so at Angela’s PayPal account.”

Angela McArdle Ballotpedia page, HERE.


“Angela McArdle currently serves as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and is a two time candidate for California’s 34th Congressional District.  (Note: receiving less than 1 percent of the vote in the special election of 2017, and 8.4 percent in the 2018 election.)

“Angela has worked as a paralegal and legal aid for over eleven years. Angela currently works in litigation and also has a private practice where she provides self help legal services to low income clients. The bulk of Angela’s practices focuses on real estate and constitutional law.

“Angela was a key organizer for the Los Angeles 2013 protest against a ban on feeding in public rights of way. Angela believes strongly in the sanctity of personal choice and allowing people to govern their own lives.

“Angela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University in 2009 and a Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension in 2013. Angela is also trained as a craniosacral therapist through the Upledger Institute.”

“Angela McArdle for LNC chair campaign (Reno 2022) is about using political activism to force the Libertarian Party to take a pro freedom stance on a national, statewide, and County chapter level.”

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Joseph Buchman

Joe is a retired, formerly tenured professor of marketing and finance with a passion for adventure travel, chasing total solar eclipses, and Burning Man. He is a long-time volunteer with the Sundance Film Festival, former Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party, former Chair of the LP Platform Committee, and former Chair and three-term member of the LP's financial Audit Committee. Joe and Cindy have raised four highly successful children, several cats, and yet have generally failed miserably with every houseplant ever gifted to them.

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  1. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 17, 2021

    Correct time for Angela McArdle AMA, Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 9:11 AM LP Mises Caucus wrote:

    Angela McArdle’s Live AMA is tomorrow night (Thurs., Nov. 18) at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific on both the LPMC Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

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